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I’ve always been a avid believer of SPF I use it on a daily basis and always turn it up a few notches whenever on holiday. However this year was slightly different, I thought I’d ditch the SPF *gasps* and see what happens when I do the opposite, oil up my skin and go out in 32degree heat. It’s probably the only time I’m ever going to do it because even though I have a beautiful golden tan which I’ve had plenty of comments on, the after effect are so not worth it as my skin feels sahara desert kinda dry. My nose and forehead are slowly flaking aways and my shoulders basically need brand new skin. I’m now trying to maintain it and hope to fix the damage done so whilst in the process I thought I’d share some of my tips. 

Exfoliating regularly is a must and this is probably one of the steps that I enjoy the most, I love using exfoliating gloves on the body and my Origins Modern Friction exfoliator for the face is my go to but I’m making this a twice a week occurrence as opposed to once a week. 

Followed by moisturising thoroughly. My skin is dry and needs all the moisture it can get. I start off my applying oil onto damp skin Argan oil is my HG – our Argan oil is available from most large beauty pharmacies, stay clear away from anything that is a mixture of Argan oil and another ingredient, it’s always best when its 100%. I let that skin in for 5mins and then go in with a body butter which I chop and change but currently Soap and Glory is my favourite. I become super lazy when I need to moisturise my body, always rushing and it seems to be the least important thing to do in my list when in reality its quite the contrary. This is where L’occitane Almond shower oil becomes a godsend because it cuts down the job of moisturising in half and I could if I really wanted to – skip the body butter. For my face I’m using my ultimate rich moisturiser is NUXE 24hr creme fraiche - I love this stuff. It’s full on moisture for dry skin but my skin drinks it up in a matter of minutes and it doesn’t leave a ‘wet’ residue afterwards.

Thats skin and body done – now hair. I feel like most people forget their hair and thats where the sun hits the most. After being in Pakistan and Greece for the past 5 weeks my hair is ultra dry! I need some serious conditioning in my life. Philip Kingsley Elasticiser is one of those hyped products that I didn’t want to fall in love with but I just couldn’t help myself. Its also a product which takes too much effort for my liking but does the job so incredibly well. It has to be applied to damp hair 20mins before washing the hair. So whilst I soak off in the bath I let this sink in and do its magic. After shampooing I go in with the Redken Extreme Strength conditioner mask which helps to moisturise and replenish the ends of the hair. I used Redken about 5 years ago and absolutely loved it, I have no idea why I stopped using it but I am so glad that I’ve got it back in my life. 

Exfoliating tan philip kingsley for dry hair tan aftercare


Moral of the post – ALWAYS SPF, it’s not worth the dry, dehydrated tanned skin. 


Almond soap Loccitane

Natural Soap Bars

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exfoliating soap bar Loccitane Almond soap Loccitane Shea soap Natural Soap Bars

Soap for the body…? Most people would probably gasp and as much as I love shower gels and oils, nothing really makes me feel properly clean than a soap bar. Yes it is true that some soap bars can be really and I mean really bad for you. However there are some soap bars which can be really nourishing for the body and don’t strip the body of its natural PH balance and those are vegetable soap bars made from 100% natural ingredients with no Sulphates and Parabens. Its no secret that L’occitane body care are some of my favourites and their soaps are no exception. They’re produced in the highest quality. Ordinary soap bars tend to dry and crack and shrink over time and they somewhat have a similar effect on the skin however L’occitane soap bars maintain their moisture and hydrate the skin – there are two that I swear by. The L’occitane Delicious Soap with almond particles exfoliates the skin, I seem to go through these quite quick. The L’occitane Extra Gentle Soap in Shea lasts longer and is great for everyone. It’s made from 100% vegetable sources and very lightly lathers up. It has a universal gentle Shea scent (these do also come in Verbena and Lavender if you were looking for something scented) If you have dry/dehydrated skin this product works extremely well. Most soap bars normally cost £2 approx – the L’occitane ones are around £5 which to me for the quality I think it’s worth it. Another option is Le Couvent des Minimes and costs £3.50 – it’s 100% traditional vegetable soap which cleanses without drying the body out and is available from Boots. My husband loves this because of the scent, for me it’s a little too over bearing in the morning so I tend to just stick with my L’occitane products.

I do follow some rules and never use soap on my face and I do still use a (few) shower gels but there are some moments where I just need a soap to do a good cleanse. I’m a bath/body fiend, obsessed with all beauty products linked to bathing so if you have any favourites let me know! I’m quite intrigued with Lush Shower gels, I think I’m all bath bombed out for the time being…

oskia cleansing gel

Double Cleanse

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oskiarenaisannce gel


If anything is bae, its skincare. I literally get excited every evening to give my skin a double cleanse. Even if I’m not wearing makeup I always make the effort to give my skin a good clean. Working in the skincare field as a consultant in my late teens and early 20′s I really learnt to appreciate the effects of good skincare in the long run. To be honest you don’t really need the most expensive cleansers/moisturisers in the world but as long as cleansing is regularly embedded into your routine, the skin will thank you in the future. I spent months looking for a good cleanser that would suit my skin and Avene Gentle gel cleanser is probably the best for my skin-type. I have normal/dry skin but quite sensitive so I need something gentle but effective. This has been with for the last 7years but a recent product that I’ve been loving is the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. There was so much hype over this product and I resisted it for so long but I finally caved in and brought it from SPACE.NK. It’s a strange formula, its not like any other that I’ve tried. It’s a gel-like cleanser but when applied it turns to a milky/cream texture and it removes everything. My skin just feels cleansed without feeling stripped. If you’re someone with combination/oily skin type I can imagine this being amazing as it’s not too heavy. The smell for me on some days is a bit much but I’m really sensitive to scents. On somedays I quite like it the smell and other days I can’t stand it for too long. Double cleansing usually happens in the evening – first I apply the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel on unwashed skin and let the gel to milk magic do its thing. After rinsing off with warm water I pump out the Avene Cleansing Gel and do my final cleanse just to rinse off any excess. I also let my skin air-dry so I haven’t used a towel on my skin in 7/8years and my skin has never looked better. 

These two are probably my HG skincare products. What are your skincare HG product/s?


Yes to…

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I do not condemn wipes as an every day form of cleansing - nope. Go and double cleanse as soon as you get indoors. BUT there are days when you just need to quickly wipe your face and don’t have the time to cleanse properly. For me it was when I was travelling to Paris and I needed some quick, on the go wipes in my hand bag. In all honesty I had no real intention of actually using them, however I am someone who over prepares and packs thinking ‘what if…’

I picked up a packet of Yes to Cucumber. wipes and as it was on 3 for 2 at the time in Boots I decided to pick up other wipes within the range, ya’know for research purposes. So in addition, there’s Yes to Carrot and Yes to Grapefruit. The first one I opened was the Yes to Cucumber and I literally only used it to remove makeup off my hand. There was no expectation for these, I just whipped them out – few moments later my hand felt ultra smooth and smelt extremely refreshed. I was so shocked that these wipes left my hand feeling clean and fresh. I then dared to use them on my face (obviously a new wipe, not the same one) I was scared, not going to lie. This little wipe removes all makeup off whilst keeping the skin calm. It’s not stripping or drying, perfect for sensitive skin and the smell is cherry on top.


If you’re familiar with the Yes to Carrots range, they’re designed specifically for dry skin. The smell takes me back almost 8years when I used to work as a Skincare consultant in Boots and used some Yes to Carrots moisturisers. These wipes are specifically for dry skin, but not overly moisturising either. Yes to Grapefruit is the one that I have yet to open. Like I said, I don’t use these on a daily basis so three packets will last me a long time.

As mentioned, wipes are once in a blue moon tool, do not replace it with your everyday moisturiser, no matter how tired or lazy you’re feeling. BUT (there’s always a but) if you need something quick and on the go then these are definitely some to check out. Much better than your baby wipe.



Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask

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The only ever excuse I could ever give myself for buying this product is that I was getting married so I clearly needed it. That ‘reasoning’ has sort of left me screwed because once I finish the pot, I need to think of another decent excuse.
The OMOROVICZA deep cleansing mask was brought back in June. I was treating myself to products which would give me glowing skin, it’s the everyday aim. Anywho, some may say its stupid spending £57.00 on a clay mask, *I know, my bank balance weeps* especially when clay is one of the cheapest skincare ingredients out there. To be fair, I do agree. However there is definitely something different about this clay mask worth forking out the extra thousand pennies. The colour is a muted grey, consistency is a rich with creamy velvet feel. I make this sound like a cake. Not the usual sort of mask thickness where the product drags against your skin when applied. This almost feels like silk when you layer it onto the face. Once a thin layer is applied, it dries after 10mins but doesn’t feel tight. Which at first made me question the effectiveness of the mask. For some reason once something feels tight I automatically assume it’s doing something. With Omorovicza deep clay mask you need to get rid of this misconception because there is no skin tightening sensation going on here. After 10/15mins I wash the product off – I usually dampen some cotton pads with warm water and wipe away. It prevents me from splashing excess water onto the skin and those of you in London will be aware how nasty our water is. Now in the summer I didn’t love this, used it a couple times and it mattified my normal skin, didn’t wow me as much as my Glam-glow mud mask.


Fast forward 4 months, the colder weather has kicked in and my skin has gotten so much tighter and sensitive. Instinct told me to get this out and give it a 2nd chance, who was I to defy my gut feeling? I’m so glad I used Omorovicza deep cleansing mask again. There’s a healing quality in the product where it soothes and deep cleanses simultaneously. It’s definitely a splurge kind of product and I would highly recommend it to someone who has either oily/combination and sensitive skin. It will mattify and soothe without striping any natural oils. Me and the husband are both fans of a good mask pamper sesh – it’s our Sunday routine. Rock’n’roll. However this is one product I have totally banned him from using purely due how expensive it is!  I do use it sparingly, a 10p size all over the face. Omorovicza has got me intrigued and I think I need want try the Omorovicza cleansing balm. Any thoughts?

If you want to splash to out Omorovicza Cleansing mask – it’s available from my fav online beauty store Cult Beauty.


Wild Rose Beauty Balm

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When you want a 100% organic/natural product with highest quality ingredients, only one name comes to mind, Neals yard. I dabbled into the brand in my early teens, can’t remember the exact name of the product but it was orange scent based scrub. Absolutely divine. Recently it’s been a full-on affair with the Wild Rose Beauty Balm. I initially brought it to function as your typical balm product – you know, the product which is used for the first cleanse to remove the makeup – however, this doesn’t work like your typical beauty balm. Heavily scented (all natural) the Wild Rose Beauty Balm is quite a thick consistency which takes some working into the skin. It’s definitely a second cleanse kind of product, it draws out the impurities like no other balm I’ve tried. It soothes the skin and moisturises. With the colder months kicking in, this couldn’t have come at a better time – ultra soothing and moisturising.



Technique: I use my Bioderma water to remove eye-make and around the face – as the first removal process, take a small amount of Wild Rose beauty balm, massage into the face for two minutes – at this point it feels slightly thick, bring in the warm, moist cotton pads (feel free to alter this to a muslin cloth) wipe away and voila. Two things will happen, 1) you will notice a lot of grime on your cotton pad – realisation of how much dirt we collate during the day. 2) Your skin will be left feeling so hydrated and fresh. It’s pretty much good skin in a bottle. It’s refreshing to know that you’re using a product with no nastiness, only goodness which nature has to offer. It’s definitely going to be my winter skin saviour. Highly recommend for someone between dry-normal-combination skin types. However I do question it for oily skin types due to its richness.

The one and only downer is that this isn’t a self-preserving product, which basically means it has a limited shelf-life, 3months to be exact. And as I’m only using the smallest amount, I fear that a lot of it will go to waste come 3 months down the line. Does anyone use a balm in their morning skincare routine? I only use this as my night time product and  my skin is left smelling so nice that even the husband comments on it – now that’s saying something. I am massively impressed with Neals Yards’ offering – what do I need to pick up?

Wild Rose Beauty Balm – available here.


Clinique vs Body Shop

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It’s been a while since I wrote about skincare related stuff – mainly because my skincare routine never changes that much. Once I realise something works for me I stick to it – this mainly applies to my moisturiser and cleanser. However recently I’ve been a balm lover, thanks to Caroline Hirons and her double cleanse theory. Which btw is a life skin saviour tip. I started my balm affair with the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm and it was phenomenal, the smell, the texture and the way it left my skin feeling. However, this led to the product being sold out pretty much everywhere and became extremely difficult to get your mitts on. An alternative was the Clinique take the day off balm. Scentless, thick consistency.
On first application, if I’m 100% honest I didn’t love it. Kind of reminded me of Vaselinemaybe I was just too used to EH Balm? But I was determined to use it for a few weeks before I made up my mind. After some time I began to enjoy using it – the balms a pretty heavy duty one and removes everything off. I found it especially kind for those ‘sensitive days’ – it left no residue behind!


How I use it;
You all know the drill…A small amount rubbed directly onto the skin – the product begins to form a liquid like consistency and you can see all the makeup coming off – I wipe a warm muslin cloth over the skin and repeat the process.  This ensures everything is removed!

Recently I saw many bloggers talk about Body Shop Camomile cleansing oil – I hate falling for hype. When walking through Westfield I popped into Body Shop – I saw that this was the last one, it was a sheer panic moment and I grabbed it. I initially thought it was too light to remove anything significantly heavy duty off. But oh no, I was wrong – this removes everything and it is SO lightweight. The scent did slightly put me off at first but as you can see from the photo above that I’ve gone through this bottle super quick. Probably my most favourite skincare product in a long time.

Out of two which I would I recommend? See that’s tough, you can’t really ask a mother to choose between her children.*slight exaggeration* It all really depends what your preferences are. If you have sensitive skin, especially acne prone (this product was SO good  during my pimple prone days) then the Clinique take the day off balm. If you’re more into a light-weight product then definitely the Camomile oil, the smell is awesome and the fact that it’s so unbelievably light but heavy duty too really ticks all the right boxes for me! Both products really cleanse the skin thoroughly and will be in my skincare stash for a while.

Body shop Camomile can be brought here

Clinique Take the day off balm can be brought here

What cleansers or balms are you loving?


3 step facial

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My skin seems to be having a dull moment just like the weather these days.

Not dry or oily – which is usually what I suffer from. I looked through my stash of skincare – which is ever growing. One does not need 6 exfoliators and face masks.



First Aiders…

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fa1When I discovered how awesome tea tree oil was, it got me thinking what are the ‘first aiders’ products in a beauty stash. Probably not the glamorous items, but the ultimate staple pieces, ones that we could not live without.

I made a little beauty bag with all the first aiders, first up are the Tweezerman Tweezers, I absolutely love these. My perfect ones are the slanted ones, I find that they are super sharp and get to the smallest hairs. I normally thread my eyebrows, but to tidy up the stray hairs I use these Tweezers.



Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

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When I was in my early teens and going through acne fuelled days. I used to browse Boots shelves to find something to fix the mess. Witch hazel with Tea tree was a ‘thing’ back then and even though I never used it, I was always super curious as to what it did.

Anywho fast forward a decade and I get my nose pierced (for the 2nd time – long story) and I begin to get this horrible lump after 8weeks of piercing it. I tried umpteen amounts of sea salt soaks and na da, zilch. It just didn’t budge. I tried making an aspirin paste – didn’t work either. The little bugger just would not budge. As per usual the hunt for a remedy began on GOOGLE. I still ask, what the hell did we do before Google?