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I’ve always been a avid believer of SPF I use it on a daily basis and always turn it up a few notches whenever on holiday. However this year was slightly different, I thought I’d ditch the SPF *gasps* and see what happens when I do the opposite, oil up my skin and go out in 32degree heat. It’s probably the only time I’m ever going to do it because even though I have a beautiful golden tan which I’ve had plenty of comments on, the after effect are so not worth it as my skin feels sahara desert kinda dry. My nose and forehead are slowly flaking aways and my shoulders basically need brand new skin. I’m now trying to maintain it and hope to fix the damage done so whilst in the process I thought I’d share some of my tips. 

Exfoliating regularly is a must and this is probably one of the steps that I enjoy the most, I love using exfoliating gloves on the body and my Origins Modern Friction exfoliator for the face is my go to but I’m making this a twice a week occurrence as opposed to once a week. 

Followed by moisturising thoroughly. My skin is dry and needs all the moisture it can get. I start off my applying oil onto damp skin Argan oil is my HG – our Argan oil is available from most large beauty pharmacies, stay clear away from anything that is a mixture of Argan oil and another ingredient, it’s always best when its 100%. I let that skin in for 5mins and then go in with a body butter which I chop and change but currently Soap and Glory is my favourite. I become super lazy when I need to moisturise my body, always rushing and it seems to be the least important thing to do in my list when in reality its quite the contrary. This is where L’occitane Almond shower oil becomes a godsend because it cuts down the job of moisturising in half and I could if I really wanted to – skip the body butter. For my face I’m using my ultimate rich moisturiser is NUXE 24hr creme fraiche - I love this stuff. It’s full on moisture for dry skin but my skin drinks it up in a matter of minutes and it doesn’t leave a ‘wet’ residue afterwards.

Thats skin and body done – now hair. I feel like most people forget their hair and thats where the sun hits the most. After being in Pakistan and Greece for the past 5 weeks my hair is ultra dry! I need some serious conditioning in my life. Philip Kingsley Elasticiser is one of those hyped products that I didn’t want to fall in love with but I just couldn’t help myself. Its also a product which takes too much effort for my liking but does the job so incredibly well. It has to be applied to damp hair 20mins before washing the hair. So whilst I soak off in the bath I let this sink in and do its magic. After shampooing I go in with the Redken Extreme Strength conditioner mask which helps to moisturise and replenish the ends of the hair. I used Redken about 5 years ago and absolutely loved it, I have no idea why I stopped using it but I am so glad that I’ve got it back in my life. 

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Moral of the post – ALWAYS SPF, it’s not worth the dry, dehydrated tanned skin. 


  • Jessica

    I am always using Origins these days as it’s the only thing that helps my skin, I haven’t tried the exfoliator before though so I will have to give that a go xxx