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During October half-term (which seems like another life-time) I visited Paris with a shopping list as long as my arm. To my disappointment, Sephora hardly stocked any of the brands that I was after, Buxom, Bite, Tarte but they did have Marc Jacob, Make-up Forever and obviously their own range, so I took full advantage of that. I went to apparently the largest Sephora in Pairs, next to the Arc De Triumph. Out of everything I picked up – you can see what I ended up getting my haul here the product I’ve used most in the last two months, much to my surprise are the Marc Jacob Twinkle Pops. They’re basically cream eye-shadow in stick form, however these are slightly different to any that I own. Along with the mega long-lasting power and the creamy, blend-able texture. It gives off a glitter effect without actually having glitter in the product. If you’re someone who struggles with glitter pigment this is a great way to emphasise the eyes with making it too messy. Twinkle pops


I picked up two shades, Au revoir and Three Shakes, Au revoir is a perfect champagne with a goldy/silver sheen. Whilst Three Shakes is a brown shade with a gentle gold glisten which I don’t think the picture picks up. With most of my other cream shadow sticks I tend to use them as a base and build up other colours/pigments onto it –Twinkle pops would work extremely well on its own and give off ‘a lot of effort made’ look with minimal skill. I do regret not picking up other colours now. I may just have to visit their London store to see what else is on offer.

  • Wendy Perez

    I must get my hands on that Au Revoir shade <3 The two actually look like they would make a nice smokey combination.

    • BeautyClassyfied

      They work beautifully together too, thank-you for reading x

  • Ebony J

    I like au revior, that’s my favorite out of the two. I have not tried any products from marc jacobs.