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I never really find a buy in an H&M that I absolutely love but recent ventures are making me think otherwise. I saw this crop top from the corner of my eye, and carried on shopping. But you know that feeling when you’ve seen something in the store and can’t stop thinking about it? Yeah that. I was having one of those. I raced back and picked up this knitted crop top.

I picked it up in a size M as I wanted it to be super oversized. There was a bright orangey/yellow and a white, clearly I opted for the white, as much as I love bright colours I need more basic white/black pieces. Originally I wanted to wear this on top of a maxi or high waist skirt. But I paired it with Topshop jogger style trousers where I’ve featured before here.



I am freaking obsessed with this top – the sleeves are knitted but really light weight and the middle part is this quilted texture. Now I am in no shape or form to be flinging out me belleh by wearing crop tops – but this feels like it’s a midi crop top. Totes made up a thing right there.

I did find that every time I stretched my arms there was complete side bra action happening. So to avoid this I just kept my arms straight down. Ha. Not ideal. Next time I must have a vest top underneath.

It’s such a gorgeous top. Well done H & M, you’ve done it again.

I have recently done a lot of damage in Topshop recently. Haul anyone?


OOTD / Spring Weekend

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OOTD is becoming a reoccurring thing on le blog and I kinda like it. Today I come to you with a casual spring summer outfit.  String camis are my best friends in the summer, they’re super lightweight and can be paired with so many  different things. Last year I was very much into the plain ones which you could pretty much find them anywhere from Topshop to Primark. However due to the sheerness meant that I had to wear a vest top underneath and the whole layering thing defeats the purpose of staying cool in summer.



Grid Print / H & M

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I always feel conscious of OOTD posts, but when it comes to actually wearing what I want I’m pretty much out there. I love the idea of two piece suit, but I just haven’t found my true pairing yet. I saw these GRID trousers in H & M and fell in love, they’re a cigarette shape which I featured in my YouTube channel.



Another Haul / Topshop, H & M, Monki

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Whenever I go shopping I pick up the most colourful/patterned ‘out there’ item. But recently I’ve been wanting to wear more white and black. Maybe its the ‘adult’ in me. So  off I went, looking for staple yet trendy pieces and this is what I ended up with. Let me know if you think I should have picked anything else up. (Any excuse for shopping!)


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 Okay, so a wish-list which doesn’t have a coherent trend, just some bits that I love and intend to buy this month. See it more of a diary to keep me on track so I don’t buy other bits and only things I love!

Topshop boots

Avenger Toe Cap Chunky Boots – I’ve been lustring after some chunky heeled ankle boots. I love my Denim Vagabonds that’s I recently brought but I saw these in Topshop and fell in love! The heel is perfect – chunky heels all the way! The cut out detail is insane…I love it! I have the flat version of these that I brought in the winter and I have worn them to death. There’s a grainy leather effect on the majority of the shoe with a patent bit at the front. I need these pronto.


Topshop printed trousers

I am the queen of printed trousers – I don’t have many plain printed bottoms. I’m all about the wild prints. The bolder the better. These have a real ‘boho chic’ feel to them. I think just paired with a white/coloured cami they will be absolutely fab in the summer. I really need to get myself to TOPSHOP.


Topshop pink ruck sack

A ruck sack? The last time I owned one was when I was 7years old and went on trips. It was bright yellow with Tweety pie on the front. Good times. Pink and leather is not a combo I thought I would be loving anytime soon. But when I saw this handbag – it was instant love. I don’t know how much use I would get out of it as I drive everywhere. But it’s just so cute!

River Island – Duster Jacket

I saw this Black and Blue checked duster coat in River Island and actually smiled to myself. Like a full on ear to ear kinda grin. I saw the trousers to this in my local RI but they were out of stock. Boo. Couple weeks later the jacket came out – and as it hadn’t been payday yet. I resisted. However I need this. Such a versatile piece. Last year was all about the blazer, but it seems like long-line blazers/coats are the new thing.


Asos Minkpink Sunglasses

Do I really need to talk about the gorgeousness of these? I love the round shape of the MINKPINK glasses, the tortoise rim is fab – and I think they will suit my oval shape head. An order may have just been placed. Oops.


What is on your wish list?


An Ode to WHITE.

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White is the summer colour – something about white just says, pristine, classy, sophisticated. Now if we add a little twist we can seem edgy and cool whilst having all the adjectives attached. There are a few things I look for when shopping – shape, pattern, texture and detailing.

Especially with white tops, I always want a top to have a little something extra. These two are by far my most favourite and have been worn a lot.



Topshop / SS14

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It has been getting slightly warmer, despite the last couple of days and whilst some of us are beginning to look at the latest trends, browsing through websites for new spring/summer pieces. I’m thinking to get more ‘classic’ pieces that I could wear all year round.

I went into Topshop and was on the hunt for a few pieces which are simple and versatile. Naturally jeans were the first place I went for. We very rarely get scorching hot weather in London. On a norm it’s cool enough to wear jeans. My favourite types of jeans from Topshop are the Leighs. They’re more of a stretchy ‘legging’ material. Slightly thicker material but obviously with a jeans look to them. I wear my black Leigh jeans religiously. I also have dark/acid blue which have now seen better days, so ultimately it was time to invest into another pair.


Mini Lookbook / SS14

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My first dabble into the big wide world of Youtube I posted a MASSIVE Asos haul, I thought I would attempt a lookbook. Super short, I need to sort out editing skills – clearly I have none! Anywho, click play and let me know what you think…x





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I have taken a plunge and dived into the world of YouTube. I thought I ‘d try it, I love watching other youtubers, it’s great entertainment. Also, there’s just some information you can’t get across from writing. I love my blog very much and it is still my main thing. But I wanted to give it a go. Yolo and all that.

So a typical haul, in my opinion, kind of excessive…15mins of your life that you’ll never get back. (you’ve been warned) 

If you do watch it please let me know what you think.

Shall I stick to writing and keep my high pitch voice off of the screen…? *nervous laugh*



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