Kimono craze…

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Kimonos seem to be THE fashion item to have for the summer. Due to my no spend in June ban – which I am doing quite well in at the moment. I haven’t spent anything yet!

So I’ve searched over the internet – I don’t trust  myself to go into shops and actually walk away without buying. I have four of my top kimono picks.



Zara Wish-list

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I’m trying out a buying ban this June. Which basically means I can’t shop through-out this entire month. Now I know this will be super hard, so I thought it would be a wise idea to create a wish-list for when I can shop. You know, have something to look forward to come June payday.

Zara is always my saviour, I always find something I love and at the moment there is a lot of stuff that I really want. Let me guide you through my wish-list;



Mixing Patterns

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Stripes and check pattern together? I must be cray cray. Now this probably isn’t to everyone’s taste. (more…)


First Reactions | ASOS

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I can’t be the only one who takes immense pleasure in coming home to a parcel. This was a present to myself sort of day. I always treat myself to some NARS goodies when ASOS have 20% codes. NB: Video is highly blurry, an affect of my excitement and eagerness of just wanting to open my parcel that I didn’t sort out the settings. Don’t forget to subscribe here.




Topshop, Zara Haul & Giveaway

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I went a little shopping cray cray at Topshop. This has been a pattern for the last 3years, every spring/summer I am utterly obsessed with Topshop clothing. I made a little video for you all – I find it easier to talk about fashion hauls through videos as opposed to blog posts…anyone else with me?

Also as a little giveaway (it’s not massive at all) I thought I would give away a really cute faux leather Pink Rucksack from Topshop. They’ve recently brought it out in pastel blue, but I much prefer the pink bag. Thank-you SO much to everyone that has subscribed/liked/commented! You all are AWESOME!

You can subscribe here.


What I Wore (to work) #2

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I was hoping to take a selfie of my outfit every day  this week, a sort if ‘what I wore to work’ and then combine it and make it a weekly Saturday post. However what I wore to work this week wasn’t that inspiring. I managed to take a quick ootd photos on my phone. Promise there will be better quality photos next time. My first outfit (left) is of my all-time favourite dungarees which I brought from Topshop last summer. The safari range in Topshop which came out SS13 was right up my street. Bold, fun, quirky. I pretty much brought the entire range. The navy/almost black dungaree with cute elephant print in white is such a statement piece. I wore these without having the overalls on me. To add a bit of colour I added the mother of all neon oranges cami on, layered with a denim shirt. Super casual yet fun and summer-esque.


My second outfit (right) is a beautiful full midi skirt with a sheer panel, this trend has been around since last winter and is still going strong and I assume it will still be around. Worn with a pastel blue New Look sheer top. I’m pretty much obsessed with pastel blue at the moment.

There you have it, two out of the five outfits I wore. Which one is your favourite?


WIW (to work)

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You know you have too many clothes when you find things from last year’s sale in your mammoth stash. This ‘ice-cream orange’ striped top is a Topshop SS13 sale purchase. I love the colours, white meets a muted neon. Safe enough to wear to work but can also be jazzed up for a night out. I brought it in a size 12 because I wanted it to look oversized and baggy. Reasons for this;

  1. Baggy clothes make you look slimmer…
  2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen pull of the whole ‘oversized’ look effortlessly. I would like some of that please. Thank you very much.



Formal wear

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3rd OOTD in a row. I’m on a role.

I love spending day in and day out in casual clothes. But when I do wear something ‘formal’ I always end up giving it a casual twist. I honestly believe it’s forever instilled in me. Yesterday I wore this slate grey semi-midi skirt. An old but beloved purchase from Topshop. I love how it synchs in at the waist and then flares out, and the length isn’t a real midi size but completely appropriate for work.