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I can’t remember the last time I did a ‘disappointed product’ review. So next week I’m making it a point to film a whole video on products that just didn’t live up to the expectation (subscribe here so you don’t miss out) and I regretted it! However INGLOT was under my radar for a very long time and I was desperate to get my hands on something from the brand, what…I wasn’t quite sure. Eyeshadows seemed like the obvious thing, but after my NARS dual intensity eye-shadow palette purchase, I purposely strayed away from the shadows and found myself hovering over the INGLOT matte lip-pencils. There are two that I picked up. The thin lip-liner which I think looks like a duplicate of the infamous ‘Soar’ from MAC (which I don’t actually own) so obviously I had to get it. Packaged in a shiny little pencil which twists up. The second pencil is a chubbier lip liner, with the same twist mechanism, its the lighter pink/nude tone. Initially when swatched in store I thought it was more along the lines of NARS matte lip pencils but slightly more drying, nothing that a balm couldn’t resolve right? Oh boy, was I wrong…this is U L T R A drying! Like accentuates every line on the lip and really uncomfortable to wear. Applying a balm underneath meant that the product wouldn’t apply evenly and wouldn’t last long and ugh everything about this was just a nightmare. 

As for the lip-liners, they’re supposed to be matte, so I was expecting that, a lip balm helped slightly and I was so in love with the colour that I was determined to make it work. But alas the dryness of the product make the lip-pencil break. And I can’t use it anymore. £11.00 for each one – I’m really disappointed! Am I put off of Ingot for good? Probably not. I’ll definitely go for the freedom eyeshadow palette but don’t see myself reaching for anything else. Have you tried anything from Inglot before? 



  • Jessica

    OH NO this sounds absolutely terrible! It’s totally different but slightly on topic, I was trying out an eyeshadow pencil and it was SO dry I could get no colour unless I scraped it across my lids which is terrible and I hate having to heat something up to get it work, it should just do it’s job! xxx