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I’ve started to create (sort of) a schedule on my YT channel. Every Sunday at 10am – that’s when I normally like watching videos and catch up on videos.  Working full-time and being insanely tired most evenings, I’m hoping I will use half-term to pre-film and schedule so that I am able to keep up to my time table.

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The past two weeks I’ve put up a Homeware Haul and a Lush Haul. I was so scared of using Golden Wonder (an xmas edition bath bomb) but after last night I can safely say it is one of the best bath bombs I have ever used! Too bad it’s limited edition. Buying home things is giving me way more satisfaction than going to my local Boots and buying lipsticks. Crazy times.

Below you’ll find both my video’s and you can subscribe here – I’m nearly at 500 subscribers and obv in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t a lot. However when I first started my sisters thought it was so silly so the fact that there’s a handful of you that come back and join me on this YT journey it’s really kinda cool.

Anywho – enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment!