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Is it too early to wish for spring yet? I am! Especially after I left work at 5pm and still saw some daylight - okay it was starting to get a bit greyish, but you know what I mean? I immediately thought that spring is almost nearly here and my vampy lipsticks are about to get stashed away to collect dust for another 8months and get replaced with the peaches, nudes and pink tones. One of my favourite and I think a beauty blogger classic is MAC Creme Cup – I love the formula its pigmented and leaves your lips feeling moisturised at the same time. 



Blushes seem to come out in the spring for me. Summer is all about bronzer, whilst winter focuses on all things contour and highlight related and spring is where I try to go eau naturale. Now this particular Tarte amazonian clay 12-hour blusher holds a very special place in my heart, its the same one I wore on my wedding day – Blushing Bride (yes, I totally brought it for the awesome name) is just the most effortless rosey pink blush which suits most olive skin tone in my opinion. It’s a matte formula so it provides that natural flushed cheek look. In my hay days my cheeks used to blush so easily, I constantly got comments from customers asking what blush I was wearing and I had no reply as I never really wore anything – but if I had to look for a colour which was the closest match, this would be it! 

I know Tarte is quite a difficult product to get your hands on in the UK - I think it’s available on QVC and you can obviously order it online off of Sephora. But I think I have found an alternative. The Maxfactor Creme Puff blush in Seductive Pink - I believe it’s a baked blush (I maybe completely wrong) there’s a slight powdery fall out when applied – but the colour is incredibly similar! It provides the same soft rosey pink natural pop on the cheeks. I know a few people have said this may be similar to the Hourglass Ambient Blushers, but no. To me this doesn’t even come close, there’s no highlighting quality. It is however a lovely duplicate of Tarte Blushing Bride. They both have a 8hour wear-time. 


Pigmentation in blushers need to be just right – too much or too little can be difficult to work with - kinda like the porridge in Goldilocks. Both blushers are so easy to work with, beautiful colour, great pigmentation, good wear-time. These probably won’t leave my makeup stash for the next few months. Alongside my favourite blush brush, the Sigma F40 – so much love for the Sigma brushes – now, anyone know where I can get them from in the UK?



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I can’t remember the last time I did a ‘disappointed product’ review. So next week I’m making it a point to film a whole video on products that just didn’t live up to the expectation (subscribe here so you don’t miss out) and I regretted it! However INGLOT was under my radar for a very long time and I was desperate to get my hands on something from the brand, what…I wasn’t quite sure. Eyeshadows seemed like the obvious thing, but after my NARS dual intensity eye-shadow palette purchase, I purposely strayed away from the shadows and found myself hovering over the INGLOT matte lip-pencils. There are two that I picked up. The thin lip-liner which I think looks like a duplicate of the infamous ‘Soar’ from MAC (which I don’t actually own) so obviously I had to get it. Packaged in a shiny little pencil which twists up. The second pencil is a chubbier lip liner, with the same twist mechanism, its the lighter pink/nude tone. Initially when swatched in store I thought it was more along the lines of NARS matte lip pencils but slightly more drying, nothing that a balm couldn’t resolve right? Oh boy, was I wrong…this is U L T R A drying! Like accentuates every line on the lip and really uncomfortable to wear. Applying a balm underneath meant that the product wouldn’t apply evenly and wouldn’t last long and ugh everything about this was just a nightmare. 

As for the lip-liners, they’re supposed to be matte, so I was expecting that, a lip balm helped slightly and I was so in love with the colour that I was determined to make it work. But alas the dryness of the product make the lip-pencil break. And I can’t use it anymore. £11.00 for each one – I’m really disappointed! Am I put off of Ingot for good? Probably not. I’ll definitely go for the freedom eyeshadow palette but don’t see myself reaching for anything else. Have you tried anything from Inglot before? 




MAC | Rebel

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Season of berry-ful bold lips has truly kicked in. There are so many appealing colours that I almost find it overwhelming. I think that Hourglass opaque rouge in Empress is my go-to day to day bold lip. And as much as I love the colour offering there are two vices with this formula. It has a hassle to re-apply during the day and was insanely drying on my lips. At the moment I’m very much into shopping my stash – something to do with servicing my car, getting an MOT, getting re-insured all in one month has left me exploring make-up goods that I already own. My neglected MAC lipstick collection was first on my hit list, and oh my god! I have discovered so many new colours. Anyone else had a phase of buying an insane amount of MAC lipsticks? I swatched Mac Rebel was shocked that I’d never used it before. It’s a beautiful purple berry, looks quite dark in the bullet, but once swatched – due to the satin finish it can be sheered out to a wash of berry/plum tone.



There’s something about the scent of MAC lipsticks which I love! The colour was quite light for me (may be slightly dark for others) I wanted to amp it up a bit. I headed to MAC – I was actually after the liner Nightmoth to apply first and add on Rebel on top however the liner was out of stock so I opted for Current which I think even more beautiful than Nightmoth. The colour is a stunning dark purple colour. I am no expert on applying lip-liners nor do I really like them but the consistency of Mac liners are surprisingly soft and creamy yet matte. If you really wanted to, Current could be applied on its own for a bold matte lip however these days I quite like a satin finish, it gives me a stunning pout of a lip. Speaking of pouts – I have been toying with the idea of having lip fillers – current my lips are quite thin and since I was little I have always wanted slightly larger lips. I’m still playing around with the idea. The fact that it isn’t a permanent procedure makes me edge towards it a little bit more. What are your thoughts? Yay or nay to lip fillers?


Video | Eid Inspired Gold Eyes

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So I worked on a small make-up tutorial – I am not a make-up artist, so I like to make eye looks super simple and easy to do! I really hope this is easy to follow…


Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to like and comment too!


blush 2

MAC | Sea me Hear me

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Oh MAC, you’ve done it once again with your fab collection. The Aquatic collection is so beautiful – I mean, let’s take a minute to stare at the actual embossed detailing.*swoon* the packaging is stunning, totally makes me want to be somewhere sunnier with sand and sea. I refrained myself from picking up every eye-shadow colour in the collection. And I am on a strict lipstick ban. Its day one and so far so good. I need wanted a new summer blush. Sea me hear me, *what a name!* and extra dimension blush in an absolute gorgeous plummy nude with ever so slight hint of gold shimmer. Extremely buildable with a fantastic colour pay off. What lured me in was HOW smooth it felt to swatch. SO incredibly silky soft – It was almost like stroking silk, maybe better?



MAC / Shanghai Spice

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An ode to nudes

When one is at an airport it’s obligatory to visit MAC no? And who am I to change a tradition. On my visit to Italy (more on that here) I popped into MAC purely to “browse”. I did not need anything, especially not another lipstick. It’s completely unnatural for a girl who is not a MUA to have over 250. Yet I manage to walk away with 3!



Battle of the palettes

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We’re 3 and a half months into a year and there have been some absolutely fantastic releases for spring/summer. I tend to go through phases where I love eye shadows and sometimes I don’t. Not being a MUA I always browse through YouTube free to find the most dummy friendly smoky eye tutorial.



Conceal, Conceal, Conceal

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If someone asked me to pick only one make-up item to have for the rest of my life, without a shadow of doubt I would pick concealer. Dab a little bit of the stuff on and your good to go, it hides the bags, blemishes, scarring, the lot.

Now the question we have here, what is the best concealer? There are so many to choose from – cream ones, liquid ones, highlighting ones, the list is endless.