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‘tis the start of a new day, a new era, new year…you get what I mean?

Yesterday was the night where us lucky ones who have had the pleasure of not going straight back to work on the 26th December 2013, prepared for that first awful Monday morning feeling of 2014. I deem myself to be quite lucky as I really enjoy what I do and I love going into work. However, I still get Sunday evening blue’s. When one is down, she must pick herself up. Saying that, to perk myself up I did a little ‘spa’ routine. It wasn’t even intentional, but at the end of it I felt so relaxed and pampered. When in bed, it dawned on me that I want to share my routine with you all –you never know, it might help you too?



Step 1; Create ambience: just lighting a few candles will help create a relaxed atmosphere instantly, I’m very particular with scented candles, I initially really love them and then after a while they begin to give me a headache. So a good one is Yankee Clean Cotton – it really smells fresh, not over powering, after 10mins your bath will begin to smell of freshly washed linen. Pair it with a few non scented tea-light candles. Job done.



Step 2; Cleanse the body – obvious one no? I am a bath gel, lotion and potion fiend, I have at least 7 different kinds in diverse scents for various times of the day. (Please tell me I’m not the only one?!) Night time is essential oil time. Here’s the science bit for you, research has shown that anything with both Lavender or Jasmine essential oils helps to ease the mind and helps create waves of deep sleep. What better time to use this right? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using my Cowshed Lazy Cow – Bath and Shower gel.  It really does help me sleep better at night – so if you’re looking for a relaxing, stress freeing shower gel, go for one which has either Jasmine or Lavender essential oils.



Step 3; Moisturise; I’ve already mention in an earlier post – here – about what I like to use when I’m on the go. But for days (nights rather) where I need that extra T.L.C I use a thick body butter – Soap and Glory  Sugar Crush Body Buttercream is LUSH – Smells absolutely divine, like crushed sweets and lime. Mmm…good enough to eat! *takes a whiff of it* …Slap it all over, legs, arms and anywhere else you want? And just massage it in thoroughly.



‘What is with the pout?’


Step 4 – Face mask; I like to use a deep clay cleansing mask- if a mask doesn’t go all tight on my skin I begin to doubt if it’s actually doing anything. (I know this is not the case as there are many gel/liquid masks that do a great job but it is down to personal preference!)
My favourite at the moment is an Aesops Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque This is such a fantastic product, very cleansing and light in texture. What I love about this mask is that it makes my skin feel cleansed without it stripping any moisture from it. Leave it on for 15mins and then wash off.





Step 5; Oil it up; your face that is. Trust me there is nothing better than waking up to nice plumped, moisturised face. I’m talking from experience here! Backstory; I went to Morocco a year ago with some friends and discovered Argan oil at a spa and became obsessed. It’s 100% natural, helps to heal, generate skin cell renewal, helps with wrinkles and also reduces scaring. It is beauty in a bottle. I brought a bottle of the stuff from a pharmacy called John Bell Croyden in London. House of Argan Cosmetic Pure Organic Argan OilUse a drop on the forehead and spread across to the temples, down the bridge of the nose and a drop on each cheek which should be evenly spread out. Gently massage it in UPWARDS in circular motions, until it is absorbed. Voila.



There are so many steps you could add to this mini spa relaxation time, for me this does the trick! Hopefully my post might help you too/give you ideas…What did you do to prepare for work/school?