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H&M Autumn collection

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nike laser cut bronze thea trainers henry holland dupe sunglasses h&m white frill sleeves top h&m frill top zara brown croc peint bag



This is by far my favourite outfit of all time. Dungarees have without a doubt been my most worn item in my wardrobe – I actually need to find another pair because these were from Topshop brought a year ago and the colour is starting to fade, clear indications of a well loved outfit. They’re just so easy to put together and it’s my weekend go-to choice, without having to think too much about what I want to wear. The white frill top is from H&M and a real bargain for £9.99 – the top provides a little bit of a delicate feel. The sleeves are my favourite part of the outfit. Can we also take a minute to talk about the sunglasses. They’re dupes of glasses that Henry Holland had a while back and I adore how statement they are, these were from Ebay and pretty much look like the real thing. Now I’m not an advocate of ‘rip-off’ things because I feel like its a slap in the face of the designers – however my struggling student self just simply couldn’t afford it at the time. I’m actually looking to buy a new pair of sunnies because I’ve fallen out of love of the ones I have – any suggestions send them my way! I spent most of my day afternoon yesterday roaming Covent Garden – I realised that the walk from Covent Garden to bank is really not that far – we did it within 30mins and it was actually a really lovely walk. Being an avid Architecture fan I was very easily amused by the old buildings. Zara Croc print bag with the embellishment looks far more pricier than what it was – I’ve decided that gold hardware is my favourite type on bags – which has helped me narrow my 30th birthday present down. 


HM white frill top

Topshop Dungarees

Zara Croc Bag



WIW (to work)

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You know you have too many clothes when you find things from last year’s sale in your mammoth stash. This ‘ice-cream orange’ striped top is a Topshop SS13 sale purchase. I love the colours, white meets a muted neon. Safe enough to wear to work but can also be jazzed up for a night out. I brought it in a size 12 because I wanted it to look oversized and baggy. Reasons for this;

  1. Baggy clothes make you look slimmer…
  2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen pull of the whole ‘oversized’ look effortlessly. I would like some of that please. Thank you very much.



Grid Print / H & M

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I always feel conscious of OOTD posts, but when it comes to actually wearing what I want I’m pretty much out there. I love the idea of two piece suit, but I just haven’t found my true pairing yet. I saw these GRID trousers in H & M and fell in love, they’re a cigarette shape which I featured in my YouTube channel.