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When you find all the old photos from 9 years ago…


The other day I was clearing out my handbag and found a bunch of SD cards – and found photos which I thought I’d lost from 2006-2009. All my holiday and university photos were on there, I was so happy! These photos were taken way before instagram days and with a cheap crap 8mega pixel camera but with the help of photoshop I’ve been able to spruce them up a bit. Venice, the city of love (or is that just Paris…?) was my first real holiday away – like on a plane, with tickets that I paid for myself and its when I first fell in love with Italy and ever since I’ve been visiting lots of different parts of Italy falling more and more in love with each visit.

I was 19 when I travelled to Venice, that’s almost 10 years ago! Where has the time gone? We booked a hotel a little out of Venice and had to catch a bus into the city but it only took 20mins and the busy picked us up right infront of the hotel, so if you want to travel on a budget I really recommend staying a little further out. We spent a week in Venice and split the days to visit various parts of the city. We made a day trip to Murano, the town known to be a master of glass made objects. We went of too Lido which was a beach town and the remaining three/four days exploring the small but quaint town underwater. I was studying Architecture at the time and was intrigued of the middle eastern influences within the city and explored the town with that concept in mind. I was so in awe with it that I based my Uni dissertation around Venice and its Middle Eastern influences.

I also remember haggling for the first time ever with the gondala people, they obviously tried charging us way more then what it should be but we did some research and were determined to try and get the price which everyone would pay. I regret not picking up some masquerade masks. We also spent a lot of time on water taxis which was probably why I loved it so much. Anywhere near the waters makes me feel calm. The reason why I love these photos is because I never had an intention of sharing them on a blog 10 years down the line. They’re moments captured at their rawest form without composition thoughts. My biggest advice to anyone in their early 20s would be to travel.  Travel as much as you can, as far as you can. Live like a traveller not a tourist. It is possible to see parts of Europe as beautiful as Venice on a budget you just have to plan. But it is so worth it!

It’s a city I’d love to visit again in a few years. 

pastels topshop jumper

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mint green and baby pink pastels winter pastels mint alexander wang rocco pink fluffy pom pom asos shoes plum alexander wang bag pastel culottes topshop pastels topshop jumperpastels workwear


How is half-term over? Ahh! And so the count down to Easter hols begins, also the countdown to Thailand, I am well and truly excited! 

This particular outfit is one of my favourites to wear to work featuring winter pastels galore. Super comfortable with little to no ironing required. Let’s discuss the baby pink trousers, obviously a risky choice considering I’m in the Technology rooms most of the time which is prone to attracting dust/stains. And if you look really really close in the photos you can see that I’ve already got some stains (I have no idea how?!) but clever bag placement has hidden them. The trousers were a Topshop sale find, this year Topshop has been really good to me, I have found so many amazing bargains and things which are potentially timeless as opposed to the sale find of fast fashion. Pastel pink is the lightest shade of trousers I’ll ever wear I think. As much as I love white trousers/jeans I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear them. The anxiety of ‘what If I get them dirty?’ is real.

The fluffy jumper also a Topshop sale find but I’ve seen similar one in River Island on sale! This jumper makes me feel snuggly and warm so perfect for the devilish cold we’re currently experiencing. The colour is a beautiful mint shade and its easing me into spring season (that isn’t too far away)

My favourite item from this ensemble are the shoes – so they’re very much like marmite you either love them or really hate them I clearly adore them! They honestly make me feel so sassy, you know when you wear a pair of shoes and feel like you can conquer the world? Yeah that. I feel that when I wear these. They’re from ASOS – not the most durable as one of the pom pom off of one shoe fell off but I had to do a diy hot glue gun job but luckily you can’t tell the difference. These are beautiful. If ASOS did more colours – I would buy them all!

And the bag…My Alexander Rocco bag with gun metal hardware was brought 5 years ago from Selfridges during Christmas time when Selfridges did 20% off. I really wanted the black rocco with gold hardware but it was sold out and I didn’t not want to make use of the discount so I ended up getting the plum colour. And to be honest for a while I didn’t love it but justified it by the fact that I paid 20% less for it. However as time has gone by I’ve really warmed up to it and now I love the colour. Definitely prefer the darker hardware than the gold too. It’s quite a heavy bag when there’s nothing in there so not a bag I would happily travel with. Nonetheless it’s a bag I adore but a little part of me still wants the black rocco with the rose gold hardware. 

I wish I was more prepared to go back to work…

zara platform lace shoes

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yellow orange suitbright orange floral jumpsuittopshop outfit of the dayTopshop culotte bright coloured jumpsuits muuba short leather biker jacketTopshop orage floral jumpsuit Topshop sale jumpsuitzara nude platform lace up white sole 

Jumpsuits, Dungarees, Overalls, Pinafores – gimme all the one pieces!

I tried oh so hard last year to implement a minimalist wardrobe but it just wasn’t me. This year I’ve said the more colour the better and this is no exception. A Topshop Bright Floral Culotte jumpsuit – very much summer appropriate but paired with chunky shoes and a leather jacket, I’m good to go! This particular jumpsuit was brought in the sale, reduced from £55 to £10 – yes thats right, £10!! And it was the last one there – this is probably the lowest amount I’ve ever paid for anything in Topshop and I was so pleased with myself. I love going into Oxford Street but when it comes to sale shopping especially stores like Topshop I always go to quieter and sometimes smaller stores. The sale rails are slightly more organised and it feels less like you’ve just been in an erupted volcanoes of clothes. Due to the low neckline I’ve worn a black vest top underneath however when it starts to warm up a little I’ll do a little DIY job and adjust the neckline.

My new Zara platform shoes are perfection – only £29.99, current season, and these honestly look far more expensive than what they are, also surprisingly very comfortable. Although I do feel like they’re only going to look good for a couple of wears because the white rubber sole won’t remain white for long. Zara shoe’s currently are beautiful! If I wasn’t trying to save for a certain designer bag I would be buying all the Zara shoes right now. I feel like it may be worthwhile booking a ticket to Barcelona and going all out in Zara – it’s so much cheaper there! I’m still sporting my 5year old Muubaa leather jacket – ultimate staple wardrobe item! It’s my go-to item to wear when I want to throw an outfit together and the leather ages beautifully.

topshop white cotton shirt

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 topshop denim pinafore topshop cotton shirt Topshop maroon pinafore topshop weekend outfit mansur gavriel bucket bag blacktopshop casual work wearTopshop corded dungaree

My mum absolutely hates this outfit! Fact. She moans how it’s an outfit that should be worn by a 8year old, not a 28 year old and she may be right however I adore how youthful yet cool this outfit looks. (Am I uncool for saying cool?) It’s very casual and if I switch up my trainers to a pair of brogues then this is totally suitable for work. Dungarees and pinafores are my favourite clothing pieces. I think they’re super versatile and easy to switch from a day to night look. She says as if she actually has a sociable night life.This particular maroon denim pinafore is from Topshop and I feel like without tights it could be a little on the too ‘short’ to wear with bare legs. But seeing as I have no intention in wearing this with anything other than opaque tights I have made this work for me on several occasions. I’ve seen the black and blue version and dare I say I am tempted to get them too! Monki are also selling some awesome black pinafores on ASOS. I am literally restraining myself from making any online purchases for a couple of months. The white shirt combo seems to be my favourite pairing for this pinafore, it brings a casual but also ‘adult-ish vibe’ to the outfit. I have a serious love/hate relationship with white clothing. I am ultra clumsy and get stains all over so I always feel slightly riskaaay wearing white. I’m forever on the hunt of ‘the’ white shirt and the struggle is real people! For the time being this chambray style shirt was picked up in the sales, size 14 – I wanted it to be super over-sized and relaxed. Still sporting my white Nike Air Max and the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. Obsessed with this bag – I love how it keeps both hands free. Also, in every photo I seem to have this resting bitch face, I assure you I am smiling on the inside. I just can’t seem to show it across in photos. Anyways, hope you’ve had an awesome Valentines Day – I spent mine watching Deadpool, buying vegan chocolate and a very cute pair of shoes from Zara which I’ll share this week on the blog!


Outfit Leaopard skirt

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mansur gavriel bag camel topshop top topshop leopard print skirttopshop real leather skirt

 messy top bun airmax white 90s

Wearing all camel neutral shades this weekend.

Perhaps a little too matchey matchey…but I am obsessed with colour! Also, how does someone with slightly larger breasts wear a polo neck without looking like they’ve got saggy busts?  When I was younger I desperately wanted larger boobs but I was a late bloomer and before I realised I was 21 with double D’s – I’ve tried loosing weight in the hope that they’ll get smaller however that failed. So now I spend most of time finding clothes that conceal them. Today however I decided to wear a high neck top – although it was short lived as I wrapped a scarf around me 43seconds later. I wear a scarf pretty much all day, everyday. My current favourite skirt and probably the most expensive skirt I’ll ever own, from Topshop – it’s incredible! Such a statement piece as well as a capsule item in the wardrobe and I love a bit of leopard. My new bucket bag, it took me a while to jump on the bucket bag trend and I was eyeing up the Mansur Gavriel bags, I absolutely love the size with the pop of red oh and the leather quality is pretty awesome. I was tossing and turning between the nude and the black but I thought that the black one would match with everything so a cheeky little Net-a-porter order was made! The trainers give this whole outfit a ‘casual’ vibe. Your standard Nike Air Max – very old school but your feet will thank-you for it! I was having a good thing going on here with my ‘regular’ outfit posts but due to bad weather I had to take a little step back – hopefully with half term this week I’ll be able to take full advantage of it and be able take lots of outfit posts!

Essie Sole Mate nail polish

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spring duck egg blue nail polish sole mate essie and nude nails inc



Over a month now and I haven’t worn anything on my nails – this coming from the girl who was addicted to fake nails and always ensured that her nails were manicured. I think that when a woman has lovely nails it sort of represents a well-groomed and maintained lifestyle. Well, that all kind of went out the window when I started living on my own. There was no actual time and I enjoyed not being stressed about having my nails done every single day. However one late evening shopping trip in Boots I saw myself heading towards the nails section and I had this sudden urge to buy nail colours – I go for darker colours when I feel a little withdrawn from everything and I tend to go for lighter shades when I’m feeling a little more myself. Today was a not so great day so I opted for Essie Sole Mate, topped up with my ultimate favourite Seche Vite top coat which just makes everything seem polished. I used to be obsessed with black nails at one point I feel like this is the slightly more ‘polished’ version of a darker more edgier nail colour. Nails Inc polishes cost around £14 which is far too expensive but these two on the clearance section and I tried to narrow it down to one but 15mins later of trying to argue with myself and pick one, I gave up and brought both. Nail Kale in Palace gardens seems like the perfect ‘duck egg blue’ shade with a hint of grey  - I loved a similar colour from Essie called ‘Maximillan Strausse her’ and this seems slightly more muted, excited to get this on my nails. And two nude shades, the Nails inc Gel effect in Green Park Mews – (I love the names of these!) it seems to be a pale taupe shade which could either look horribly wrong or exceptional beautiful. I always wanted to try the gel-effect nails when they were first launched and this colour is a lighter version of Porchester sq from Nails inc and that was a firm favourite of mine for a very long time. The last nail polish from Essie called Spin the bottle was a repurchase. If you’re looking for a new nude colour then I highly recommend this – its the perfect pale/peach shade and it’s my 2nd bottle! You can read a full review with switches here, almost 6 months later I am still obsessed with this colour. It is quite hard to track down so when I saw it in my local Boots I nabbed it immediately!

These colours will probably take me through to spring but I can always add a few more right? So feel free to leave suggestions down below…

mac pro lip liners whirl

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mac morning coffee lip liner Mac nude lipliners mac plum lip liner


What, wait? A makeup post…well it has been a while. I feel like I just totally lost my mojo. And truth be told I got really bored of writing the ‘same but different’ type of beauty posts again and again. Sometimes it also felt like I was buying things just for the sake of having something to blog about without actually getting round to the blogging bit so that was a fail. The minor sabbatical has definitely done me some good. Here we are, with a MAC brown lip liners post – these are pretty much my favourite lip-liners out there. I picked up three a week ago in Westfield Stratford and yes they all look pretty similar but I can justify this (as with all my purchases!) 

Okay, I really wanted the Kylie Jenner lip kit but the hassle of hunting it down and the fear of getting custom charges made me step back a bit and look for other alternatives, MAC is usually the answer for me when lip-liners/lipsticks/eyeshadows, it’s self-service without feeling too intimidating. Anyone feel the same or is it just me? £40 later I am the proud owner of three same but different lipliners…

Whirl – I own the lipstick which I adore so it only made sense to get the lipliner. Its a nude/brown, quite warm so it suits my olive complexion. I don’t actually find this lipliner extremely drying on my lips but if you tend to get chapped lips I would use a matte lip balm 10mins before you apply the liner. It’s a brown which is quite flattering and it’s the perfect top-up liner, in the sense that I don’t need to be super neat with the application. It’s slightly darker than the Whirl lipstick and it really does have the 90′s brown lip vibe. I really wish I could get away with over-lining my top lip as it really lacks fullness but it ends up looking like a huge fail. 

Morning Coffee – depending on my makeup in the morning this could be a huge hit or fail. If I haven’t contoured enough or applied enough makeup this ends up looking like poo on my lips – quite dark and makes me look a little darker and lifeless. I think because it appears to be slightly on the cool tone spectrum it can tend to drain me out. Saying that, I did wear this today with quite a bit of bronzer and I really liked how pulled the look together. It’s a pro long wear lipliner which basically means its slightly more expensive, creamier and not as matte.

Plum – is my probably my favourite shade out of the three, I generally love dark lipstick/liners. Give me all the berry-shades in the world. This is the darkest colour of the bunch and still consist of the brown tone whilst maintaining a hint of berry-ness. I don’t actually own anything of this colour so I was super glad when I added this to my collection. It’s a statement version of brown lip colour which is really on trend right now and reminds me of Dolce K from the KJ lip-kit.

These three are basically on a daily rotation. Are you getting on board with the 90′s lip trend…? I totally feel like I was late to the party!




nike air force 1 suede burgundy

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burgandy and black outfit topshop leigh jeans blackasos white cashmere burgandy cashmere jumper

 Muubaa leather jacker

reiss box bag black nike air force 1 suede burgundy trainers


The most expensive clothing piece in my wardrobe is probably a leather jacket, I own a couple but my favourite one is this from Muubaa, not a brand that I hear much about and to be honest I can’t even remember how I stumbled across their website but I recall lusting over so many of the leather pieces and decided on this number. And would you believe me when I tell you that this is a size 6?! I am far from a size 6 now but once upon a time I was and I think in the last 5 years of my owning this jacket the material has aged beautifully and stretched to fit me perfectly. Good quality leather just wears out so well and I absolutely adore this jacket, its definitely an essential. I am eyeing a leather jacket in All Saints but it’ll have to wait until I find a good enough reason to justify it. Also, cashmere jumpers…a dangerous and expensive addiction, this dark wine jumper was purchased from ASOS White. I can’t even begin to explain how soft it is! Its not actually that expensive around £90 but the quality totally justifies it and I’ve seen 100% cashmere jumpers sell for far more. ASOS white just need to start stocking more colours. The Reiss Box bag is still going strong, it can’t actually fit very much in, possibly a phone, some cards and a lipstick/gloss nevertheless I am very happy that I have this bag in my life. Standard black Leigh jeans from Topshop, the colour is starting to fade so a replacement need to brought asap. A moment to talk about these trainers – the Nike Air Force 01 with the neutral sole, how amazing are these? I love the colour (although I did search high and low for the black ones and found none) so when Office had 20% off I took full advantage and got them! I’m excited to wear these with other outfits. Size down with these because I normally wear a 5 and ordered a 4.5 but totally could have gone with a size 4 but because I’m too lazy to return/exchange anything I’ll make these work for me. Lastly the tucked in hair trend, I didn’t get it for a while however now I’m totally on board – tempted to cut it quite short – I’ve never gone short so slightly anxious but I love the way it look – opinions? Go short or just carry on tucking it in?


Leather Jacket – Muubaa

Jumper – ASOS White

Nike Air Force 1 


floral green jumpsuit

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Topshop floral jumpsuit topshop green jumpsuit newlook musturd shirtTopshop floral green dungarees Topshop dungarees topshop green dungareestopshop work wear bronx shoes


Excuse the hair – not my finest look and the obsessively hair touching photo’s I am still trying to figure out this posing business. Also taking photos in public is very nerve racking. Will I ever get used to it?

80% of what I wear is printed. Fact. Mid-2015 I made somewhat of an attempt to create a monochrome ‘staple’ wardrobe and I failed miserably. I love prints and I love colour so I’m just going to embrace it from now on. I feel quite lucky to be in a job where I can try and push the boundaries a little with my work wear (within limits of course) so here’s me trying to put prints and blocks of colours together – funny enough I quite like it, hence me actually posting it here. I also am a little obsessed with dungarees, I think its the little kid in me – I find them ultra comfortable until I have to go toilet of course. These dungarees were brought from Topshop on sale – I had my eye on them when they were full price but the shopping angels were on my side and I resisted to see if they went on offer – luckily they were! The block coloured shirt from New Look compliments some of the small mustard tones in the dungarees and I adore this colour. Bronx shoes are still going strong, they’re comfortable and slightly edgy – I’ve worn them pretty much every day. I get that this outfit is a bit hit or miss, not everyone will love it but hey ho. How do you feel about dungarees? Just for kids or can adults rock them too?


Bronx Brogues – ASOS

Dungarees – Topshop

Shirt – New Look

Ring – Great Frog of London

Bag – Reiss



rainbow fur jacket

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topshop fur jacket multi coloured fur jacket rainbow fur jacketfur topshop rainbow jacket rainbow topshop jacketMulti coloured faux fur jacket topshop

Anyone that knows me in ‘real-life’ will know that I tend to shy away from crowds and prefer to be with small groups of people. However I seem to express myself through my clothes and the older I’ve gotten I seem do be doing this more and more. I’ve found myself wearing a lot of clothes/shoes that are conversation starters – a simple ‘oh wow, where’s that jacket from?’ gets people talking to me and is sort of helping my confidence I guess? My multi-coloured fur jacket is my new found obsession. I found it in the sale section in Topshop, I really couldn’t believe my luck – I saw a similar jacket in Karen Millan and I kid you not it looks like 98% the same thing – only difference was the price, Topshop £65 and Karen Millan £399. I almost cried with joy. The pop of colours really brighten up my mood and considering I barely see any day-light during the weekdays so this is exactly what I needed in my wardrobe to cheer me upI’ve been wearing this jacket every day since I’ve got it and I don’t think I’ve ever been stopped and spoken to as much as I have. I’ve paired my outfit with these metallic Bronx brogues (most comfortable shoes ever) and Topshop dungarees are my weekend ensemble. Have you ever worn a statement piece?