Another Haul / Topshop, H & M, Monki

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Whenever I go shopping I pick up the most colourful/patterned ‘out there’ item. But recently I’ve been wanting to wear more white and black. Maybe its the ‘adult’ in me. So  off I went, looking for staple yet trendy pieces and this is what I ended up with. Let me know if you think I should have picked anything else up. (Any excuse for shopping!)


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Revlon Nails

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One can never have too many polishes right? I saw these Revlon polishes in American bloggers and I wanted these purely because of the bottle shape. Completely un-superficial right? The concept behind these are that they are scented. I go on and on about the scent of products and how it bugs me, however with nail polishes, you kind of just except that there is going to be a smell don’t you? I didn’t think they would be THAT scented, but whoa, I was wrong. They do smell, extremely strong! The scent begins to fade away after a few days. Few days too long maybe?