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This a no makeup, hair in a top knot sorta OOTD. Let’s keep it real. I’m home all day, this is rare that I’ve gotten into something other than my pjs.

I don’t think I will ever become comfortable when taking photo’s. I either look down, up, sideways. Every unflattering angle that you could possibly think of. Today I spent most of my time clearing out my wardrobe/packing for my move in two weeks. 2 suitcases later, I still have to pack a crap load of stuff. I didn’t anticipate how much s**t I have accumulated and the realisation of what a hoarder I am is pretty shocking. Working in school for almost 4 years means that I no longer own THAT many jeans or weekend wear, as most of my weekends I spend in my pjs. Today I decided to get changed – a shirt from Topshop which I LOVE. Suprisingly it’s from the tall section but fits so nicely. and these jeans were brought 3 years ago from River Island, back then they were extremely baggy but after putting on a couple of stone, they sit really nicely. So, my question to you all, how do we minimise the stuff we collect over the years?  I can’t seem to let go of my Year 11/college/uni portfolio. 

Shirt – Topshop (tall section)

Jeans – River Island

Shoes – Birkenstocks