Weekend blues

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Weekend blues – do you get them? I feel bad for saying this but I actually really enjoy Mondays, probably one of the few people who would ever admit to that. There is definitely something about going back to work after a weekends worth of rest all energised. I can’t remember ever waking up and thinking, ‘oh I wish it was Saturday/Sunday’. This may have something to do with the fact that I love my job and look forward to going in everyday.

Today I wanted to wear something professional but baggy – I was having a feel fugly day. Nothing looked or felt right, we all get those days right?




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Who would’ve thought that this little snazzy number (i.e. the skirt) would be from M&S? I saw this on the model in my local Marks and Spencer and fell in love, a number that I would expect to see in Zara, don’t you think? I’m not ready to give up the whole A-line midi skirts, I am completely obsessed with them. I’ve paired it with my TOPSHOP blazer – ultimate staple item. Currently lusting over a chambray shirt from Topshop and some ripped JAMIE jeans.



Casual Fridays ft Zara

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Another OOTD – There’s a whole loadda recycling going on – these items are all a few months (trousers are 2years) old. I have SO many clothes its actually a bit of a joke. two out of three items are Zara, this is why we all have a mad obsession with Zara. They provide us with clothes which last years, trend-fitting also timeless in my opinion. When I was packing my things for my move I found a lot of clothes that I love and want to get good use out of.



OOTD – Back to school

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Going back to school – everywhere I look on social media there seems to be an influx of back to school selfies and ootd of uniforms. I remember wearing a crisp clean new uniform every year and being so excited. How time flies. Fast forward 10 years and I’m wearing a new kinda uniform. A teacher’s attire. I do these so often I think it should be category of its own. Going back to school and snapping out of holiday/summer mode is so hard. There totally needs to be guide book on how to do this.

*note – excuse the messy background, I have a wardrobe that needs to be put up – I wish I was one  of those well located visual type OOTDs – mine are in my little flat – apologies!*




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 asos picks


If there’s anything else that I enjoy more than shopping is making a list of things to buy. A/W means a whole revamp of the wardrobe – out with the old and in with the new. I haven’t really changed up my winter wardrobe for a couple of years. Mainly because I work through-out winter and stick with trousers and a jumper (Teachers uniform) but this year that’s all going to change. I’ve browsed the ASOS (mainly the new-in section) and found some awesome bits.



Boux | Bra fitting

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Am I the only one who feels super awkward getting bra-size fitted/checked? I haven’t checked my size since I was a 32B (in context about 5years ago) and I’ve put on a lot of weight since then and generally gotten bigger everywhere inc the breastage area. Instead of wearing the right bra size I picked up any and hoped for the best. But I knew I was wearing the wrong size because the cup was in all the wrong places, the back strap was either too high/too low. I decided enough is enough I need to pluck up the courage and get the ta’ta’s measured so I can buy some pretty fitting bras. My sister told me to check our Boux, I’m normally a La Senza kinda gal. I went into to Westfield. I marched straight towards the back of the shop as if it was some mission and whispered ‘can I please get my breasts measured’ I am the most shy-est, awkward person you could meet, so this to me was huge step. The lady said I should pick out a few bras I liked in the size I thought I was and then she would measure me up and see if they fit my body.

bra size

I picked up three, Joanie, Georgia, and Boux Boost – one standard t-shirt bra and two slightly more fancy ones. I walked to the lady, she then put me in this massive changing room – the ambiance was amazing. The room had different light settings, and a little concierge bell that you press when you need assistance – this eliminates the whole awkward calling out. There were two bra fitters working at one time. One bra fitter for two customers so you received total attention.

Delia, (my bra fitter and a total babe) measured me up, and before telling me what my size was, she asked me the size I’ve been wearing. I was surprised to know that I am a size smaller and a cup size bigger to what I’d been sporting. This made me very happy.

Now it came to the bra trying on, I tried the ones I picked up and Delia got them all in the right size and talked through the fitting of them and how the cleavage would look under clothes. I forgot I was standing in my bra I was that much at ease. She then told me what the recommended bra style would be for my breast size and shape – you even get this little card with all the information written down.

I went in feeling awkward and walked out with a bag full of beautiful bras and feeling 10ft tall. It is important to get your bra size regularly checked – do not waste money on buying bras that you think might fit. The ladies at Boux Avenue are patient and understanding, and if someone as awkward as me managed to feel comfortable then you’re going to feel right at home.


Packing my life| OOTD

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 blue1 blue3 blue 2


This a no makeup, hair in a top knot sorta OOTD. Let’s keep it real. I’m home all day, this is rare that I’ve gotten into something other than my pjs.

I don’t think I will ever become comfortable when taking photo’s. I either look down, up, sideways. Every unflattering angle that you could possibly think of. Today I spent most of my time clearing out my wardrobe/packing for my move in two weeks. 2 suitcases later, I still have to pack a crap load of stuff. I didn’t anticipate how much s**t I have accumulated and the realisation of what a hoarder I am is pretty shocking. Working in school for almost 4 years means that I no longer own THAT many jeans or weekend wear, as most of my weekends I spend in my pjs. Today I decided to get changed – a shirt from Topshop which I LOVE. Suprisingly it’s from the tall section but fits so nicely. and these jeans were brought 3 years ago from River Island, back then they were extremely baggy but after putting on a couple of stone, they sit really nicely. So, my question to you all, how do we minimise the stuff we collect over the years?  I can’t seem to let go of my Year 11/college/uni portfolio. 

Shirt – Topshop (tall section)

Jeans – River Island

Shoes – Birkenstocks


Monochrome animal print

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Untitled-2 Untitled-1 Untitled-5 TOP FEET 

Summer holidays is here, which means no waking up at 6am. I can spend more time blogging/vlogging. For the past week I’ve woken up at 10am and had breakfast at 12pm. So this is how the other half live? Spending most of the time in my pj’s I haven’t really dressed up. But yesterday I decided to make an effort, and I found these two pieces. The crocodile print Topshop box t-shirt. I love that it’s black and the embossed skin print just slightly pops out. These ZARA cow print trousers are incredibly comfortable and light-weight, perfect for the unprepared heat-wave we’re having at the moment. (This picture was taken right after the storm.)

These black Birkenstocks were brought way before they were even popular! They’re a complete marmite thing – you either love them or you hate them. I have and always will love them. I added this gorgeous statement necklace from New-look. I’ve had an on/off affair with statement jewellery, currently its a love mode. A monochrome outfit – with a twist.

Top – Topshop

Trousers- Zara

Statement necklace – New Look

Sandals – Birkenstocks





Ypres & Somme OOTD

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Just yesterday I came back from a school visit to Ypres and Somme, (I was pronouncing Ypres completely wrong before I got there) I knew we had a (long) whole day packed with lots of moving around and walking. A 5am start and 12am finish to be precise. Comfort was at the top of the list. As well as being prepared for the weather changes. I present the two outfits that I wore *be weary it is jumpsuit galore*.



Pink Blazer / Printed Jeans

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The next week is going to be insanely busy. I never really realised how hard it is to juggle a blog and a full-time job. Saying that, I am doing two jobs currently. As much as I miss school when it finishes, I begin to miss it after a while. I thought I would have slightly more time now that GCSE students have left but it’s quite the opposite. Anywho seeing as the last couple of weeks might be a bit full one, I may stick to OOTD outfits.