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You know you have too many clothes when you find things from last year’s sale in your mammoth stash. This ‘ice-cream orange’ striped top is a Topshop SS13 sale purchase. I love the colours, white meets a muted neon. Safe enough to wear to work but can also be jazzed up for a night out. I brought it in a size 12 because I wanted it to look oversized and baggy. Reasons for this;

  1. Baggy clothes make you look slimmer…
  2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen pull of the whole ‘oversized’ look effortlessly. I would like some of that please. Thank you very much.

These oversized cigarette trousers are the most perfect colour. I’ve never been fond of all black and white clothing, but I like the idea of wearing a neutral colour. This fits the bill perfectly. It’s a classic slate grey which can be worn all year round and will suit everyone in my opinion.


This jacket is becoming a regular item with me these days, I brought it from New Look many moons ago and have just reignited my love for it. I’ve seen another oversized long-line jacket/blazer from Monki on Asos which I may possibly get.


For once I’m not wearing those darn Topshop croc shoes. Again these are a super old purchase from River Island. At the moment RI is on point with their sandal/boots range. I sense a shopping trip coming soon!

A simple everyday work-outfit.