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If someone asked me to pick only one make-up item to have for the rest of my life, without a shadow of doubt I would pick concealer. Dab a little bit of the stuff on and your good to go, it hides the bags, blemishes, scarring, the lot.

Now the question we have here, what is the best concealer? There are so many to choose from – cream ones, liquid ones, highlighting ones, the list is endless.

My top 4;

Mac Pro Longwear concealer  £15.50
Makeup forever £22.95 / £21.50
Nars creamy concealer £21.00
Ysl Touche Eclat £25.00


I’m going to start with my first ever concealer purchase to my most recent…

YSL Touche Éclat My first ever what I call ‘Luxury’ purchase, about 5/6 years ago this was THE concealer to get, celebs were using it which obviously meant I had to see what the fuss was all about. Truth be told at the time I did think it was the bee’s knees, it was lightweight so I could use it pretty much everywhere on the face. However, my main “problem area” are the under eye bags…this didn’t hide the bags as much. In fact it highlighted them – mainly because it was a highlighter! (In my hay days I had NO clue of what contouring and highlighting was.) When used on top of foundation it brightened up my face. The two flaws I would point out, the colour range, which I think has changed since I last brought it a couple years ago. At the time only shade 1 & 3 were available (what the hell happened to shade 2?!) and the price a hefty £25.00 was a tad too much as a student.



Mac Pro Longwear concealer –  I have brought atleast 5 tubes of this stuff – it was probably my longest affair with any one product. A very light weight cream which hides the most unforgiving eye-bags. I love the pump; it squirts just the right amount each time. Mac has a fantastic shade range so I always tend to go their way if I can’t find something in other brands. The downside to this is that it tends to crease under the eyes – once powdered that’ll sort out it right out! Priced for £15.50 it’s pretty good value too.



Makeup forever a brand I recently discovered, I picked up two concealers. Full Coverage concealer (£22.95) is high coverage (as it suggests in the name) and comes as a thick cream. I don’t like using this under the eyes, it’s far too heavy. However if you want to hide any scarring/blemishes this would literally hide anything – also is waterproof! A small bit goes a long way.


The HD concealer  (£21.50) comes in a twist tube and lets out this light cream concealer, I find that its quite similar to Touche Eclat in the sense that it highlights whilst giving some coverage – definitely to be used on top of foundation and not on its own as it’s not powerful enough to hide those pesky bags. Out of the two I would buy the Full Coverage one again, HD concealer didn’t wow me as much.



The cream of the crop – my one true love of a concealer. All hail to the, Nars Creamy Concealer, (£22) my goodness this is just too good for words, not only does it conceal the awful bags I have, it highlights too. I have days were I wear this and nothing else (on my face) and I look okay. Now that’s big. It’s a doe foot applicator, and initially that put me off, y’know germs and all, but realistically no-one else apart from me is going to be using this so we’re all good. I use the colour Ginger – which is ALWAYS sold out at my local Space n.k (I say local it’s about 45mins away!) this product is perfect, it doesn’t crease, has really long staying power. I love it!


I hope this helps some of you find the perfect concealer, I wish I had read something like this in my uni days, would’ve saved a whole lotta mullah. I’m thinking of trying Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer – has anyone tried it? Do let me know..