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The art of applying a perfectly winged eyeliner seems to be something I and 1000 other women struggle with. Can I get an amen? However these seem to be the better days because of two star products. My love for the L’Oreal superliner pen seems to grow each time I use it, I’ve spoken about it here. A fine nib which doesn’t bend, has a good even flow of product and doesn’t flake when layered, it also doesn’t dry up as quickly as the soap and glory pen. There was only one problem with this, the longevity of the formula – it only seems to last for about a good 5-7 hours on my oil-prone eyelids, during the day it would begin to lose some colour. I was in need of something smudge-proof, water-proof, bullet-proof (ok, not the last one – but you get the gist) MakeUp Forever always delivers the goods when it comes to high-end quality products. It is a professional make-up artist range after all (does that even mean anything in today’s market though? A whole other subject matter here) I picked up the MakeUp Forever Aqua Black eye-shadow pot, the suggested use is to create the perfect, long lasting smoky eye by building up layers. I’ve decided to use this as an eyeliner pot, by dipping in my L’Oreal pen and creating an (almost even) winged eyeliner.


After a week’s wear 12+hours at a time, I can safely say that this is the darkest product I have ever come across, the pigment intensity is incredible. It’s also very creamy, glides on like a dream and once set, that’s it – the product will not budge and this is where the heavy duty-cleansers come into place. There’s a good couple minutes to play around with it to get that eyeliner just right. It’s not the cheapest offering out there (17.95), it’s cheaper than the likes of brand such as Chanel - MakeUp Forever gives you a higher quality end product. (Sometimes you are only paying for the brand – again a whole other topic) MAC Fluid-line in Blacktrack offers something similar but it can’t be layered – I found that the MACs offering gets flaky and picks off, as well as the product in the actual pot begins to dry out. Maybelline, gel eyeliner pot – a concept dupe but doesn’t have near enough longevity or intensity.  I haven’t found anything else which matches up to the quality of the MakeUp Forever Aqua, unfortunately it isn’t easily available in the UK (sort it out MUF) if you’re around in London then head down to Guru Makeup Emporium or PAM who stock Make up forever range. I may have coveted to MakeUp Forever products – let this be vol.1 of a MUF…