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When you complete an entire bottle of product that is a testament on it’s quality and your commitment to it. However when you finish the product and repurchase it – that’s a testament in itself, you’re building a long-term relationship. That’s the kinda situation we have here today.

I love exfoliating, face, arms, legs…everywhere!  * no dirty thoughts please…* 

There’s something satisfying in scrubbing away all the dead skin cells and waking up the next morning with fresher, renewed, glowing skin.

Every product has a back story;  I was off for a month on holiday to see my Nan and typical me I forgot to pack a face wash. I would normally panic but it’s the airport there’s always duty-free. What better excuse to shop right?


I heard so much about Origins, I really wanted to give it a go; I brought the Origins Never a dull moment.  An everyday face wash which comes in the form of a gel consistency that foams up quite nicely. I liked the face wash overall but the smell was so overwhelming I wouldn’t purchase it again. I wasn’t aware how much a scented face wash would bother me, trial and error right? I  now know that I want my face washes to be scent free. The sales assistant introduced me to Modern Friction scrub, a natural microdermabrasion for the face. (Which is basically a fancy word for extreme exfoliator in my opinion) I didn’t purchase it at the airport but it went straight to the top of my wish-list.

Few months later I went into Boots and brought Modern friction and I haven’t looked back since. By far one of the best exfoliators that I’ve tried. The product is of a creamy consistency with refined granules. The ingredient which I think works best on my skin is the Lemon Oil – a substance designed to help the skin look brighter and radiant.

I used a 20p size on wet/damp skin – results; okay, nothing too special. I tried again a couple days later on dry skin and my goodness it felt completely different. My face felt smoother instantly, the pores on my nose were smaller. Results were amazing. If the cream is thick, I just add a couple drops of water into the product. It liquefies the cream making the exfoliator a little easier to apply. As it’s quite an intense product I would suggest using it once/twice a week – our skin needs to rest folks…

Modern Friction is retailed at £33 which may seem a bit pricey, I had my tube for over a year –my sister and I were both using it and the exfoliant has  lasted a long time. One down side if I ever get it in my eyes – it stings! So avoid that guys…

Has anyone tried anything else from Origins that they love? I’m intrigued…