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koh phi phi beach resort don thailand island resort woode swing thailand private beach thailand palm trees thailand koh phi phi don beach hut thailandkoh phi phi view

long tail boat thailand private beach thailand koh phi phi cliffs and rocks thailand koh phi phi beach koh phi phi transportKoh phi phi thailand sunset koh phi phi thailand sunset



Happy Bank Holiday everyone!

Hope you’ve had a good day whatever you’ve been up to. Late last night I finished editing a Koh Phi Phi vlog and it made me miss it so much. By far one of my favourite part of the world. I have a few photos that I wanted to share. And if you’re visiting Thailand and you’re looking for some peace and tranquility with the most perfect beach then would highly recommend Koh Phi Phi. We stayed in the cutest little hill-top hotel where we had a little cabin on stilts and we could see across to the sunset. It was just so peaceful and chilled. The people that work at the resort also live in quarters near by – and it was sad to see their standard of living compared to what we have. Sometimes we just don’t realise the luxury we’re in. I also was slightly oblivious/naive as to how bad the Tsunami had effect Thailand but Koh Phi Phi was one of the places that got completely washed out so they had to start from scratch. 

Koh Phi Phi is a small island near Krabi and if you’re coming in from Phuket you’d have to get a ferry in. We booked a little resort which was 10min long tail boat away from Phi Phi which just meant that it was a little more secluded and peaceful. I loved that because it made it feel more special! We spent most of our mornings practicing drone flying and nights watching the sunset and waves. I don’t think I would ever get bored of just watching the sunset right infront of me.

There’s certainly something magical about it. 

Koh Phi Phi vlog has been scheduled to go up this Sunday, make sure to subscribe here so you don’t miss it. 


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I put off writing this post for a while. I’ve been back almost 2 weeks now and normally I get my laptop out straight away and write down everything but I just didn’t have the urge to do that this time round. I flew out to Thailand pretty much straight after finishing work and I was already exhausted that the 15+ hours of travelling didn’t help. We flew into Phuket and booked a hotel just off of Patong beach. The beach itself was nice but the water was a dark/muddy colour which didn’t seem appealing and the sand wasn’t the cleanest. 

Let me start with a breakdown of my 3 three days in Phuket.

Day one we went into the main street just to get a vibe of the town and there’s a strip leading towards the beach where there are 30+ massage parlours and each one looks sleazier than the next. Specific shops had messages on the window front saying ‘only massage, no sex’ which made me ‘lol’ a bit. The actual beach was super busy with tourists and locals. To be honest we didn’t spend that much time on the beach, I’m always cautious that Nojmul hates standing/sitting in the sun/heat for long periods. We walked on the stretch leading towards Bangla road (we had no idea what Bangla road was) and it was just tourist. I’ve been to parts of Europe and stayed in tourist parts but it still felt like there was some culture but Bangla road was a whole other story. Its literally strippers valley. At first I chuckled like a little 12year old boy but then I felt really uncomfortable. People were walking their kids through this street and I was so shocked. Why would you chose to expose you child to this so early on in their life? Maybe I’m just old school.


Day 2 we did a sea kayaking tour which was pretty cool and we took a ferry down to James bond island – which was super packed and because I’ve never actually seen the movie, it didn’t really have much significance. When we got back to the hotel in the evening I asked the hotel owner where could I go which was the ‘real’ Thailand. He suggested that we go Old Phuket town which has a open market every Sunday. With great street food, local music, stalls and all around nice family fun. So that’s exactly what we did. Best experience ever. Absolutely loved being around so many local people who hadn’t submit themselves to the western/tourist lifestyle.


Day 3  - The entire morning I felt like death. I slept in until 2pm, got up had some lunch. Walked around the tourist streets of Patong and then booked Fanta Sea for the evening. Which was an incredible experience – a huge theatre show with acrobats, live music. They also have a buffet dinner but we decided to get dinner after the shower since we had lunch so late that day. It was quite a touristic thing to do but still felt like it had asia culture infused.


Travelling around Phuket, the most popular & cheapest way to get around is rent a scooter, everyone seems to be on one. Another method is tuk tuks, they’re quite good but you have to haggle down the price.



Tours/excursions are easily available but haggle and ask around for prices because they over price everything and then lower prices very quickly.
Be careful of where you eat. Some places don’t always have fresh food. Try the fresh fruit. I ate an insane amount of mangos and pineapples.


My thoughts on Phuket? It’s not somewhere I would be in a rush to back to due to how tourist/sleezy it was. But I do want to go back to some islands because Koh Phi Phi was my favourite place I’ve ever visited! Day 4 we got a ferry early morning to Koh Phi Phi


I’ve created two vlogs for day 1 & day 2 – been playing around with editing techniques too! Let me know what you think.

D A Y 1  here

D A Y 2  here


Thailand phuket thailand sea1 thailand sea thailand patongthailand sea kayak caves kayak thailand patong2 james bong islandold phuket town fanta sea elephant flowers old phuket cactusstreet music old phuket market street food thailand phuket fanta sea patong cute elephant thailand fanta sea palace
h&m conscious blue dress

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 h&m conscious collection silk dress h&m silk dress h&m conscious collection silk h&m conscious collection

h&m conscious collection 2016 h&m silk printed dress conscious collectionI’ll let you in on a secret, when I was thinking of blog names ‘in the woods’ was a potential name. SO glad I didn’t go with that, although I’m not quite happy with my current blog name either – really considering another blog name. 

However today I’m sharing my love for this H&M Conscious collection 100% silk dress. It is all sorts of fabulousness. I adore it and literally want to wear it everyday and I bloomin’ well should wear it – it’s quite expensive at £85. I picked this up in Malaysia couple weeks back so I’m assuming with the currency difference and tax refund that I got it slightly cheaper (well, that’s what I’m saying to my husband)

I had no idea Malaysia was a muslim country – I thought it was pretty similar to Thailand so all I had in my suitcase were swimsuits, shorts and pretty much breast baring tops which made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. It was the perfect excuse to go shopping for modest attire. Conveniently our hotel was situated within the Golden Triangle where we had the three biggest shopping centres in Kuala Lumpar! H&M had some amazing bits and given that I don’t really find that much here I was glad to find this gorgeous dress. It’s made from 100% and feels beautiful on. I have to admit that in India you could probably buy this so much cheaper! There’s also a pair of silk shorts that I really wanted but they were sold out in every H&M!

The silk maxi dress is quite sheer so it required a slip underneath and after all my attempts of looking for a slip I resulted to buying a grey strap cotton maxi from Forever 21.

My glasses are a fairly cheap (£20) pair from Minkpink and these were brought from ASOS as was the bag. I seemed to have kept my hair in a bun the entire holiday – it’s my go to hair do these days! Also Haviannas are the only shoes I’ve worn on holiday, comfiest flip-flops ever!

cloud spa

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cloud spa stansted cloud spa interior cloud spa nail treatment cloud spa treatment cloud spa opi nails


Don’t you love it when things just tend to fall in place?

Three weeks ago I flew out to Thailand from Stansted with a flight to catch at 6am! Working full-time and having an appreciation for how big the world is, I always feel a little limited with the number of travelling opportunities I actually have so I always try to fly out as soon as I possibly can. Which often means that there’s little to no time for me pampering myself before I go away. I was lucky enough to have Cloud Spa contact me a couple weeks before I flew out asking if I wanted to have one of their spa treatments in an airport. I literally thought ‘what perfect timing’ I scheduled in a 5.15am appointment to get some OPI gel nails done. It was such a relief to have one thing off my ‘to-do’ list.

The Cloud Spa is situated in the middle of Stansted airport and offer a range of nail, lashes, brows and massage treatments. I had the loveliest beautician do my nails and the process was really quick – I’d say about 20minutes and despite the hustle bustle of an airport it felt really relaxed. It’s definitely something that I’ll do again. Also, acrylic nails used to be my go-to for holiday. The longevity just seemed so much more practical but I am truly coveted after gel nails. They’re applied onto natural nails and last 14days. You also get a little removal kit (which became very handy for the 11hr flight back) 

I was sceptical on how well the nails would actually last so I opted for a nude colour just incase there was any chipping going on it wouldn’t be evident however I can safely say that they truly last 14 days without any chipping. If I could go back I totally would have opted for a bright red.

For some reason I had this idea in my head that getting a treatment at the airport in terms of beauty treatment was somewhat for the elite and prestige and far too expensive but how wrong was I? I mean getting pampered just before a flight – isn’t that just the dream?

kimono topshop boutique

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 Kimono Topshop ootd kimono topshop boutique Asos Metallic sandals topshop flower print kimonoTopshop flower boutique kimono

Oh hello there. We have got to meet more frequently! It’s been a week since I’ve been back from my Asia travels – if you aren’t following me on twitter and instagram @beautclassyfied I’ve just come back from a 2 week trip to Thailand and Malaysia. I’m totally still battling with slight jet-lag. Which to be honest I don’t actually mind that much because I find myself waking up at 4am and getting so much more done in the mornings.

Before I upload my travel vlogs I thought I’d stop by and showcase one of my most favourite outfits through-out my trip. Topshop Boutique Silk Kimono is so comfortable – quite expensive for what it is, £85, but I have worn it quite a bit and it’ll probably be the one dress in the summer that I wear constantly. The material is like a raw soft silk so it does tend to crease quite a bit however it is so soft and airy. It’s hard to find really breathable dresses for the summer which are some what conservative and I feel like this is definitely the one! The colour palette is also one of my favourites with a hint of mustard – which is usually a winter shade and I love that this Topshop Kimono is bringing in those colours into spring/summer. The metallic sandals are from ASOS – those of you familiar with the Birkenstock sandals, these feel exactly the same when worn but for half the price! The gun metal coloured straps add a little more glamour to your outfit.

Dress – Topshop (click here)

Sandals – ASOS (out of stock)

loreal infallible matte lip

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boots 3 for 2 loreal loreal infallible silencio loreal infallible matte lip loreal infallible 001 Loreal infallible lips


I’ve been a bit of a make-up snob.


I haven’t actually browsed the isles of Boots and Superdrugs in such a long time! But last week I met up with some of my friends for a meal and as always I was early so I found myself browsing through the make-up counters and signs of ’3 for 2′ were literally flashing towards me. And I just thought it would be rude not to. I actually wanted to post about the new Bourjois concealer but I’ve misplaced mine and for the life of me I can not seem to locate it. So, I’m talking about these L’Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipsticks. Now is it just me or have these been totally under the radar? I’ve not heard/seen any reviews on these bad boys and its quite surprising as these are hidden gems and probably my favourite product of the month! They’re a weird little formula, they twist out and the product is deposited within the lip so it gradually builds colour to a matte finish. The first thing I noticed when I applied these is that they feel so light and bouncy. It’s no secret that long lasting matte lipsticks can leave your lips feeling a little dry/cracked but these are revolutionary. They feel so comfortable and have the most gorgeous soft power like scent. Traditional matte lipsticks can also be quite heavy in formula in the sense that as soon as you apply it the colour is very much full on and sometimes I just want a matte lip with a little bit of tint/colour without it looking shiny so my usual go to was a satin-eque lipstick with some powder blotted on top to mute the shine down a tad. However the L’Oreal Infalliable matte max lipsticks pretty much give me everything I could want in a lip product for an everyday use.

The longevity is also pretty darn good. Around about 5 hours before it’s gone but the 008 shade leave a tint of colour even after 5 hours. They’re also quite good to build up during the day whereas with my beloved Hourglass Opaque Rouge liquid lipsticks I need to remove the entire formula and reapply. 

001 is the typical nude shade, and I initially thought this was my favourite but the colour payoff on my just wasn’t as great as what I anticipated nonetheless 002 is my favourite colour, very spring appropriate – a peachy pink without being too pink. 008 is a beautiful shade and appears a lot bolder on the sponge but when applied it’s a lot more softer and subtle but this colour had the longest staying power out of the three.

I’ve been meaning to do more blog posts but work life is pretty much hectic and even taking OOTD photos – I’m now leaving work at 5.30pm where the sun is either dipping or the lighting is bad. There will be an outfit post though. Soon.


baggy trousers topshop boutique

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weekend jumper and work trousers monochrome ootd topshop boutique trouserslimited edition adidas h and m jumper cricket style jumper ootdbaggy trousers topshop boutique cheetah print adidad asosstripped culottes ootd

Monochrome doesn’t have to be boring…

The jumper is last season from H & M and I’ve definitely got my monies worth. I’ve worn it so much that its actually started to go from a crisp white to a slight tinge of cream (although you wouldn’t be able to tell from the photos)  It’s one of those jumpers that you can wear all year round and throw on when you don’t know what to do. I have my eye on the American Apparel fisherman jumper which is essentially made from the same thick ribbed wool material but with a round neck as opposed to a V-neck. 

The trousers were another sale find from Topshop, they’re from the boutique range which I absolutely love. I’ve said this before but if I could buy the entire Topshop Boutique line I totally would. I adore the cuts and the tailoring of their pieces and they’re very much staple items so anytime they’re on sale I always grab them!

Oh and the latest edition to my wardrobe are these Adidas Stan Smiths Cheetah Print – I’m usually a superstar fan however the pattern of these caught my eye and I was stalking them from a while and then the usual happened, my size went out of stock! After weeks of hunting them down I finally found them in my size – yay! They are super comfortable and look bloody awesome!

This is by far one of my most favourite outfits – I’m usually not a monochrome kind of person but this works for me. 


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flowers liberty

Every now and then I get into this rut where I just feel really lathargic, negative and basically a bit ‘blah’ about life. I think it’s a mixture of terrible weather, fast pace lifestyle and the non-stop long working hours. All of it adds up and makes me think, ‘what is the point…?’ – So I thought I would make a list of all the things that make me happy and hopefully this will turn my mood around. I tried to ensure that the list was as non-materialistic as can be. Because really, the best things in life should be free, right? As sickly and cliche as it sounds, I whole heartedly do believe it – ofcourse Chanel handbags being an option.


1. My nephew

2. Good music

3. Sunny mornings

4. Birds chirping

5. Old couple holding hands

6. Flowers

7.  Mini cupcakes

8. Fresh fruit and lots of it.

9. Going for long walks.

10. Walking in a new city without a map.

11. Gelato

12. A good riddle

13. An organised wardrobe

14. Fresh bed sheets

15. Tidy desk

16. Planning holidays

17. Eating healthy

18. Travelling

19. Reading

20. Mum


Right – this has sort of changed my mood into a more positive one! What do you do to cheer yourself up…?


being happy


topshop pyjama style jumpsuit

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 zara blush pink suede shoestopshop twinkle boutique jumpsuit national pyjama day outfit topshop boutique sale jumpsuittopshop silk boutique jumpsuit Topshop boutique jumpsuit

Last week Wednesday it was National Pyjama Day (yes, that is a thing) and it gave me the perfect excuse to dress into clothes that resemble night-wear. I love jumpsuits, they’re so casual but have the ability to be dressed up or down. These silk ones were brought in the sale from Topshop. It amazes me that the sales are STILL happening. Speaking of sales, I did a huge amount of shopping and decided to share it on the inter webs, you can see my hauling here. And if you reeeeally want to, you can also subscribe over here *cheeky little plug there*

The jumpsuit was marked down to £85 from £120 so not the cheapest ensemble but they quality and cut is amazing which totally makes up for it. I love the Topshop boutique line, they have pieces which aren’t entirely fast fashion and can be worn for a good few seasons – think of them as more investment pieces. 

I love the feel of silk clothing however silk tends to cling onto parts which some of us *ahem, me* want to conceal therefore sizing up is totally recommended. The pink suede shoes are from Zara…and omg the Zara shoe section is on-point right now. I’m not a fan of autumn-winter Zara collections but every single year the Zara spring-summer collections! The fringed plimsoles remind me a little of a pair of Acne shoes that I had my eye one (which were also around £200+) but obviously for a fraction of the price. I was contemplating between these of the Navy suede ones – eventually got these as they seemed to fit in with the transitional season into spring. I am so tired of winter now. I am totally ready for blossoms and sun and singing birds *que the excitement…*

Right now I’m a little tempted to get cheap flights into Barcelona for a couple of nights and go crazy. I think after Greece, Barcelona was my second favourite city!

Shoes : Zara

Jumpsuit : Topshop Boutique (sold out online but still available in some stores)

fur jacket and metallic shoes

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Asos metallic shoes River Island Embellished shirtmulti coloured fur jacketsmart work outfit zara pleated leather skirt camel topshop scarf great frog of london anatomical ring

Excuse the poor camera quality, my DSLR was left at home…these are your simple point & shoot photos.

Metallic shoes are quickly becoming an obsession. They just make a boring outfit look so much better and in a weird way they make me feel far more confident. These rose gold metallic brogues were brought from ASOS – pretty much true to size and surprisingly quite comfortable too. A pleated faux-leather skirt brought from Zara in Paris a couple years ago. I wear this ALL the time. Its my go-to when I really don’t want to iron trousers. I definitely need to invest in a slightly more expensive one as I know it’s something that I wear all the time. The Topshop faux fur jacket of dreams, I featured it in another OOTD post here. I love this jacket so much! I wear it with everything and almost everyone that see’s it compliments it (or really hates it but say they like it just to be nice…)

I own around 4/5 embellished white shirts – it’s such an easy way to smarten an outfit and transition from a day to night look. They’re a real staple in my wardrobe and this particular one is from River Island. I love that there’s a little detailing around the front and on the cuffs. Currently I’m trying to build a collection of The Great Frog of London rings – the Micheal Rodent ring was brought over a year ago and I’ve worn it everyday for a year so when I wanted a new one I had my eye on the Wes Lang ring but they weren’t able to resize to fit my fingers so I opted for the Anatomical ring – which I love! 

This evening I went to Oxford Street and it made me realise how much I miss being around central London! The hustle, the busy streets, the shops – I really love all of it. Note to self; must visit Central London more after work!