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I have had the L’Oreal ombre in my hair for over 5months now and to be honest it was getting to that point where I just wanted a change. But I love my ombre hair!
So you see my dilemma here?

This is where Bleach comes in, the revolutionary hair dye which is semi permanent – available from Boots for £5. Intriguing I must admit…and there are a whole lotta colours to choose from.

I went for ‘the big pink’….obvious choice. Every girl likes a bit of pink no?
Now, like all hair dyes the process can be slightly messy. So be sure to cover your clothes and wear gloves – which doesn’t come with the hair dye sadly. But any cheap latex gloves will do.

After applying it for 25mins…voila!! The results were amazeballs. The colour was so rich, I had the most perfect vibrant pink tips. They lasted a good 7 washes.

IMG_20131017_091738_359 IMG_20131018_200144_632


Price. Amazing.
Results. Amazing. It was so good that I wanted it to be permanent. Boo..

The only flaw I would say is that…once it started to wash out my hair went from bright pink to a copper orange-ish shade. I had to use a toner to get the orangey colour out.

I’m seriously considering going to the Bleach Hair Salon see if they can do a permanent colour for me.

What colour would you go for…?


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  • Sarah Jayne

    omg only £5 such an amazing price! thank u for the hards up i’m definately heading to boots in the new year to try it out. p.s pink looks really good on u :)

    • BeautyClassyfied

      Thankyou!! Its seriously some good stuff… :-) x