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Every artist needs a good set of tools to create a master-piece, (or something like that.) So everyone (who wears makeup) in my opinion NEEDS a good make-up brush.

I love using my real-technique brushes, they are affordable, easily available and we’ve all heard how awesome they are. But I really wanted to invest in a high quality ‘premium’ brush. Now I love Wayne Goss, his make-up tips and tricks have literally changed my every-day routine. You can find him here.

So when I heard he was releasing his own make-up brush line, I literally squealed with excitement!!

Each brush is hand-crafted with the most finest natural goat hairs/synthetic fibres.  The brushes have the gorgeous black gloss handle. I opted for a foundation brush; I knew I’d get loads of use out of it.

IMG_3201 IMG_3195

This brush is massively versatile as it can be used with powders, liquids and creams. I hardly ever use powders, so can’t really say how well it works with them. I’ve used it with liquids and creams – oh my goodness…the application is sensational. Actual airbrush finish, no streaking, blends the product in seamlessly. I love that the brush head is at an angle, I mean no-one actually applies foundation with the brush pointing straight up – Wayne Goss has invented this angle head which helps apply foundation effortlessly.
 I can’t explain how much this brush has improved the final finish of my makeup look.

When I first received it I thought the brush head was quite small, however it is the absolute perfect size, it gets into all the corners and buffs in so well. The hairs are so soft; it even feels like silk when you’re applying your base! Did I mention it’s amazing?

IMG_3202 IMG_3196

Now for the most dreaded chore – washing your brushes. Due to the brush having natural bristles I use my nephews baby shampoo (sshhh!) it cleans really well. Want a high quality brush that’ll make you feel like you have your very one makeup artist at home? Then click here for the brush. £30 for a tool that I’ll use every day – a wise investment made!

The brush is called 01 Wayne Goss Brush. Now I’m off to purchase brush 02 which is the tapered one – perfect for contouring/blushers. Let me know if you’ve brought a make-up brush which changed your life.