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When you turn thick black hair into Green hair, the notion to go lighter requires a bit more than your average visit to the hair dressers. In my hair post you would have seen I had green dip-dye stripped out at Bleach hairdressers and the hair stylist tried to mute it down to a more natural colour. However the green was quite stubborn and left a few traces. But I didn’t mind so much, it looked like a ‘dirty blonde’ which looked okay. Unfortunately after a few washed later the green started to peak out and it was now a horrible green-ish/yellow tone.

bleach2 bleach1


The hairstylist at Bleach told me to use their Super-cool colour in Washed out Orange as it neutralises the green and leaves a lovely golden colour. I went into Boots and picked up two colours, ‘awkward peach’ and ‘washed out orange’. Apply it onto washed, wet hair. Leave for 15mins. Unless you want orange stained hands gloves are an obvious must. I layered the two colours on top of each other and the result is pretty darn good (if I do say so myself) It is non-permanent so it washes out every 2-10 washed. I reckon I need to re-apply a few times before the colour corrects. I did say it’s not easy to adjust green hair.


For now, me and my golden locks wish you a wonderful Christmas (to those who are celebrating)

and hope you have a restful day!

  • Amy

    I always wanted to try these when I was blonde, brunette now so maybe in summer x


    • BeautyClassyfied

      oooh, would love to hear what colour you use…x

  • jazzy elizabeth

    Fair play to bleach! I wrote a bitchy blog as I heard it turns your hair green but it’s good they know god to correct it xxx

    • BeautyClassyfied

      Yeah, mine turned green, but it’s a long process to undo it! Oh the things we do for our x