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What, wait? A makeup post…well it has been a while. I feel like I just totally lost my mojo. And truth be told I got really bored of writing the ‘same but different’ type of beauty posts again and again. Sometimes it also felt like I was buying things just for the sake of having something to blog about without actually getting round to the blogging bit so that was a fail. The minor sabbatical has definitely done me some good. Here we are, with a MAC brown lip liners post – these are pretty much my favourite lip-liners out there. I picked up three a week ago in Westfield Stratford and yes they all look pretty similar but I can justify this (as with all my purchases!) 

Okay, I really wanted the Kylie Jenner lip kit but the hassle of hunting it down and the fear of getting custom charges made me step back a bit and look for other alternatives, MAC is usually the answer for me when lip-liners/lipsticks/eyeshadows, it’s self-service without feeling too intimidating. Anyone feel the same or is it just me? £40 later I am the proud owner of three same but different lipliners…

Whirl – I own the lipstick which I adore so it only made sense to get the lipliner. Its a nude/brown, quite warm so it suits my olive complexion. I don’t actually find this lipliner extremely drying on my lips but if you tend to get chapped lips I would use a matte lip balm 10mins before you apply the liner. It’s a brown which is quite flattering and it’s the perfect top-up liner, in the sense that I don’t need to be super neat with the application. It’s slightly darker than the Whirl lipstick and it really does have the 90′s brown lip vibe. I really wish I could get away with over-lining my top lip as it really lacks fullness but it ends up looking like a huge fail. 

Morning Coffee – depending on my makeup in the morning this could be a huge hit or fail. If I haven’t contoured enough or applied enough makeup this ends up looking like poo on my lips – quite dark and makes me look a little darker and lifeless. I think because it appears to be slightly on the cool tone spectrum it can tend to drain me out. Saying that, I did wear this today with quite a bit of bronzer and I really liked how pulled the look together. It’s a pro long wear lipliner which basically means its slightly more expensive, creamier and not as matte.

Plum – is my probably my favourite shade out of the three, I generally love dark lipstick/liners. Give me all the berry-shades in the world. This is the darkest colour of the bunch and still consist of the brown tone whilst maintaining a hint of berry-ness. I don’t actually own anything of this colour so I was super glad when I added this to my collection. It’s a statement version of brown lip colour which is really on trend right now and reminds me of Dolce K from the KJ lip-kit.

These three are basically on a daily rotation. Are you getting on board with the 90′s lip trend…? I totally feel like I was late to the party!




  • Jessica

    I am totally not bored of the trend as I don’t even own a bloody lip liner how crazy is that, I love the look of plum but I have wanted/needed whirl for ages xxx