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Mascara (along with concealer) is a product that I tend to wear consistently. I found that it really opens up the eyes. Also, I think it’s a product which requires little/no skill to apply, ha! I’m no make-up artists, just a crazy lady who loves buying make-up! But I feel that can apply mascara really well!

Fun fact, mascara was the first ever beauty product I brought myself.
Anywho  – after years and years of my mascara obsession I have accumulated a range of brands – tried and test them all – so without further ado I present you my best picks.

NB; you should really change your mascaras up every 3 months.



Lancome – Hypnose Drama
Now there’s the standard Lancome Hypose (which I used to swear by) and then there’s Hypnose Drama. I personally love the Drama version, it can be layered up to 6 times when wet – do not wait for it to dry and then apply another layer, you will only end up with tarantula legs, not cute. It gives an immense amount of volume of length. I like to be quite bold with my mascara’s so out of the two I love Hypnose Drama. However if you’re a simpleton, who likes to play it low key, opt for the standard Hypnose.

Pro; Lengths, Volume, lasts for ages, can be built up for a dramatic look.
Cons; Expensive (£22)



 Ysl Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara
I first heard about this off of a friend when in duty free browsing the YSL counter. We both were curious so brought one each. The first time I applied it, I was not impressed – the mascara was super clumpy. I paid a good amount for this, I wasn’t going to stop using it without a fight. Second day I used a tissue to clean the excess product and applied it to the lashes. There was enough product on the wand for both eyes – I was in lurrrve. I had the thickest, juiciest, boldest lashes ever. The pigmentation in the mascara is insane. Downside, it dried out in a couple of months. I was not happy. I did re-purchase it but in the shade purple. If you have brown eyes – I highly recommend purple mascara. I’m no colour expert but something about Purple mascara really makes the eyes pop. Again – dried up in 2 months. This mascara flakes a lot – half way through the day I had black snowflakes on my cheeks.

Pro; Baddest boldest lashes ever, lengthens and volumises, smells amazing!
Cons; Expensive, (£23) dries out quickly, flakes.




Estee Lauder Double wear
When you look at the brush it might look ‘meh’ but it really does lengthen the lashes and unlike the other two mentioned, it gives a more ‘natural’ look to the lashes. Bestest thing about this is that it does not smudge – at all. You could sleep with it on, rub your eyes and no panda eyes – I haven’t found that with any other mascara!

Pro; Ultra non-smudging power, amazing wand which is perfect for bottom lashes, lengthens.
Cons; Expensive (£20.50)



Benefit They’re Real                   
A newbie to my collection and at the moment my favourite. What stood out to me was the wand – it has this tiny ball on the end which allows me to really reach out to the tiniest lashes. A formula I love and doesn’t dry out as quickly as YSL. I get a lot of length with this mascara as opposed to volume – it’s an extremely day-time appropriate mascara.  All in all – would highly recommend this to y’all to try out at a Benefit counter.

Pro; length, volume, awesome wand, can be built up.
Con; Maybe price? (£19.50)


Woah, a lot of info there, lets categorise it into order of my top high end mascaras -

1st Place – Lancome Hypnose Drama
2nd Place – Benefit – They’re Real
3rd Place – Estee Lauder – Zero smudge
4th Place Ysl – Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara

As I mentioned at the beginning – you should change your mascaras every 3 months, but I’ll happily raise my hand and admit that I don’t.  £20+ is a bit steep for a mascara for some – so (for you sensible ones) I’ll be doing a post on my favourite drug-store mascaras soon. Not that I need any more, none the less I shall still ask…recommendations on a new mascara please!