Lisbon Vlog

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I made somewhat of an attempt to vlog! There was so much footage and over half of it was lob-sided or looking up at the wrong angle – so i tried to salvage what I had and make a decent vlog. I have done a what I did in Lisbon’ post. It is an absolute beautiful city and I do feel like the rain stopped me from going out as much as I wanted to. But the atmosphere is so chilled – everyone is so relaxed and happy – definitely never get a vibe like that in London! I did enjoy the whole vlog process and even though at time I caught someone looking at me with a weird look, you kinda just get used to it. A film maker who has been creating incredible vlogging content is Casey Neistat - I’ve been a fan for SO long but incredible amounts of respect for him. He creates amazing amounts of content on a daily basis. 

Enjoy the vlog and let me know what you think 

before after

Chit Chat | G R W M

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In no way am I claiming to be a makeup artist but I tried to do a tutorial/ GRWM type video and using products that I absolutely love! All of the products used have been mentioned in a favourites video before. I tend to wear a light/medium coverage foundation and slap on a whole load of concealer. Charlotte Tilbury Light wonder foundation just gives me a dewy, beach skin glow. I’ve also currently been obsessing over the Urban Decay Naked Concealer - heads up but this will most definitely be in my favourites video. 
Who knew doing a talk through on camera was so difficult…? Let me know what you think…tips and tricks would be helpful.

Enjoy the video and if there’s any more suggestion for videos then let me know! I may do a ‘whats in my travel makeup case’ is that a thing? I’m pretty sure it is. I’m heading off to Lisbon and Barcelona in 10 days so I’ll show y’all the makeup I’m planning to take with me. 


Bean Boozled Challenge

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My sister and I have very different YouTube viewing taste, I like watching tutorials, lookbooks, and travel vlogs, whilst she spends hours watching mummy vloggers and challenges/pranks. She wanted to do the Bean Boozled challenge – I had never heard of it before but after looking it up I thought why not…picked up a pack of jelly beans and then filmed the challenge together! I’ve had so much feedback already and it’s probably the funniest video I’ve ever filmed. I really don’t understand how the creators of jelly beans created a bang on vomit flavour! Ergh….

I think I may do more tags/challenges with Noor (the sister) and maybe try and drag the littlest sister in too…so leave any video recommendations below!

Anywho, hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!



V I D E O: February Favourites

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It’s been a while since I talked about my YouTube shenanigans on here. Over half term the week before last I had anticipated to do a lot of videos and really play around with editing. Pot luck I became ill so I only managed to get one ‘bonus’ video up mid week and it was a little look-book which you can see here. Please let me know what you think, I’m trying to infuse different elements into the channel, it’s always nice to have varied content and YouTube is such a creative platform, the possibility is endless and I really intend to make the most of it. Then Sunday a week ago a viewer (Hi Ashleigh) requested if I could share my favourite makeup brushes so thats exactly what I did, a little sum up of my most used blush/highlight brushes which you can see here. This Sunday I uploaded my February Favourites (its a tongue twister to even say!) and I also reached 600 subscribers – can I get a woop woop. I know it’s a super small amount, like teensy in compared to the entire YouTube community but it’s a lot and in celebration I created a little giveaway with all my favourite bathing products. I love L’Occitane, they’re amazing quality and everytime I use one of their products I feel so relaxed. There are four things included which will go to one lucky person. Up for grabs are L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, Almond delicious soap bars 2 of these because they go really quick and my favourite Aromacologie scrub.

R  U   L   E   S

To ENTER the giveaway you must:

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The giveaway is open until 2nd April and once a viewer is selected I will contact them either through YouTube or Twitter!

Enjoy the favourites video and let me know what you were loving in the month of February.



V I D E O | Disappointing Products

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Not going to lie, I was a bit hesitant to do this video – I know that a lot of products mentioned are probably HG items for some of you. But not everything works for everyone and it’s always really nice hearing a range of opinions! Here we have a handful of really disappointing products. I’m still keeping up with my Sunday 9.30am GMT schedule so make sure you subscribe to not miss out. I would love to know what your most disappointing product has been?



VIDEO // Jan favourites

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The first month of the year bites the dust and as I sit down to film my favourites – it seems that a few fashion bits have creeped their way into monthly favourites videos. With this being said, I do want to try and incorporate fashion videos into my YT channel in the near future. After all I love fashion as much as I love makeup. Way back when I was in my teens I was quite shy and found that I was able to express myself through dressing differently and being creative in my clothe choices – however I do look at photos of some of my outfits and think ‘what the f*&k’. So maybe in the future I’ll bring in fashion videos? Who knows. Any-who as for now I have my favourites video for you this month. Also, I surpassed 500 subscribers! Whaaat? Okay seriously this may be (probably is) a very small number to y’all but I started my YT channel pretty much alongside my blog and as the YT channel grew, with each subscriber I wanted to make more videos, work on my editing, work on the layout and content. Basically just get better at it for those of you that subscribed! I still have heaps to go with editing – my lipstick look-book is my favourite edited video by far!

I’m going to try and stick to my Sunday upload schedule so a video should be up 9.30am every Sunday (I’ve been good for a month!) Just a little heads up I have a primark haul (and a little topshop haul) coming for you this week so make sure you subscribe.


In all of this I don’t think I said thank-you! Thank-you for reading this, for following, for subscribing and ultimately joining my little world.



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I’ve started to create (sort of) a schedule on my YT channel. Every Sunday at 10am – that’s when I normally like watching videos and catch up on videos.  Working full-time and being insanely tired most evenings, I’m hoping I will use half-term to pre-film and schedule so that I am able to keep up to my time table.

yt2 yt1

The past two weeks I’ve put up a Homeware Haul and a Lush Haul. I was so scared of using Golden Wonder (an xmas edition bath bomb) but after last night I can safely say it is one of the best bath bombs I have ever used! Too bad it’s limited edition. Buying home things is giving me way more satisfaction than going to my local Boots and buying lipsticks. Crazy times.

Below you’ll find both my video’s and you can subscribe here – I’m nearly at 500 subscribers and obv in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t a lot. However when I first started my sisters thought it was so silly so the fact that there’s a handful of you that come back and join me on this YT journey it’s really kinda cool.

Anywho – enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment! 

Husband Tag

VIDEO | Husband TAG

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I’m not sure how I did this, but one night the husband was ill – and I mean really ill. I gave him a couple paracetomals and said, ‘hey do you know what would be fun, if we filmed a video together’ he politely agreed. I think he was just too tired to argue with me. So here you have it people, the husband tag. Everyone in our family has seen it, all our friends. Years from now me and Nojmul will look back on the video and remember what it was like being newly married. I don’t think we actually answered any of the questions properly.

Oh and thank-you to those who thought I was 21 and under, this make me very happy! However I my early 20′s are way over and the 30′s hill is in view-point! (I’m 27!) Anywho, enjoy the Husband Tag.



Video | Beauty Favourites 2014

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As the year comes to an end I pick out some of my beauty favourites 2014. I thought there would be more, but I literally went for things that I use a lot and would be quite upset if I didn’t discover them. I hope you enjoy the video, and share some of your favourites in the comments too.

P.S – excuse the out of breath parts, I’m struggling with a super bad throat and nothing has been working. Around 10pm my voice has well and truly gone every night. I would blame my teaching job but it’s very rare I raise my voice so that can’t be it. Anywho, enjoy the video, I have a really exciting video coming this Sunday (featuring a special guest) so don’t forget to subscribe!




A/W Lipsticks | Video

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Word on the grapevine is that the 2015 pantone colour is the deep-burgundy shades.

I had no prior knowledge before making this a/w lipstick lookbook however it fits in quite nicely.

 Let me know what you think of this little edit. 12 of my most worn Autumn/Winter colours – what’s you favourite shade?