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A fair while ago (way before I started blogging!) I went away to Tunisia, it was super hot but the water clearly didn’t agree with my skin. I became all dry and patchy – it was red, itchy and painful. Now because I went in summer months (June) I didn’t take any creams for ‘dry’ skin! I popped into the Pharmacy and saw the Nuxe stand and was drawn to it, I already have an on-going affair Reve de Miel lip Balm so I was extremely intrigued to try other products.



However the Reve de miel face cream was out of stock so I picked up Creme Riche Hydratante which is a 24hour cream, you can wear it day/night. Its designed for dry to very dry skin. I absolutely love, love, love this. Even though it is quite heavy it doesn’t take a really long time to sink into the skin. It doesn’t leave any sticky residue and with a light soft scent it was really pleasant to use. When I brought it home with me everyone used it. My mum, my sisters. It’s ultra-nourishing and doesn’t feel heavy. They all loved it so I went through the pot really quick. They all seemed to enjoy it thoroughly and kept hinting that it’s run out.




I popped into SPACE NK. And brought some Nars stuff a while back. My Instagram is usually the best place to see what ive been buying. The sales assistance is always lovely in there and she gave me two samples of the Reve De Miel day cream. Even though it says ‘day’ it doesn’t have an spf and I would totes use this in the evening too. One thing about sachets though – there is always TOO much in one sachet and for someone who has a pea-size head what do I do with the remaining sample? It’s completely unsanitary to have it laying around to use again.

This time I slathered it all on my arms and everywhere else. In hindsight (love a good ol’ hindsight) I should have scooped the rest in a small plastic pot. Now the consistency of this wasn’t so lovely. It was a lot heavier – which baffled me a little because it’s claimed to be for sensitive skin. My face felt sticky for a long time. It took ages to sink in. I like the fact that it uses plant oils – but it just didn’t work for me. The only other product that I’ve felt this much discomfort with was the Organic surge face cream which also has plant oils. I sense a pattern here. I’m really disappointed because I wanted to love this so much as I heard raving things. But it disappointed.

I will be going back to repurchasing Crème Riche Hydrantante. I think this taught me a lesson to ensure that if I want to try a face cream – especially with plant oils. I need to try samples!!! Have you brought anything without trying a sample and regretted it later?


Nuxe Crème Fraiche – here

Nuxe Reve de Miel face day cream – here