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It’s very rare that after I get my hands on a product I want to take photos and write about it immediately. This was one of those rare moments. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Kal from and discussed all things beauty and we ended up in KIKO and started looking at all the eyeshadow sticks – which are pretty much dupes of every single high-end eyeshadow stick out there. Whilst we ooh’d and aah’d the sales assistant told us about their new Crystal Eyeliners and said they’re just as amazing. I swatched the colours in store – I was so confused on what to get, in all honesty I wanted them all, but I narrowed it down to two colours. 03 and 06. 

The formula is pretty much a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Rock and Kohl eyeliners, they’re creamy smooth with ultra rich pigmentation. You have a couple minutes play-time if you wanted to smudge it out, but once set, these will not budge! The Crystal Eyeliners have almost a wet/metallic/liquid eyeliner finish, it’s seriously beautiful and like no other product I have ever tried. So if you’re not great with liquid eyeliner then this is a great option!

03 is a rich brown colour with a slight golden shimmer running through it, and 06 is a dark greyish-silver shade. My favourite out of the two is 06 – with greys I find that they’re either too pale or too dark, they always seem to be lacking in the grey colour palette. Kiko Crystal eyeliner in 06 is just such a distinctive grey tone, I absolutely love it! Now if we are comparing the CT Rock and Kohl eyeliners to these, the only difference I would say is the colour range – I found KIKO to offer a range of eclectic colours with quite a few brighter options.

Clearly two products weren’t enough, we swiftly moved over to the lipliner section and I found myself picking the  502 Precision lipliner twice! Kal assures me that this colour is very similar to MAC Spice, I would have no idea as Spice, Whirl, Soar is unavailable since this whole ridiculous Kylie Jenner phase. After my failed Inglot lipliner fiasco I thought I’d give these a go. They’re are the retractable  precision lip pencils, the formula is so pigmented and long-lasting – oh but the colour… that’s what hits the spot, it is stunning! With a mauve/brown undertones which work so well on olive skin tones. Really love the consistency, longevity and colour. I definitely need to pick another one of these little bad boys up!

All three came up to £19-ish I would have only got one lipliner/eyeliner from other brands! Really loving KIKO at the moment. Crystal Eyeliners are ones to get your hands on if you want dupes of the CT eye pencils!


Crystal eyeliners are £6.90 and Precision lip-liners are £5.30 if you have anymore KIKO recommendations, then send them my way!


KIKO haul

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What has gotten into me? I’ve become more and more obsessed with coloured eyeliner. I went into Stratford Westfield and went into the KIKO shop – its been a long time since i’ve been there, probably due to the fact that its nearly always so packed. However this was a mid-day trip which meant that shops were kinda empty. I looked around and there wasn’t really anything I felt like getting until I walked over to the eyeliner stand thats located to the back of the store. There are so many unique shades and with the price-point I don’t think you could get anything as good. 

KIKOeyes swatchesy

We’ve got the Glamorous eye-pencil range, which I picked up two shades, the first is 403 a lovely burgundy/copper shade, with the orange tint I feel like it would enhance hazel eyes. Its super creamy, ultra long-lasting and incredibly pigmented. I’ve worn this with a neutral matte eye and i love it. 405 is a shimmery purple shade – I have a sudden urge to apply purple eyeliner on the bottom lash-line but I know it’s a phase and a couple weeks later I’ll be over it. In the mean time to fulfil my needs I’ve ventured into this pencil eyeliner and I love it!

The last one was a KIKO Smart eye pencil in 800 it’s the perfect shimmery highlight for the inner corners of the eye. It was 30% off so I ended up getting it for £1.70 my cheapest purchase in a very long time! It has the same consistency as the previous eye-pencils. SO creamy. KIKO products are so affordable and great quality for the price! I still feel like there are hidden gems in KIKO that i have yet to discover…let me know if you know there are any good products within KIKO.



Kiko – Colour Fever 101/102

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Kiko is a dark horse in the beauty world, I think this time next year they will be a brand who will be soaring through the roofs. A couple years ago I thought Inglot had the same prospects but they seemed to die out for me. Fingers crossed Kiko keep providing the goods, they haven’t failed as of yet…