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Let’s call this part 1 of a hair series, how many parts will there be? I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. However I will make an attempt to disclose my (not so many) secrets on my hair and how I maintain different styles.

Let’s start with a little backstory shall we? My hair is ridiculously uncontrollable. It’s a hairdresser’s worst nightmare. Full, thick, frizzy. Totally unmanageable. I have spent and a lot of money trying to find the best products to tame me locks. And I think only now, in my late 20’s have I figured it out. Sort of. I’m open to suggestions.

Today I focus on  hair straightening products. In my teens hair straighteners, the good quality kind, were far to expensive and the cheap ones did shit all to my hair. So ended up having to wrap my hair in a towel lay it on an ironing board and iron it. Yes. I literally ironed my hair flat. In hindsight I see how damaging and bloody dangerous that is!

Years went by and I finally discovered GHDs – hallelujah. Life changed. Well sort of. My hair was still pretty frizzy and just straightening it made my mane lifeless and flat. But hey I’ll take flat hair over Medusas locks any day, thank-you. During one of my few (absolute nightmare) trips to the hair salon, the hairdresser used a few pumps of this magical stuff. She used it when my hair was damp, and used it again after she finished blow-drying. I’m surprised her arms didn’t fall off with the amount of hair she had to get through. The product made my hair feel silky, less frizzy. I walked out of the salon, walked about 500metres, stopped, did a U-turn and walked (ran) right back to the salon to ask the hairdresser what was the god-send product she used. She showed me the Bumble and Bumble invisible oil, I brought one there and then. ‘This is it’ I thought. ‘This will do all sorts of magical and wonderful things to my hair’. It does work like a beaut. I have to use two pumps on damp hair – with consideration that my hair is a lot thick then your average Jo. And I apply it again at the end, to the ends, just to tame the fly-aways.


Recently this method was working fine, until I came across Oribe mother of all things hair – what is this ingenious stuff? Everything labelled Oribe is bloody magnificent (and excruciatingly expensive) the Apres beach wave spray is similar to hair spray but lifts and volumises thick & limp hair. If you’re not a fan of the Dry texturizing spray and don’t like the feel of dry/gritty hair then the latter is definitely one to check out and save money for. Whilst I love it, my purse and bank balance silently weep.

A hair brush and I were two things that never worked well. Curly hair should not be brushed on dry hair firstly. I discovered this the hard way. Unless you want a lions mane. Until last year I let the professionals do their thang and work their brushes (which accumulates to a total of 6 times in my life span) I came across the Wet brush on cult beauty.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, a wet brush, use when hairs wet. Perfect for wet frizzy hair.

So in short my strategy for sleek, straight, volumous hair:

1. Apply Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil – 1-2 pumps on ends damp hair.

2. Brush on wet/damp hair using wet brush.

3. GHD

4. 1-2 pumps of Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil on the ends of the hair.

5. Oribe Apres beach wave spray.

You’re good to go. You’re welcome.

  • Esmee B

    Omg tell me about it! I have the same problem as you so I only wear my hair straight if I’m going to something important and have like 3 hours to spare! Although a product I do use to help is Frizzease 3 day straight spray- at least it allows me to have straight hair for longer and avoid my curls!

    Esmee x

    • BeautyClassyfied

      I never had much luck with the Frizz ease serum, may try the straight spray, thank-you xx