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“Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends.” – Coco Chanel



A quote which starts off this blog quite nicely. I heard about this particular brand and to be honest I pretty much thought it was another fad. Could it actually deliver what it promises? Glamglow is a well known brand within the celeb world for giving amazing results from their products. This one in particular is called “tingling and exfoliating mud mask”, which claims to give a “noticeably radiant glowing skin” … quite a promise for a 50ml little black pot.






Anywho seeing as it was on 20% discount for £39.99 I thought I’d give it a go. First impressions, the packaging is pretty glam. In a matte black box with silver foil print, I started to read what it says on the back…
It actually excited me of all the wonderful possibilities it could do for my tired dull looking skin…tighter pores, youthful appearance, brighter and softer skin. Wowzers!

I opened the little pot and took a whiff of it and my goodness does it smell…it’s a little menthol like with a sprinkle of green tea and a touch of natural herbs. The formula itself is quite solid. So I took a 10pence amount into my palm, mixed it with a couple of drops of water to liquefy it slightly. It was really solid so this was essential however you could just try warming it up into the palm of your hands – that might do the trick. I then applied a thin layer onto my entire face -avoiding the usual areas – and left it on for 10mins.



Once it was dry I washed it off and cleansed with a muslin cloth. At first my skin did feel slightly tighter. But was it glowing and radiant as soon as I walked out my bathroom? No. However the very next day, it was a ‘mon dieu’ moment. (Thats oh my god in french…) my skin was ALOT brighter and excuse the use of caps but I wanted to capture how much of a difference I had seen in my skin. It was refined and pores are smaller. I was very impressed. The results stayed for about 4days and it made a huge difference in the way my foundation applied too.

Final verdict.
Is it worth the price tag? Seeing as you use the most tiniest amount…this tub could last upto 15/20 applications, which kind of works out at £2ish per treatment. So yes totally worth it.


Trial size available from here!


Has anyone else tried a mask they absolutely love?

Please do let me know…xx