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I am so glad that Debenhams has started stocking brands like The Balm and Too Faced. All the products that I really wanted from The Balm like the Mary-Lou Manizer and the Matte lipsticks were out of stock however Too Faced didn’t disappoint with their selection of products. I picked up the Candlelight glow which is a golden/silver highlight, it’s so pigmented and blends seamlessly. Initially just looking at it I thought it would be too glittery or pink however the pink translates into a really pretty gold which compliments olive skin tones. I feel like in the past month or so I have gone highlighter crazy and brought atleast 4/5 but the Too Faced Candlelight glow is very quickly becoming my favourite. I love using my Louise Young Fan Brush and swiping it across the top of my cheekbones just finished the entire look for me- I am totally digging this ‘strobing’ season. If there’s one product you need for the festive season to help bring out the ‘oomph’ then the Too Faced Candlelight highlighter is the one!

Even though contouring is slowly but surely phasing out, I still have a weak spot for bronzers, I love my skin when it looks tanned and the warmth comes out on my skin tone. After being tanned for 5 weeks I’m starting to see it fade away and I am not looking forward to it. The Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer smells like chocolate – actual chocolate. At first it kind of put me off using it, I’m really not into heavily scented products but now I’m used to and dare I say, I actually like it. There’s quite a bit of fall out so I have to take extra care if wearing white. The colour has a evident orange/reddish base which doesn’t do much for contouring but works really well as a bronzer. I’ve been using a tapered blush brush to ensure that I get the smallest amount on the brush as its heavily pigmented and if not careful there could be a whole ‘umpaa lumpaa’ situation going on. I am totally digging Too Faced products, what else do I need to get?