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Truth be told, I’m not really a lip-gloss kinda gal – I love a good matte lipstick and I just don’t think glossy lips suit me. It might be linked to my insecurities of having tiny lips. However, when I saw this colour in Boots I was instantly drawn to it– it is the most luminous, neon pink lip gloss I have ever laid my eyes on. Revlon ColorBurst Lip gloss do a brilliant range of lip gloss shades, but they really hit the ball outta the park with Adorn.

Let’s talk about the formula for a minute;

The consistency is quite thick but not gloopy – it applies smoothly and evenly.  For a gloss it’s extremely pigmented. It also has these micro pink/purple/blue crystals (glitter bits that are so fine) which are designed to give your lips a voluptuous 3D shine effect.


IMG_2680 IMG_2682

Have you ever used a lip-gloss and the next day your lips get dry? Well…fear no more, Revlon have mastered a product which is enriched with Vitamin E and sweet almond oil – so you know that your lips are getting some of the good stuff whilst wearing it. It is the creamiest gloss I have ever used; it’s not sticky – which I love. No-one wants a gloss which attracts hairs.





I love the packaging, with the black quilted lid – immediately adds a bit of glam.

It is only £7.99 and available in Boots & Superdrugcoming from a non lip-gloss lover, this IS one to go out and buy, it’s a stunning lip gloss. I think I may have even begun to covert onto a little lip-gloss fetish – uh oh. I’m looking for recommendations, what lip-gloss shall I purchase next?

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