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As you read this post I will be on my journey to Ypres and Somme with 44 students. Exciting times. It’s a one night trip – which also means that I start very early and finish quite late for two days. A teacher away on a trip never really stops being a teacher. If you work in an office, presumably you’ll stop once you get home right? Not for us teacher folks.

Whilst packing the essentials, first aid kid, camera, passport, money, I had to work out my makeup essentials for the night. I’m literally only taking a small weekend bag – let’s call it an extra-large handbag.

Packing clothes away for any time away from home is super exciting! It’s the one time I give some real thought to my daily activities and match appropriate clothing, a process which I enjoy. Alot. Makeup however is a completely different story. I pack and unpack at least 5 times! I always end up putting in 5 mascaras because I think I will need them! 8 shades of lipsticks, 3 foundations, the list goes on…

This time I made a conscious and a very difficult effort to pick only the necessities. Let’s start with skincare as that’s the first bit of essential I slap on.



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Now let me remind you, this is a trip with students, undoubtedly they are going to be super excited, which means up till 2am babbling away. Which then means a cranky teacher in the morning at 6.30am. I’ve taken Hydraluron to give my skin the extra boost and moisture that it will be lacking from reduced sleep. Effaclar Duo is my everyday moisture – even though my skin is having a dry patch this doesn’t dry/strip my skin out any more. Me and Mr. Duo have had a thing going on for a about 5years or so, absolutely love everything about this product.

EOS lip balm – does this need much explanation? A fruity balm without being glossy and the packaging just makes me go ‘awwww’.  Lipgloss /lipstick will be a bit much. Keeping it simple people. 

So then the base, Dior BB tan nude. I have been obsessed with this since February. I use it as my every day tinted moisturiser, slightly heavier than your everyday tinted BB cream but not has heavy as a foundation. Definitely one to look out for. It’s slightly lighter than my skin tone atm but I just bronze things up later.  To enhance the foundation I’ve brought my trusty YSL touche eclat, I was in love with this when it was probably the only highlighter available and I’m slowly beginning to rekindle my affair with it. I need something to make me look awake and this will just enhance my eyes – I’ll use it on top of my concealer to make me look like l’m glowing from within, when in reality I have only slept for 4hours.

Need more highlight? Yes please. Mac Extra Dimension Skin finish in SUPERB – limited edition – I am using this every day basically because I dropped it and it shattered, so before it becomes completely useless I will use it religiously. It seems like I’m overloading the whole highlighting thing, but trust me I do this in the most subtle-est way. Finishing the base off with a Nars Blush in Outlaw – its slightly shimmery, not sure if I will end up using it, but it’s a berry tone which needs to be applied quite light handily, gives you the most gorgeous rosy flushed cheeks ever. Always good to have an option.

 Last but probably the most important – the eyes!

This will set the difference from you looking like the walking dead, or someone who has had their full 8hour beauty sleep. Conceal, conceal, conceal. I’ve brought along two, the Maybelline Eraser Eye is incredible, the best drugstore concealer around. Thick coverage but doesn’t crease, blends, can be built up. This will be the first layer to reduce the hellish dark circles. Paired with my Nars creamy concealer to just even out the skin tone. I’m hoping I will have a spare 2mins (maybe 10?) to attempt a slim winged eyeliner. TIP – the slimmer your eyeliner, the more awake you will look. My L’oreal superliner pen and Maybelline gel pot will be at my side if I get a few moments to myself. Lastly the mascara to bring the eyes to life, the YSL Faux cils Mascara – super pricey, dries in two months, can be clumpy if you apply too much – but the two months I own this and apply it correctly – I am blessed with the fullest, lengthiest lashes.


Did you manage to read ALL of this, leave a comment if you did, I will be so impressed. What are your trip ‘must’ haves? I still need to master the art of taking limited products – will I ever get it right? I doubt it.

If I can persuade a student – might get some OOTD posts. Teachers, what are they like?

  • lippylikes

    Brilliant post – I loved it and am currently reading every post on your blog – You have yourself a new and devoted follower – Love it all x

    • BeautyClassyfied

      Wow, love this! it means a lot! thank you xx