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I am a self-confessed tattoo and piercing lover, but I dont actually have that many piercings…

When I was in secondary school the idea of having a nose piercing seemed so cool but I was a bit of a chicken shit and scared of the pain so I resulted to buying those Claires fake diamonte and places them at the end of my nose. Totally rock’n'roll. And for a few years after my obsession for nose piercing had started to drift away until 2014 I was hooked and got my nose pierced for the second time.

The first time I got it pierced I was 22 and I LOVED the idea of having a diamond on my face (sounds pretty ridic I know…) but in reality it felt very uncomfortable and I took it out after a few months. I got it pierced with a gun and out of 10 the pain was a 2/10 and I think I have a very low pain threshold. A few years went buy and I was obsessing of having a nose ring and I knew it wouldnt be possible to get a thin nose ring straight away but I felt mentally prepared this time. So I visited my local tattoo shop and they used a needle this time – pain was far worse, maybe a 6/10 and the healing process was horrible. I kept getting keloids and nothing would make it go. a year later I gave up and took it out. However we’re in 2016 and since maybe mid 2015 all that has been on my mind is getting a septum piercing and apparently the pain is far worse and I just dont think I would be able to bear it. 

On ASOS I saw these ‘clip on’ rings and ordered them straight away – I’ve worn them to work and they look incredibly realistic – every single person who questionned it has said a. was it painful. looks great! which has obviously left me wanting it done for real! I brought a few more ‘decorative’ ones from Claires – one of my students actually recommended it and I love these aswell however they are slightly more ‘out there’.

I’ve previously done a post on temporary tattoos here – these are my favourite kind! 

Have you had a septum piercing? Or you know anyone that does…? Is the pain really that bad?