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I am forever hunting for my next staple makeup brush…this particular brand took me by surprise. It’s a brand which I haven’t really explored and that’s mainly because it isn’t as easily available as most other brands in the U.K.
Fun fact; they used to be part of the Estee Lauder company and now they’re an independent company.

So after some snooping around… I found the Stila Tools of the trade on ASOS and as they had a 25% code going on -thank you very much ASOS! – In the basket this little beauty went.

So let’s break it down, the set comes with 5 brushes…

No.24 aka powder brush – is more like a blush brush. A medium sized dome brush. Extremely soft to touch. I would use it for bronzers as opposed to blush only because I like using more of a tapered brush for blush to get more precision. It was okay to use, didn’t wow me though.



No.33b aka concealer brush – very soft in to touch, tapered and extremely firm which allows you to work into those hard to reach areas like the inner corners of your eye. This brush is made from synthetic hairs which prevents bacteria and oils being transferred from the product to the brush. First impressions; the stiffness of the brush head kinda put me off, however after using it I actually really enjoyed it.

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No.9 aka all over blend brush – now this brush is UH-mazing…it is SO fluffy. Perfect for blending and contouring the eye area. I am a big fan of my MAC 217 brush and this beaut comes very close to that brush. In fact dare I say I might even prefer it to my Mac one?

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No.5 aka all over shadow brush – this brush has wide head and is made out of half goat hairs and half pony hairs. It picks up colour very easily so this means you can really pack on the shadow onto the lids. This and the no.9 brush work insanely well together to create a perfect smokey eye look.

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No.4 aka precision eyeliner brush – made out of pony hairs with a really long handle. I like the handle and it is a really soft brush. The only thing I would have liked to change is to have the hairs slightly longer. Other that it’s a fairly good brush to use but I  can see myself reaching for my trusty Smashbox arced eyeliner brush.

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Overall, I was super happy with this set…the kit is mainly based around the eyes and for the quality of brushes you’re getting it’s excellent value for money. It is a limited edition holiday set so if this tickles your fancy I would get one asap.
I actually really like Stila and would love to try some more of their stuff out, just wish it was a lot more widely available.

Stila Tool of the trade is available from here and here.

What are your some favourite brushes?