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Do you follow beauty hypes? Good, so you’ll remember the all famous Emma Hardie Cleansing balm, yes? A product which was heavily raved about by some of my favourite beauty bloggers e.g Caroline Hirons, A model recommends,  the list is endless. And ofcourse I just couldn’t help myself and hop onto the merry ol’ bandwagon.

If you’ve been living under a rock and have NO idea what this product is, let good ol’ Miss Beauty Classyfied enlighten you. It’s a balm cleanser which is oil based. You apply it to dry skin, it literally melts off all traces of make-up and turn into this milky consistency. It even removed the heaviest eye makeup! Wipe off all residues with muslin cloth and then I use a gel cleanser. Followed by my Bioderma cleansing water, finished off with a cold splash of water. I’m not entirely sure if my cleansing ritual is right, but it’s the one I got baby.

I was super hesitant to start using this cleansing balm; I really don’t like the idea of oil being used on my face. I tend to get spots very quickly with oily products and they’re painful spots which are really uncomfortable – it almost becomes impossible for me to make any facial expressions because the spots pain me that much. Okay, slight exaggeration; you know what I mean though. However, this product is amazing; it is quite oily but doesn’t leave a greasy residue after. The smell is fabulous extremely refreshing. I was reaching out for it day and night time; especially in the winter season as I’m suffering with super dry skin, I found that Emma Hardie cleansing balm helped massively to relieve the dryness. My face felt really supple and clean.


Before I gave a review I wanted to wait till I had used pretty much all of the product for several reasons:

 1. I think scientifically your skin takes around 4-6 weeks to see any noticeable difference when using a reason. (I think! I might be completely wrong!)
 2. I wanted to see after I finished using it if I love it enough to buy it again. (and I do…!)
 3. Whether the appearance of my skin has improved since using this (which I believe it has, sort of, if anything, it makes the whole dreary process of removing makeup a lot more pleasurable)

Now it is on the pricey side at £34, but a tub lasts for a good few months. Beauty doesn’t come cheap I guess. I love it, I think it is a Holy Grail product and I completely agree with the hype. Emma Hardie cleansing balm is amazeballs. Available from, feelunique, Liberty London, Space NK and I recently saw Emma Hardie range in Debenhams, Oxford street.

Saying that, after having a balming mojo, I’ve sampled a sachet of the Eve Lom cleansing balm – (it came with my cult beauty order) let me tell you, t’was love at first try. But the hefty £55 doesn’t seem to justify the purchase. *sigh* one day…



Another one which intrigued me was the Clinqiue take me off day balm, priced at £21 it is a lot cheaper and is raved about amongst the beauty community a lot. I will be giving that one a go in a couple of days, so expect to see a blogpost on that product soon. What other balms are there that I should try…holla’ at me.