New Look Pyjama shirt

Topshop Gold Pleated Trousers

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I’ve mentioned before that Pyjama shirts are my favourite things to wear at the moment. However when someone actually said ‘oh, I really like your pyjama’s’ I felt slightly offended. I always thought it was more of a put-together look as opposed to ‘I just woke up like this…’ This shirt is from New Look, only brought a couple of weeks ago so probably in store. The shirt I can see myself wearing for quite a few months, I love the fit, the material and in general how it looks when worn.These Topshop Gold Pleated trousers on the other hand are a bit of a FAD buy and one that I’m trying to wear on daily basis so I get the most out of them. They’re actually quite see-through so tucking in the shirt was literally only done for the purpose of this photo. Metallic and pleats is a combination that I’m really into the past couple months and now I’m on the hunt for a yellow toned gold metallic skirt – there was one on sale at H & M but all sold out online and I have yet to locate it in stores.  

Also I wanted to take this moment to address sliders, how have they become so popular? I absolutely loathe them and bearing in mind everytime I make a comment as such I end up buying the said items. Well not this time, I can assure you now that I will not be buying sliders anytime soon, especially not the fluffy pink puma ones. They don’t even appear to be remotely comfortable and they look hideous on. I am team Birkenstocks all the way – I’ve seen an all black pair for £129 which in all fairness is probably way too much to pay for a pair of sandals hence why I don’t own them yet – but they look so good!

Topshop gold pleated trousers New Look Pyjama shirt pink New Look office shirt Topshop Gold trousers

zara platform lace shoes

Topshop Bright Floral Culottes

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yellow orange suitbright orange floral jumpsuittopshop outfit of the dayTopshop culotte bright coloured jumpsuits muuba short leather biker jacketTopshop orage floral jumpsuit Topshop sale jumpsuitzara nude platform lace up white sole 

Jumpsuits, Dungarees, Overalls, Pinafores – gimme all the one pieces!

I tried oh so hard last year to implement a minimalist wardrobe but it just wasn’t me. This year I’ve said the more colour the better and this is no exception. A Topshop Bright Floral Culotte jumpsuit – very much summer appropriate but paired with chunky shoes and a leather jacket, I’m good to go! This particular jumpsuit was brought in the sale, reduced from £55 to £10 – yes thats right, £10!! And it was the last one there – this is probably the lowest amount I’ve ever paid for anything in Topshop and I was so pleased with myself. I love going into Oxford Street but when it comes to sale shopping especially stores like Topshop I always go to quieter and sometimes smaller stores. The sale rails are slightly more organised and it feels less like you’ve just been in an erupted volcanoes of clothes. Due to the low neckline I’ve worn a black vest top underneath however when it starts to warm up a little I’ll do a little DIY job and adjust the neckline.

My new Zara platform shoes are perfection – only £29.99, current season, and these honestly look far more expensive than what they are, also surprisingly very comfortable. Although I do feel like they’re only going to look good for a couple of wears because the white rubber sole won’t remain white for long. Zara shoe’s currently are beautiful! If I wasn’t trying to save for a certain designer bag I would be buying all the Zara shoes right now. I feel like it may be worthwhile booking a ticket to Barcelona and going all out in Zara – it’s so much cheaper there! I’m still sporting my 5year old Muubaa leather jacket – ultimate staple wardrobe item! It’s my go-to item to wear when I want to throw an outfit together and the leather ages beautifully.

rainbow fur jacket

Conversation starter…

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topshop fur jacket multi coloured fur jacket rainbow fur jacketfur topshop rainbow jacket rainbow topshop jacketMulti coloured faux fur jacket topshop

Anyone that knows me in ‘real-life’ will know that I tend to shy away from crowds and prefer to be with small groups of people. However I seem to express myself through my clothes and the older I’ve gotten I seem do be doing this more and more. I’ve found myself wearing a lot of clothes/shoes that are conversation starters – a simple ‘oh wow, where’s that jacket from?’ gets people talking to me and is sort of helping my confidence I guess? My multi-coloured fur jacket is my new found obsession. I found it in the sale section in Topshop, I really couldn’t believe my luck – I saw a similar jacket in Karen Millan and I kid you not it looks like 98% the same thing – only difference was the price, Topshop £65 and Karen Millan £399. I almost cried with joy. The pop of colours really brighten up my mood and considering I barely see any day-light during the weekdays so this is exactly what I needed in my wardrobe to cheer me upI’ve been wearing this jacket every day since I’ve got it and I don’t think I’ve ever been stopped and spoken to as much as I have. I’ve paired my outfit with these metallic Bronx brogues (most comfortable shoes ever) and Topshop dungarees are my weekend ensemble. Have you ever worn a statement piece?


Topshop | Haul

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I have been feeling pretty poopsie about my current wardrobe, so I decided to pick up some much need winter pieces from Topshop, and found quite a few that I LOVE. We’re now fully into Autumn season, so that’s my excuse! Topshop is my go-to store for whenever I need to spruce up ze ol’ closet.

 I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe whilst you’re there….x



Easing into Autumn

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new4 new new2 new3



Honestly what is going on with the weather? I am for sure not complaining, but it’s really odd, in my whole 26years of being, I don’t remember it being this humid in October – is this to say we’re going to have our winter till April? I don’t handle cold extremely well.

Mornings were cold,  so I wore this jumper from Topshop, infact everything is from Topshop. I reckon they will bring out this style knitwear in this season. Burgandy/Maroon are my favourite winter colours – obsessed with it! The trousers are a little cray, cray but I just LOVE them. Even a size 10 (which I normally fit into okay-ish) are quite tight on me. Not entirely impressed  with sizing but the pattern and cigarette tailored type fit allows me to forgive them.

With that being said, my weight has kind of been getting me down. It probably sounds really lame but a few months ago I was so content and recently I have been shopping my wardrobe and literally nothing inspires me. Mainly because nothing really fits me anymore. I used to be a firm size 8 – now I think I’m verging onto size 12 maybe? The odd thing is – I quite like the way my body has churned out – bigger boobs, perkier bum. Yes please, thank you very much. But the fact that my clothes (some of which I have hardly ever worn) don’t fit me anymore  – depresses me. A lot.  I have been thinking of shopping and just getting essentials a size bigger – still, even the thought of shopping doesn’t make me feel better. Problem right?


OOTD | Topshop Head to toe

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Coincidently everything worn today are TOPSHOP items – it very rarely happens that everything is from one store. here it goes, an ode to the king of high street fashion…


164 161 165 168

 I wore a Topshop pencil skirt in the most vibrant safari print. Now I don’t feel entirely comfortable in pencil skirt, especially these days with gaining a lb by the minute. My metabolism has drastically slowed down. No longer are the days where I can chow down a pizza late nights and not worry about the effects the next morning. My white top is slowly turning a grey shade – how do we keep our whites really white? The top is long from the back and short at the front, and with the side hem coming up as the same length as a crop top – it hides all the right things in all the right places.

The black chunky gladiators have pretty much been on trend since I brought  then last A/W – comfortable and add a little bit height which is totally appropriate for work. Topshop was my go-to shopping place last A/W – I’m expecting good things this season – where are you heading to shop this A/W?



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Who would’ve thought that this little snazzy number (i.e. the skirt) would be from M&S? I saw this on the model in my local Marks and Spencer and fell in love, a number that I would expect to see in Zara, don’t you think? I’m not ready to give up the whole A-line midi skirts, I am completely obsessed with them. I’ve paired it with my TOPSHOP blazer – ultimate staple item. Currently lusting over a chambray shirt from Topshop and some ripped JAMIE jeans.



OOTD – Back to school

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Going back to school – everywhere I look on social media there seems to be an influx of back to school selfies and ootd of uniforms. I remember wearing a crisp clean new uniform every year and being so excited. How time flies. Fast forward 10 years and I’m wearing a new kinda uniform. A teacher’s attire. I do these so often I think it should be category of its own. Going back to school and snapping out of holiday/summer mode is so hard. There totally needs to be guide book on how to do this.

*note – excuse the messy background, I have a wardrobe that needs to be put up – I wish I was one  of those well located visual type OOTDs – mine are in my little flat – apologies!*



Packing my life| OOTD

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 blue1 blue3 blue 2


This a no makeup, hair in a top knot sorta OOTD. Let’s keep it real. I’m home all day, this is rare that I’ve gotten into something other than my pjs.

I don’t think I will ever become comfortable when taking photo’s. I either look down, up, sideways. Every unflattering angle that you could possibly think of. Today I spent most of my time clearing out my wardrobe/packing for my move in two weeks. 2 suitcases later, I still have to pack a crap load of stuff. I didn’t anticipate how much s**t I have accumulated and the realisation of what a hoarder I am is pretty shocking. Working in school for almost 4 years means that I no longer own THAT many jeans or weekend wear, as most of my weekends I spend in my pjs. Today I decided to get changed – a shirt from Topshop which I LOVE. Suprisingly it’s from the tall section but fits so nicely. and these jeans were brought 3 years ago from River Island, back then they were extremely baggy but after putting on a couple of stone, they sit really nicely. So, my question to you all, how do we minimise the stuff we collect over the years?  I can’t seem to let go of my Year 11/college/uni portfolio. 

Shirt – Topshop (tall section)

Jeans – River Island

Shoes – Birkenstocks