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As much as a I miss my acrylic claws – it’s fun being able to paint my nails on a weekly basis (which also means that I am spending far too much on Essie nail polishes) The other day I made a late night trip to Boots and did some hauling, amidst of all the products I picked up Essie Cocktail bling. That same night I painted my nails and you know me, I’m never happy with just one colour and clearly I’m not ready to give up the glitter yet so I added Essie Summit of Style – the most gorgeous rose gold glitter. It looks amazing used sparingly or packed onto the nails. Also layering glitter on top of a nail polish is less damaging on the nails.

Essie Cocktail Bling is a beautiful blue which seems to be infused with grey, very similar to the colour palette of Maximillan Strausse Her these colours are so versatile and they work brilliantly as a transitional shade between winter to spring. 

haul1 nails

 nails2 nails1


  • Jessica

    That looks really beautiful, I love having a sparkly accent nail doesn’t matter what the season or trend, it just looks cute! xxx

  • Danielle Gorman-Kiely

    Cocktail bling is one of my favourite Essie shades too! Summit of Style is also a gorgeous colour, never thought of using the two together! Thanks for the idea!

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