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Who knew creating interior mood boards would be this satisfying, and it’s so nice to talk about something other than a lipstick (however standard lipstick posts will resume shortly) Today I bring to you my top picks from Next Home. Renting obviously means you can’t change your carpet or floorboards, so a way around it is to find a pretty little rug. I’ve been torn between the chevron print or the ‘house rules’ graphic print. Either way it’s going to be a monochrome choice.

The other bits are all furnishing items but must haves! A fur throw, much needed for winter. How adorable are these owl tea-light holders? A copper vase and a beautifully sculpted yet simple coffee table. Next home has a lot of chic and affordable household item to help turn a house into a home.


rug1 rug2 home1


Interior Wishlist

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My previous post mentioned the lack of flexibility when renting out in an inner London flat. I dream of living in  a high ceiling, wide rooms, long wide panel windows, apartment. Basically somewhere in the suburbs. Till then I’ll have to satisfy my urges by hours of online browsing and creating mental wish-lists. Not only are these items my most lusted after furnishings – they also require me to win the lottery / someone to hand me a lump sum of cash / or to suddenly get a massive promotion and earn 5 times what I do now.

If you browse through my Instagram you’d have seen that at the moment my place is pretty much decked out in Ikea – all white furniture helps the room to look slightly bigger and a lo brighter and whilst suffering from accute SAD I need to make sure I keep my place as bright as possible. But recently I have been loving wooden furniture with all the grains on show. Especially Apothecary chest draws – these are from ASDA George would you believe?



 Millingan desk             |               Apothecary cabinet

Atkin and Thyme is my new furniture hit-list, everything is contemporary and modern. I love the millingan desk – paired with a wide mirror going across would look amazing! I adore the coloured draws and the different handle combination work really well together. Clustered ceiling lights can look beautiful is set up in the right place. Copper and a white space and wooden furniture work really together – and the wired-cage design finishes off the look.


Kubrick wing back chair                              |                            Arcade cluster ceiling lights 

Lastly, made.com – the place where they cut all the crap and its straight from the designers. I could possibly get everything I want for a house from here. Accent chairs can really help brighten up the room and whilst I love muted shades, this rich berry colour with a white/grey fur would add a brilliant finish to the room. Where do you love to get furniture from?



Habitat Bookcase

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Renting out in an inner London is not only painfully expensive for a relatively small place, it allows you do very little in terms of interior. The landlord won’t allow us to put frames/shelves/mirrors up or paint. Although I did manage to paint some of the rooms white. I would go crazy living in a creamy yellow room. Seeing as I’m not allowed to put shelves up I had to find another suitable alternative. I have the KLAX from Ikea which provides decent amount of storage. However I had my eye on a leaning ladder shelf. I saw a French connection one a year ago and fell in love. But was I willing to part with £310? I did some online browsing and came across the Habitat range in Argos. Since when did Argos stock a trendy brand? I remember going through the Argos when I was younger and feeling immense joy.



French Connection Leaning Shelves       |         Habitat Jessie Wide Leaning Bookshelves

Anywho, they have a leaning ladder shelf which is pretty much similar at only £95 – and the best thing about Argos is that they always offer some form of discount, I managed to grab mine at £76. I’m still working on the décor so I will keep you updated on my layout. I have another interior design post coming up on the blog (more like a wish-list) so keep your eyes peeled.





To or not to Tattoo?

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Recently I have been getting an absolute burning urge to get inked. There’s an awesome tattoo shop that I drive past on my way home from work. And every time I go past, I drive just a little bit slower and peep inside. Since I was a kid I’ve loved tattoos. I think they’re a form of art, full sleeve ones, dainty ones – they’re all so beautiful! Some people get tattoos because they’re deep meaningful symbols, others get them because they are a form of art and they just simply like the symbol/image.

Is it weird that the thought of piercings freaks me the right out, but concept of ink getting injected into the skin makes me really excited.

Personally I think if you’re under 16 you shouldn’t be getting tattoo’s – you’re body hasn’t yet developed and 10 years down the line you may really hate it.

 Is it really worth the risk of waking up 10 years later with immense sense regret? Also, if you’re having an identity crisis then I don’t think a tattoo is the answer. The thinking of someone who is having a life-time crisis and makes an impulse decision of getting a tattoo to somehow find their identity? is way beyond me.

However if it is something that you’ve wanted and you’ve thought about it for a while, then go for it! With having years under my belt of wanting to get inked – I have some tips you may want to think about if you’re in the same boat as me.

  1. Get the image drawn on before you get it on permanently. Walk around it for a while, see if it suits you, does the placement look right? Is the right size, colour? Yes, even colour, I was advised to get a red ink tattoo as it would contrast well with tanned skin, and the artist was right, red against my skin-tone looks amazing.
  2. Find your artist – you really need to think about who will do it for you – finding an artist whose work you like is very important. Do your research – ask friends, heck even ask strangers! If you  see a stranger whose tattoo you love, ask them where they got it done. Most of the time people will love talking to you about it.
  3. If you walk into a tattoo salon, ask to see the artist’s work – it is your right. Every artist has their strengths, some are good at fonts, others may have skills in portraits, the list in endless so be sure to check what your artist has previously done.
  4. Discuss with the artist what you want – colours, size, placement, if possible take an image.
  5. Getting inked – you’ve booked your appointment, the day has come. What now? I would go alone. But that’s my preference. If you want to take someone, it must be someone you trust. This memory of getting tat’d will be with you for the rest of your life, do it with someone worth sharing it with. (This advice can apply for many things!) Eat before going, and take a bottle of water.
  6. You’re inked now. Congratulations! Aftercare is SO important – you must look after your new tattoo. There’s usually a cream & wash that the salon would give. Keep it clean, wash it every few hours and apply a cream.



Seeing as it is still something I’m umm-ing and aah-ing whether or not I should commit – also being afraid of my mum plays a huge factor -temporary tattoos will do for now. Do you remember the ones where we apply water on the back of the paper and the tattoos transfers on? Usually found in chewing gum packets. Nostalgic or what! Whilst on a trip to the Design Museum I found a pack of really cool tattoos from Tattly which are created by some amazing artists/designers. They almost look life like! I’m very impressed with the quality of these and the designs are so quirky and fun! So if you’re also considering a tattoo then I highly recommend checking these beauts out. I hope this helps some of you if you’re thinking of getting inked. Also send me pictures of your tattoo’s (real or fake) I love looking at what other people have.

Email : beautyclassyfied@gmail.com or tag me on twitter/instagram beautclassyfied


Life rambles

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It’s been a while since I last did a blog-post. With life getting super hectic, work has taken priority and with the full moon out I just felt a bit blah. I’m sat here now, Sunday evening, with lessons all planned for the week, nails done, hair washed, candle lit, ice-cream scoffed, TOWIE playing in the background – all ready to write a post.

But I’m not really sure what to write, I’m not in the mood to talk beauty, so let’s talk life.

I turned 27 on Saturday, firstly odd numbers freak me out. Totally not weird. Secondly, I realise that in 3 years I will be 30. This is where sheer panic mode kicks in. By now I thought I would be super successful, with kids, a big house. You know, nearly every girls dream. When you’re little you want nothing more than to grow up and when you’re older you just a Bernard’s watch to slow down time.

Getting older reminds me of how much I miss the old days. I miss being able to buy an ice-lolly for 20p on the way home from Primary school in the summer. I miss panda pops. I miss Jolly Ranchers. I miss playing hop-scotch. I miss going to park and sitting on the swings. I miss my only worry being getting home to watch my favourite cartoon.

I was also thinking about plans. When we’re babies our parents/carers set goals for us, we then grow up and set plans, which are usually determined by what society deems right, like going college/uni, getting a job. And then when you’re at my age, you try and aim for things like mortgage’s and/or move up in the career ladder. When do we ever stop to think about what IS life? I want to fill my life with experiences, things that I can look back on and think ‘I’m so glad I did that…’ I’m going to create a bucket list, 10 things I want to do before I’m 30.

Every year I go through a phase where on my birthday I have this burning urge to cut my hair shoulder length. However this year the urge is not going away and I think something needs to be done pronto. My mum will  most probably kill me, but hair grows and at the moment my (way past the breast area) long hair is just getting on my nerves, due to the length it’s lost the volume – I think tomorrow morning I’ll book an appointment.

Now onto the YouTube from, I have been experimenting with my editing skills, I say skills but what I really mean is making sure I cut/edit in all the right places. I love editing, the whole process is so satisfying. You check out the video’s here.


Finally, I think I want a baby. Biggest decision ever maybe? I don’t know how long it will take me. I always had this dreaded fear that I won’t be able to conceive. Partly why I put off getting married for so long. Having my nephew made me realise no amount of handbags, makeup, or any other possession can compare against the love you have for a little human being. My heart aches when I don’t see him. His one smile reminds me, ‘everything will be okay’. It’s love on a whole new level. I’m not going to get a family planning kit or anything. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

That’s my little life ramble. Beauty rambles shall shortly resume.



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My relationship with my nephew is more like mother & son as opposed to aunty/nephew. I won’t go into lots of detail, but my sisters delivery wasn’t a normal one. She prepared more then anyone I know, watched tons of birthing videos, practiced positions. everything possible – she did. But things didn’t turn out as she planned. After her complications, she became fragile and weak. Mum, youngest sister and I took care of him like a mother would. Post natal depression is severe, and i honestly think there needs to be  more support for women. Shaan (nephews name) has brought my family together in a way that nobody else ever could. I wanted to share some of the photos of his OOTD. My blog is my diary of thoughts and this may not be of anyone’s interest but I really wanted to document it. I love buying baby clothes, everything is so much cuter when it’s smaller. Top placed to shop, ZARA, H&M, Baby Gap, Next, Asda.

note: below is very picture heavy…

2 IMG_8273 IMG_8248 IMG_8256

IMG_8188 IMG_8218 Untitled-1 IMG_8338

3 IMG_8446 IMG_8424


48 Hours in Paris

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I visited the magical city known as Paris almost 8 years ago, as a budding architect student, ready to weep in all the glory the city had to offer. I was naïve and young – and hadn’t really travelled much. I did all the tourist things of course, went up the Eiffel tower, took the boat across the river, visited the Louvre, it was love. I fell in love with the city, the vibe. I was walking around the streets, staring in awe at the buildings. Fell in love with the street music, the fresh smell of crepes. It was all pretty glorious.

 I visited again, 8 years later, as a grown married women. Someone who has travelled more, has general more life experience. Paris didn’t seem all that magical anymore. It’s like when you go to watch a play, the first time it’s all glorious because you don’t really know any better, second time round is a whole other ball game. You spot the flaws. Similar situation here.

Apart from Notre Dame which I found to be super peaceful, everything else seemed to be a money exploiting business. The number of homeless people/families on the streets has for sure increased. Seeing a baby of no older then my nephew who is 8months, being wrapped up by his mum whose sleeping outside Gard de Nord made me feel sick to my stomach. People sleeping in the metro stations. It was like I’ve stepped into a 3rd world country. Metro is not what I remember it as. It used to be a buzzing place, with music being played, people happy and smiling. 8 years later, the trains are in a state, broken chairs and graffiti everywhere. What has happened to Paris in 8years?!

Locals have even found a way to not pay for their travels by jumping over the ticket barrier (okay, maybe I should try that one in London) it was really sad to see a city that I once loved now seems like a distant memory. It makes me question what foreigner deems London to be, do we have the same issues, because I see it every day it doesn’t stand out to me as much? Is London soon heading that way too?

Please don’t let my post put you off of Paris, it is still an awesome city with great architecture. You can pretty much walk everywhere, the city is quite small and all main tourist sites are closely packed together. If you go autumn season then wrap up and wear comfy shoes. Converse are not comfortable shoes.   A must-go to place is St Germaine, there’s something quite arty about it with lots of chic little cafes.  Monmarte is awesome if you want to see a breath-taking view of what Paris looks like from above. Climb up to the top of the steps and sit. Breathe. Take in the beauty of being  in a busy yet peaceful place. Lastly if you get the chance, definitely visit Versailles – it’s a beaut of a train journey, you get to see the real suburbs of Paris which is where I would want to live.

I re-did the touristic shiz, (as you do) and husband isn’t into the art, he’s patient for sticking with me whilst I ‘ooo’d’ and ‘aaaa’d’. Whilst going through my SD card I realised I’ve taken a lot of random pictures. I was aiming to capture images which weren’t tourist-esque yet of touristy things at the same time. Does that make any sense at all?

I do massively regret not taking my SLR with me, these are all taken from a point and shoot Canon camera.


ssss IMG_4149 Untitled-2 Untitled-1

IMG_4098 Untitled-3 IMG_4232 IMG_4235 IMG_4238

IMG_4085 IMG_4051


IMG_4210  d

IMG_4015 s


Bridal henna

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Slightly different post, I wanted to share something that I am massively passionate about (other than my family and blogging) and that is my flare for henna. For those of you that don’t know, henna (also known as mehndi) is a natural paste, when applied, left to dry, it crumbles off and leave a brown/red/orange stain.  Normally done by Asians/Arabs on wedding or celebratory events.

 Let me give you a bit of a back story, when I was about 8/9years old – I really wanted mehndi on my hands, it was Eid. My mum took me to this bazaar/fair place, I got mine done by a lady, after a week the colour wore off and I was so sad. My mum was way more distraught then I because she couldn’t re-do it for me. My mum is and has always been a very technical & practical person but has never tried the creative spectrum of things. Few years later, I was 13, my mum was going to take us sisters to someone’s house (a family friend, not a stranger –that would be weird) to get our henna done. She said ‘why don’t you learn’ and that was it, something in my clicked – I brought a cone from a local asian shop – and drew every single day. I taught myself everything I know about henna. Shading, line thicknesses, patterns – the lot.

Untitled-2 Untitled-3 IMG_8032

I have two vices, I cannot copy for the life of me and I can’t repeat my pattern – so I can do similar designs, but I will never make it 100% same. Recently I have been quite lucky and have worked on a few brides for their henna. They have loved the results and it’s just massively satisfying.

A bride takes about 4hours, I talk to the bride about what she want as I design, make changes to match her dress/jewellery. It’s the little things that count. Till now, I have been working through word of mouth, and brides often have lots of questions. Personally I always think it’s best to know the artist background. I haven’t been trained by anyone – just a girl who loves to design.

Due to the large number of people contacting me, I wanted to create a page where I can refer clients to, also give you a little insight into a little another part of my life.


Results | GCSE

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I wanted to do a post on this subject matter for a while, but I’ve spent the last 6weeks or so just trying to make sense of it all in my own mind.

I’m going rewind to the beginning so that you get a better understanding of where I’m coming from.

I graduated as an Architect whilst working for big skincare company 5years ago, both very different but extremely creative. Whilst studying I did some work exp. in a firm, not really enjoying it and decided to try my hand on different things whilst maintaining a part time job with the skincare company. I think working there made me into this passionate, target driven person. It also helped that I genuinely loved all the products. I somehow made my way into teaching. Left my skincare job aside and immersed everything I have into my teaching career. If you don’t know already, I teach Graphics, resistant materials (better known as CDT or woodworks?) in a secondary school. And despite how challenging it can be at times, I honestly love what I do.

But it isn’t just about going into school and teaching what you love. There are targets to be met. And as with any job, you look at some individual targets and question ‘really…?‘ But as a teacher you never stop trying, or stop believing that every young child will meet a target grade which was set for them when they were 9, because hormones have nothing to do with a child’s developments and their life will continue for them at the same pace as it did when they were a child.

As a realist, I know that out of the 26 that choose Graphics as a GCSE, most will probably not take it further into A levels, but I want them to learn skills that they will enjoy and take forward with them in life.

Having target driven attitude driven into me at a young age meant that I was going to do everything in me to ensure that they were able achieve their target grade. I was lucky enough to be working with students that were hard-working and determined and fed off of my passion for the subject, which resulted into 95% pass in coursework. Successful? Not quite, that was 2/3 or their final grade. Students also had to pass a written exam to pass their final GCSE.


Let’s see the bigger picture here, most of these students had very weak literacy skills. The entire exam is a written exam. Do you see the dilemma? As a team we worked hard. After school revision, Saturday sessions. It was an intense 6months. Result? 50% out of that 95% didn’t make it. Result day, I was shattered. All that hard work we put in, 2years of work. Gone. we could say, perhaps the students didn’t try enough, revision should have started earlier. But I know they tried, we went through revision material several times. So where did it all go wrong?

Evaluation is probably the key to success, you see what you could improve on, focus on that and try harder second time round. But what do you do when these students don’t have a second chance? It makes me question the system. Is the examination system fair? A student who is able to produce an amazing product but unable to write in exam conditions, but when spoken to is very good at explaining. Do they not deserve a pass mark?

I was left feeling demotivated and basically really crappy. And it made me question the worth of an exam…does it really show the capability of a student? Especially when it comes to a creative subject. I questioned myself, because ultimately it’s me who is delivering, perhaps my methods need to change. I’m currently in the process of changing up revision material. Hoping it will make a difference. Whether or not it changes anything I’m sat here thinking, does the system need to change?


New Beginning II

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‘I must not cry, I must not cry, I must not cry’…. 10:53pm – 5th August, those were the words running through my mind. This was the day I got married and my life was no longer going to be the same.



Pakistani (and most Asian) wedding are very different to English weddings. There are a lot of strict traditions, and the wedding can last up to 2 weeks. Normally a weeks worth of singing and dancing, known as a Dholki, which is kept at both brides and grooms maternal homes, followed by a Mehndi which happens a couple days before the big day. Next is the Nikkah which is known as the Muslim Islamic wedding and is normally near the brides home, she is then sent off with the groom on the same day. Finally a Valima which a party from the grooms side to welcome the bride into his family, normally a day (some do it a week) after the Nikkah. A wedding can easily set you back £45,000 min. Dresses can range from £1,500 to £4,000 or more. Make-up, hair and jewellery, venue, food, dj, everything which an English wedding would probably have too.

I didn’t want all of these functions – just one day – a day to celebrate me getting married with all my loved ones – it was a personal preference which both I and the other half wanted. We set a date to the 5th August.

Referring back to the quote in the beginning, the night came to an end and my parents were about to send me off and I kept thinking, ‘am I never going to see my parents again?’ sheer panic. I started crying and hugging my mum and dad. I couldn’t care less that 100 people were staring at me or that my eyelashes were probably half way on my face.

I got into the car with the husband, and saw my parents standing outside, crying, waving me off – and it hit me. Life will never be the same again.
Pakistani culture, (or maybe just my family) has nurtured me and kept me safe from everything. Living with parents and not having to worry about day to day things like bills, rent, savings. Knowing that I’m coming home to 5 crazy but funny people. No matter what time of day/night someone will always be up for a chat. Waking up crazy night time phone calls from Pakistan because they have no idea we’re 5 hours behind them…all these things and more. I never really appreciated till now.

I loved my upbringing and without it I wouldn’t be who I am, however I have found it so hard to live away from my family, and not because of bills or the other things I’ve mentioned But I miss my family. Growing up in a joint family, and going to being just two is really difficult to deal with in your mid-20’s.
I didn’t think it would be as hard as it is, I’ve lived on my own abroad for a month, abroad always feels surreal though doesn’t it? In the back of my mind, I would know that I was going to go back home.  Now I know, that I can’t go back the way I used to, I can’t cosy up in my own bed like I used to… I have responsibilities now.

I married an awesome guy, who is probably going through the same feelings as me, he too has moved out of his family home. It makes me wonder – why doesn’t Asian culture allow a couple to live together so they can adapt to the new life style before the wedding. Wouldn’t it help young Asian couples to spend more than just 8hours at a time with their other half so they can get to know them a bit better?

I am a modern Muslim, living in England trying to follow Pakistani culture and I do understand why there is a stigma that a man and woman can’t live together before they’re married – however if a Nikkah was to be done before – a quiet event between two people, they then move in together and adjust to their new life – and then have their party, wouldn’t that make life a lot easier? I just can’t help and think, if we adapt to English culture, why can’t society accept this? This is all hindsight, food for thought and abit (a lot) of waffle.

Being a newly-wed and having to deal with the feelings that I have atm has had an adverse effect on our marriage. Like I said, Mr is awesome and super understanding. So when I have my moments he knows I’m trying to adjust. But I wish the restriction on Asian culture were removed.

I put it out there to YOU. What do you think? Should a Muslim couple be allowed to live together before having their ‘wedding’ (note I say wedding, and not the marriage as marriage can be a small Nikkah with two people as witnesses and wedding is more like the Valima which is the party.)