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H&M Autumn collection

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nike laser cut bronze thea trainers henry holland dupe sunglasses h&m white frill sleeves top h&m frill top zara brown croc peint bag



This is by far my favourite outfit of all time. Dungarees have without a doubt been my most worn item in my wardrobe – I actually need to find another pair because these were from Topshop brought a year ago and the colour is starting to fade, clear indications of a well loved outfit. They’re just so easy to put together and it’s my weekend go-to choice, without having to think too much about what I want to wear. The white frill top is from H&M and a real bargain for £9.99 – the top provides a little bit of a delicate feel. The sleeves are my favourite part of the outfit. Can we also take a minute to talk about the sunglasses. They’re dupes of glasses that Henry Holland had a while back and I adore how statement they are, these were from Ebay and pretty much look like the real thing. Now I’m not an advocate of ‘rip-off’ things because I feel like its a slap in the face of the designers – however my struggling student self just simply couldn’t afford it at the time. I’m actually looking to buy a new pair of sunnies because I’ve fallen out of love of the ones I have – any suggestions send them my way! I spent most of my day afternoon yesterday roaming Covent Garden – I realised that the walk from Covent Garden to bank is really not that far – we did it within 30mins and it was actually a really lovely walk. Being an avid Architecture fan I was very easily amused by the old buildings. Zara Croc print bag with the embellishment looks far more pricier than what it was – I’ve decided that gold hardware is my favourite type on bags – which has helped me narrow my 30th birthday present down. 


HM white frill top

Topshop Dungarees

Zara Croc Bag


New Look Grecian Dress

London Mews

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If you’re ever about in London, keep an eye out for the mews, these are old stables/warehouses which have been refurbished and made into little apartments that have a ‘holiday home’ vibe. I literally spent my day strolling around the back roads of Oxford Street all the way through to Marble Arch and there are some really pretty mews, they’re also perfect ‘ootd’ backdrops. This linen dress was an absolute bargain from New Look, I found it in the sale for £12. The benefits of living, what feels like, the middle of nowhere is that you end up finding some awesome stuff in the sales, I found a couple other bits in H&M in the sale – all my purchases are normally hauled on Snapchat as soon as I get them (beautclassyfied) The nude gladiator sandals are from Zara – purchased last year and I remember these being awfully painful however I feel like I’ve broken into them as 6hours of strolling around and they’re now quite comfortable. Also, is it possible to loose weight on your foot? If so, I feel like it’s happened to me. 

This Mulberry bag is the only bag I’ve been wearing these days, very pleased with my younger 20′s self for picking this one up. Although I do have my eye on the YSL Sac De Jour or Gucci Dionysys – which one out of the two though? Gucci feels like a trend purchase, similar to what the Chloe and Celine were a year ago and the Sac De Jour seems like a safer bet as it’s more of a classic bag. And I’ve thought the GG sign on the bag is, slightly tacky? But I’m starting to really warm up to it…ahhh #firstworldproblems. I have a couple months to decide so I’m hoping within that time I’ve decided – your opinions wouldn’t go a miss though…

Zara Gladiator Sandals New Look Striped Dress New Look Greek Wrap DressNew look curve striped dress New Look Blue Striped Dress


New Look Dress /  Mulberry Bag /  Zara Sandals  / Raybans

New Look  White Pyjama Shirt

Pyjama Shirt Trend

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Topshop Hot Pink Karter Loafers Topshop Karter Loafers topshop loafers and new look pyjama shirt minimilist ootd new looktopshop loafers hot pink New Look  White Pyjama Shirt


It would be an understatement to say that I’ve been obsessed with the pyjama shirt trend, it feels very relaxed whilst maintaining a ‘put together’ look. I’ve seen a few in River Island, this little number is from New Look and the black piping makes it stand out. I had a dentist appointment today and I detest the dentist. Probably still traumatised from my experience as a teenager. However I now need  to go back and have 2 fillings – which I’m not looking forward to! So I thought I would treat myself and go into London and visit Notting Hill gate before it gets busy before the carnival. I went into Notting Hill Gate and browsed the streets like a tourist. Kitchen and Pantry looked amazing but didn’t get a chance to go in for lunch – Biscuiteers had the cutest interior. Whenever I go into central London it makes me love the city more!

If you follow me on Snapchat (beautclassyfied) I’ve show cased these shoes already, as well as all the other purchases I’ve been making. The hot pink Topshop shoes are called Karter Loaders and they come in a range of colours but I had to get these metallic pink leather ones and they are AMAZING. An obvious dupe of the Gucci shoes but at a fraction of the price – whats not to love?  Extremely comfortable too, I had to size down with these. There’s also a mint pair which I have my eye one, can I really justify buying two shoes of the same style? I need to find black denim jeans which actually fit well, these Leigh Jeans from Topshop have served me well for a couple of years, these ones are starting to feel loose and the colour is also starting to fade away. Any jean suggestions send them my way…


Zara off the shoulder dress

THAT Zara dress…

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silver metallic converse zara off shoulder striped dress zara off the shoulder dress blue zara striped dress mulberry satchel bag

For the time, ever, I really struggled to pick photos for this blogpost! It was a very good blog photo taking day indeed. This is THE Zara striped dress, the one every blogger seems to be wearing and for very good reason too. It’s floaty, with an extremely flattering shape. Off the shoulders and pinstripes, it all just works! Best £29.99 I’ve spent – and even though it is quite a basic dress and every other person I walked past was wearing it – I can’t help but love it.

Shopping the stash for makeup is a thing, however I’m now shopping my wardrobe and I’m discovering so many new things that I’ve hardly ever worn. Exhibit A – the metallic converses. These high top metallic are just as beautiful – converses were never made for long distance walking and I’ve learnt this the hard way after walking from Knightsbridge to Soho. Exhibit B – the Mulberry satchel, I brought this on the days that they were sold in House Of Fraser – is that still a thing? But 8 years ago £500 was quite a lot of money for a struggling student – how I managed to buy this I have no idea. But I was so scared to actually use it that I kept it hidden in my wardrobe and never took it out until today. I remember Mulberry having the hype that the Chloe/Gucci bags have today. The colour is perfect and I am eternally grateful to my younger self for having made a wise decision of picking a very neutral and classic colour. 

Today basically consisted of me having a late lunch in Dishoom which was glorious, it’d been too long since I’d been that I almost  forgot how good it was! I uploaded a series of photos on instagram and did a late night ‘snapchat’ mini-haul! So if you’re not already following go and head over onto my instagram/snapchat to keep upto date! Summer holidays seem to be flying by…if time could slow down just a tad that would be great!

Snapchat/instagram username: beautclassyfied


Asos denim pinafore

ASOS Maxi Denim Pinafore

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asos demin maxi pinafore denim pinafore ootd pakistani blogger ootd urban outfitters striped topall white leather converses black mansur gavriel bucket bag mansur gavriel bucket bag


Oh it has been a while! I’ve attempted to take blog photos atleast 3 times in the past month, either it starts raining, my battery dies, or I can’t find a spot quiet enough. Even today I forgot my SD card but that was something I could quickly buy. My weekends these days mainly consist of walking up Tottenham Court Road going into all the interior stores. Apart from the obvious West Elm, Lombok is quickly becoming one of my favourites places for furniture/interior pieces.

This ASOS maxi denim pinafore is perfect for the unpredictable London weather – I’ve worn it with a Primark stripped top which is probably one of my most worn tops and considering it was only £6 I really have gotten my monies worth. Finished off with a pair of all leather white converse – these are not made for long distance walking. I forgot how uncomfortable converses actually are and as much as I love these, my feet will not be getting into another pair for a while.

The Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag is lovely but there are a couple things to note if you’re considering on getting this a) it can get really heavy once you have things actually inside it, b) it scratches very quickly, loosing that pristine quality, c) it takes forever finding anything in the bag! But other than, it’s a beauty of a bag. 


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 19.15.02

Out with the Old

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…and in with the new. 

Today I say farewell to some brilliant students, colleagues and friends. After four extremely rewarding and challenging years I’m moving onto teaching Architecture in a brand new school! I graduated as a students of Built Environment in 2009 and fell in love with teaching simultaneously, since then I have been consumed with teaching and learning and have never looked back. When the opportunity to take a slight turn in my career, it was too good of an chance to miss out. And now here I am, things packed in boxes, feeling slightly overwhelmed. 

Change is hard but quite brave also. Going into the unknown, away from your comfort zone is a huge risk however I’ve had to say to myself, “if not now, when?” I love teaching and I really can’t see myself doing something different for a while, also change refreshes the soul and mind. I’m staying positive!

So whilst I’ll be busy planning and prepping for my new role this summer I’ll hopefully have some more time to post ootd’s. 28 years old and I’m still refining my style, normal right? I’m very envious of all the instagram bloggers who seem to have their style figured out at the ripe age of 21 – there is definitely an art to it which I have yet to master. Currently in the process of trying to find a middle ground between eccentric with everyday wearable items, things are going well, sort of. I’m being really careful/mindful of the clothes I choose to purchase but I’ve resulted in picking up some crazy shoes to compensate!!

Outfit one – the typical weekend look, ‘that’ palm print with a neutral background, Topshop Lucas jeans are the love of my life at the moment. Baggy but not too baggy, lightweight so they don’t end up feeling too heavy unlike the Topshop Mom jeans. Zara floral bomber, I’ve worn this pretty much everyday, London weather has been absolute pants (well, not today, today is the hottest day of the year at 32 degrees) so a bomber for rainy moments is a must. Nike AF are another weekend must. I may do a trainer collection video because I accidentally seemed to have collected quite a few. 

Outfit two – would you believe me if I told you that this dress was a UK size 14 – now the old me would be really bothered by this. Making sure I was no bigger then a size 8 was a big deal to me, saying that – I suffered from some form of body image disorder where the smaller I was the happier I was – this state was unhealthy. At this moment I couldn’t care less about sizing, as long as it fits well/ looks good /I feel comfortable. I had my eye on this when it was full price but never actually got round to actually purchasing it. The shopping angels were sending positive vibes my way because I found this for £10! I wore it to Camden over the weekend and I loved the super baggy feel, a slight Olsen vibe going on here. Whilst cleaning out my wardrobe I literally found these sunglasses hiding in the back, shopping the stash! They’re matte black over sized wayfares, a style that I was utterly obsessed with during my Uni days. As much as I love Quay sunglasses, investing in a good pair of Raybans will always be a good idea. 

Thats it for now! More outfits to come…

Topshop palm leaf shirt top h and m sale blue embroidered dress


topshop pyjama style jumpsuit

National Pyjama Day OOTD

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 zara blush pink suede shoestopshop twinkle boutique jumpsuit national pyjama day outfit topshop boutique sale jumpsuittopshop silk boutique jumpsuit Topshop boutique jumpsuit

Last week Wednesday it was National Pyjama Day (yes, that is a thing) and it gave me the perfect excuse to dress into clothes that resemble night-wear. I love jumpsuits, they’re so casual but have the ability to be dressed up or down. These silk ones were brought in the sale from Topshop. It amazes me that the sales are STILL happening. Speaking of sales, I did a huge amount of shopping and decided to share it on the inter webs, you can see my hauling here. And if you reeeeally want to, you can also subscribe over here *cheeky little plug there*

The jumpsuit was marked down to £85 from £120 so not the cheapest ensemble but they quality and cut is amazing which totally makes up for it. I love the Topshop boutique line, they have pieces which aren’t entirely fast fashion and can be worn for a good few seasons – think of them as more investment pieces. 

I love the feel of silk clothing however silk tends to cling onto parts which some of us *ahem, me* want to conceal therefore sizing up is totally recommended. The pink suede shoes are from Zara…and omg the Zara shoe section is on-point right now. I’m not a fan of autumn-winter Zara collections but every single year the Zara spring-summer collections! The fringed plimsoles remind me a little of a pair of Acne shoes that I had my eye one (which were also around £200+) but obviously for a fraction of the price. I was contemplating between these of the Navy suede ones – eventually got these as they seemed to fit in with the transitional season into spring. I am so tired of winter now. I am totally ready for blossoms and sun and singing birds *que the excitement…*

Right now I’m a little tempted to get cheap flights into Barcelona for a couple of nights and go crazy. I think after Greece, Barcelona was my second favourite city!

Shoes : Zara

Jumpsuit : Topshop Boutique (sold out online but still available in some stores)

pastels topshop jumper

Winter Pastels and Pom Poms

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mint green and baby pink pastels winter pastels mint alexander wang rocco pink fluffy pom pom asos shoes plum alexander wang bag pastel culottes topshop pastels topshop jumperpastels workwear


How is half-term over? Ahh! And so the count down to Easter hols begins, also the countdown to Thailand, I am well and truly excited! 

This particular outfit is one of my favourites to wear to work featuring winter pastels galore. Super comfortable with little to no ironing required. Let’s discuss the baby pink trousers, obviously a risky choice considering I’m in the Technology rooms most of the time which is prone to attracting dust/stains. And if you look really really close in the photos you can see that I’ve already got some stains (I have no idea how?!) but clever bag placement has hidden them. The trousers were a Topshop sale find, this year Topshop has been really good to me, I have found so many amazing bargains and things which are potentially timeless as opposed to the sale find of fast fashion. Pastel pink is the lightest shade of trousers I’ll ever wear I think. As much as I love white trousers/jeans I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear them. The anxiety of ‘what If I get them dirty?’ is real.

The fluffy jumper also a Topshop sale find but I’ve seen similar one in River Island on sale! This jumper makes me feel snuggly and warm so perfect for the devilish cold we’re currently experiencing. The colour is a beautiful mint shade and its easing me into spring season (that isn’t too far away)

My favourite item from this ensemble are the shoes – so they’re very much like marmite you either love them or really hate them I clearly adore them! They honestly make me feel so sassy, you know when you wear a pair of shoes and feel like you can conquer the world? Yeah that. I feel that when I wear these. They’re from ASOS – not the most durable as one of the pom pom off of one shoe fell off but I had to do a diy hot glue gun job but luckily you can’t tell the difference. These are beautiful. If ASOS did more colours – I would buy them all!

And the bag…My Alexander Rocco bag with gun metal hardware was brought 5 years ago from Selfridges during Christmas time when Selfridges did 20% off. I really wanted the black rocco with gold hardware but it was sold out and I didn’t not want to make use of the discount so I ended up getting the plum colour. And to be honest for a while I didn’t love it but justified it by the fact that I paid 20% less for it. However as time has gone by I’ve really warmed up to it and now I love the colour. Definitely prefer the darker hardware than the gold too. It’s quite a heavy bag when there’s nothing in there so not a bag I would happily travel with. Nonetheless it’s a bag I adore but a little part of me still wants the black rocco with the rose gold hardware. 

I wish I was more prepared to go back to work…

First day to work outfit

OOTD – New Year 2016

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topshop croc shoes celine dupes cream sophie hulme box bag asos mustard trousers

Well its been a while – she says again – I pretty much disappeared off of social media for a while due to personal reasons, some which I probably am going to share in a video at some point. I should also start off by saying a very merry new year to you all, lets raise a glass to the hope of 2016 bringing you lots of love, happiness and success. 

During my time off I had some time to think about where I wanted to take my blog, I feel like nearly everyone I follow on twitter was/is thinking about the same thing and I honestly love talking about beauty so therefore I want to keep that element but maybe try to incorporate more lifestyle and possibly fashion posts? Fashion posts in the past have consisted of wishlists and I want to try and branch out to some ootd – this also means raking in my sister to actually take photos for me. I have no idea how/if I’ll manage with a full-time job whilst also trying to make some YT videos (which have also been quite disappointing as of late) but we shall see.

My  first attempt of an ootd I have come to realise is that 1. I have the worst patience when it comes to taking photos. 2, its very difficult to find the ‘right’ location, lastly 3. I have stop every time someone walks past and I embarrassingly shy away. Props to those who do this all the time.

Now I understand that all three pictures are almost identical – I am terrible at the whole elimination  of pictures process, hope you don’t mind too much. Sophie Hulme bag is my current love, brought from  I wanted a YSL croc clutch or a Givenchy Antigona however they’re £1600 so this bag is a great substitute. The only thing I worry about is that it’s cream and I am prone to staining anything white/cream. Wish me luck! The trousers are a sale purchase from asos – love the colour, shape and they’re just so darn comfortable and the shoes are from Topsop (currently both are sold out – soz) Jumper is an oldie but goodie from

Hope you liked the first official ootd! 




Easing into Autumn

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new4 new new2 new3



Honestly what is going on with the weather? I am for sure not complaining, but it’s really odd, in my whole 26years of being, I don’t remember it being this humid in October – is this to say we’re going to have our winter till April? I don’t handle cold extremely well.

Mornings were cold,  so I wore this jumper from Topshop, infact everything is from Topshop. I reckon they will bring out this style knitwear in this season. Burgandy/Maroon are my favourite winter colours – obsessed with it! The trousers are a little cray, cray but I just LOVE them. Even a size 10 (which I normally fit into okay-ish) are quite tight on me. Not entirely impressed  with sizing but the pattern and cigarette tailored type fit allows me to forgive them.

With that being said, my weight has kind of been getting me down. It probably sounds really lame but a few months ago I was so content and recently I have been shopping my wardrobe and literally nothing inspires me. Mainly because nothing really fits me anymore. I used to be a firm size 8 – now I think I’m verging onto size 12 maybe? The odd thing is – I quite like the way my body has churned out – bigger boobs, perkier bum. Yes please, thank you very much. But the fact that my clothes (some of which I have hardly ever worn) don’t fit me anymore  – depresses me. A lot.  I have been thinking of shopping and just getting essentials a size bigger – still, even the thought of shopping doesn’t make me feel better. Problem right?