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The do it all eyeliner. These days I see myself steering away from the solid black eyeliner and heading towards brown or olive shades. They’re slightly forgiving for us eyeliner noobs out there. Recently I’ve seen myself using a MAC eyeliner in Teddy, a brown eyeliner which almost has a teensy bit of metallic shine to it. Worn on its own or with woodwinked eyeshadow it just helps to create a soft, day appropriate eyeliner. My criteria for a black eyeliner is quite high, non-smugde, non-budge, water-proof, the works and often quite a difficult product to get my hands on. Teddy by Mac is a much forgiving formula. I tend to heat it up (using a light candle/hair drier heat – let it cool down) and apply it onto the top lash line and lower lash line, sometimes extend it out if I have time. Using an angled brush I smoke out the eyeliner and it gives this whole ‘lived in’ vibe which I am totally obsessed with. There is a slight orange undertone this almost helps brown/hazel eyes to stand out. There’s just something I really love about the product and colour. Longevity is about 6 hours, and it isn’t the most ‘long lasting’ formula but when I applied it on the bottom water-line of the eye, the colour lasts the entire day and even when it does start to smudge, I quite like it. 

I don’t really own that many MAC eyeliners but I’ve started to fall in love with MAC products all over again. What other eyeliners do I need from MAC?

  • Jessica

    This is a really lovely shade I like deep colours with some shimmer mixed in, like the tip of heating it up too- I like a bit of pyromania hahah xxx