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Maxfactor are definitely the underdogs of the ‘drugstore’ (I hate that word) of the beauty brands. There are so many hidden gems within the range and I feel like they’re constantly trying to bring innovative products to the line which would help change the brand image. If you’re a 90′s kid like me then Maxfactor would normally be associated with the older lady (again – hate using that word too) however recently there have been so many products that I really love from them! Perhaps a brand focused blog post to come soon? My most recent obsession are these excess shimmer pots – its love! The pigmentation, the creaminess, the blend-ability. Everything is so perfect. Maxfactor really got it right with this one. Apart from the Chanel pots there aren’t many that I’ve tried in this formula but I much prefer these to the Chanel ones. Also a point to note, do not go by the names, because they’re slightly misleading. The bronze isn’t really a bronze and the copper isn’t really copper, regardless the none-fitting names, you can’t fault the formula. I didn’t wear a primer with these and they stayed on the lid for a good 8hours without creasing. I did apply a small amount of foundation on the eyelids which provides an even base and smooth surface. Being the eyeshadow noob that I am, I tend to only apply one colour and just blend it out with a 217 fluffy brush, I imagine that these could work nicely together to create a beautiful smokey eye. The copper shade is quite similar to Charlotte Tilbury Bronzed Garnet which has reddy/brown/orange tones – so this was clearly my alternative to the CT colour Chameleon pencils.

I really do love it when brands bring out products which are affordable and great quality. I think for the price £7.99 Maxfactor Excess Shimmer pots are so worth it – out of all the colours available these were by far my favourite. Typical nude lover at heart not that kinda nude…tut tut.


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  • Jessica

    I am totally a lazy eye make up applier and like one colour too haha I will have to pick these up as I love the shades, so pretty xx