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Just yesterday I came back from a school visit to Ypres and Somme, (I was pronouncing Ypres completely wrong before I got there) I knew we had a (long) whole day packed with lots of moving around and walking. A 5am start and 12am finish to be precise. Comfort was at the top of the list. As well as being prepared for the weather changes. I present the two outfits that I wore *be weary it is jumpsuit galore*.



me Untitled-5 icecream



Untitled-1 walking MEME Hair OOTD1


Essentials shoes


My three key pieces through-out the trip were surprisingly all white, probably not the best of idea when off on a educational visit with students, however I was feeling riskay and took them with me. I managed to keep my Converses intact despite the amount we walked. The white throw own however was all muddy from first day use. Sunglasses are Zara and I absolutely love these!

Jumpsuits will always be ‘in’ – they’re casual and practical, until you have to go to the loo, then you’re stuck. But until then you will feel uber comfortable. It’s also the closest I’ll ever come to wearing a onesie.

I brought some duty free beauty goodies  – two of these Orelia jewellery pieces. I love the daintiness of them and layering necklaces is definitely a current trend.

DAY 1 -

Miss Selfridges Jacket

Glasses – Zara & Claires

Jumpsuit – River Island

White leather converse – Office

Bag – Zara


Day two

Same Zara glasses/ Converse/ Jacket

Jumpsuit – Topshop



I will be uploading a post on my visit and places to visit in Ypres and Somme so if you want to be educated then look out for it on my blog.



  • Ella Min

    Love your jumpsuits! I can’t seem to pull them off myself, but you look so lovely!

    - ellabellemin

    • BeautyClassyfied

      Thankyou!!! Try wearing a slim-fit jumpsuit, might make the world of difference.