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Stila Soul eyeshadow palette…The one eye-shadow palette that everyone needs – I tried so hard to not want this, I did that whole ‘if I’m still thinking about it weeks later then I need it’. I’ve only ever used a couple of Stila products namely the Foil eye-shadows but there’s nothing else in the range that was absolutely calling my name however this palette was something else. There’s a total of 12 colours which consist of 5 mattes, 3 of which are quite neutral and 8 shimmers. The idea is that each line of colours will create an eye look which can translate from day to night – my favourites being… ‘thought’ ‘peace’ and ‘essence’ – how cute are the names?

I found that the shimmers have a slight better colour-payoff than the mattes but all shades are very blend able and easy to work with. I own the Lorac pro palette which is insanely pigmented but I feel like you need to actually ‘know’ what you’re doing when you’re applying eye shadows, whereas Stila Soul eyeshadows are slightly forgiving where there’s a little more ease of playfulness. Due to the range of colours, I don’t see myself getting bored of the colours anytime soon. I love that there are a couple mauvey colours along with gold/browns. It’s an added bonus that all colours in the palette compliment brown eyes really well.

The packaging is gorgeous, I feel it’s very Charlotte Tilbury-esque  with the rose gold and the embossing. Quality of shadows is great, packaging is fantastic. Stila soul eyeshadow palette is definitely my staple eyeshadow for the next few months – have you tried anything from Stila yet?

  • Jessica

    This is very beautiful and definitely has ST vibes, the names are beautiful and I adore the shimmers they are my favourite xxx