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As March approaches, I have 5 weeks left to half-term and I am planning my holidays during Easter. 4 days in Lisbon and 4 days in Barcelona and I’m going to try and fit in Madrid somewhere too. SO excited! But this means, paying for rent, booking flights and paying for accommodation, I have to seriously watch the pennies. I’m resorting to hours of online shopping and creating mental wish lists for when I do finally have some more monies. The first item on my hit-list are two jumpers are from All Saints I can’t decide between the two cream or black? Maybe both? My creams never stay cream and black just doesn’t stand out that much…ah so confused! The Whistles sweater is one I am on the fence about, it’s quite expensive for something that I will essentially be lounging around in, but considering that I spend most of my days either at work or being at home it may be a wise investment. Jumpsuits are so easy to wear and you can dress them up or dress them down. They are so darn comfortable! Both of these are from ASOS, the pink one is a Warehouse one and the black one is a Dahlia velvet one – it has a cool 70s feel. 

We all love a cool gadget right? Now I was never really a fan of the original Fujifilm instax, I think it looks a bit clunky and like a childs toy. However this install, the neo classic one is a lot more chic and has a vintage vibe to it. I really want to start vlogging more on my YouTube channel, I have a canon s110 camera and its good but the go pro can be strapped onto my arm/head and you can catch some really cool action shots. She says as if she plans to be bungee jumping.


Midaxi skirts

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New year, new seasons will begin to trickle in. Do you ever feel like old trends seem to make their way back in? We’ve seen Maxi skirts have their time in 2013 and midi’s were (are) huge too. But what if we combine them together? Here we have the midaxi (I think I totally made that word up…?)  the length of a maxi and shape of a midi. The ASOS piece shown below is the perfect example – it goes down the ankle whilst maintaining a midi form. I really love the print, very spring-esque and the quilted texture provides a premium feel. On the other hand we have a Miss Selfridges skirt which is more of a midi than a maxi but, if a 5’4 tall person (i.e me) was to wear it, the skirt would ultimately become more of a midaxi style. This would probably have been the xmas day/night skirt, however I think I will most likely get this to wear for the school prom. Side note, I love that as a 27years old I still get to shop for prom, and advise other girls too! Maybe I’ll do a prom dress post

Anywho, what do we think of the midaxi trend? Do we like it? Will it be the next big thing in 2015?  


ASOS Premium Maxi Skirt 

Miss Selfridge skirt


Leather trousers | Muubaa

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Image 2 of Muubaa Rica Stretch Leather LeggingsImage 3 of Muubaa Rica Stretch Leather LeggingsImage 4 of Muubaa Rica Stretch Leather Leggings


Leather and I go as far jackets and bags, I haven’t really delved into any other real leather clothing but recently I’ve been getting this burning to urge to buy real leather trousers. Although they’re super pricey, I know I’d be able to wear them a lot as long as they are matte and nicely fitted. A part of me can’t help visualise that episode of Friends with Ross, ya’know the one I’m talking about. I’ve searched the net high and low and damn, why is  it so difficult to find the perfect pair of leather trousers? Now an argument may be put across that why not just go faux? It’s cheaper, can be chucked into the washing machine, looks practically the same, all very good and valid points. But I would know it’s faux and when you have your heart set on the real thing nothing else really compares. Quite deep for a pair of leather trousers.

Okay, I’ve come across these Muubaa Rica Stretch Leather Leggings in Black on ASOS  now I’ve brought a leather jacket from Muubaa before (a few years ago) and it’s amazing quality. Now these beauties are  down to £298 from £598 – at 50% off I am so tempted but it means I will have to wear them pretty much every single day in order to compensate for amount I pay! And you know when you see a ‘low stock’ sign on your size, there’s a sudden panic urge to buy. So I put it to you all – yay or nay? £298 a bit much? Faux or real leather?


ASOS | Black Friday

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Things that I want but London rent prices won’t allow me to buy. ASOS participates in the whole Black Friday shin-dig. (20% off – not that much off in my opinion) Personally I don’t agree with this whole black Friday nonsense. From what I’m aware of, it was a discounted event in America which took place after thanks-giving in order to get people back into gear to shop. Fair play. But England doesn’t celebrate Thanks-giving? Last year I saw some shops partake in the whole discount thing and it was pretty harmless and I even brought a few things in the beauty discount. But this year has been something else, websites crashed, people pushing/beating each other for a 40inch non branded, crappy TV. Is this the new boxing day?? Sales are crap, things from last season that shops are trying to get rid of.

Anywho back to the main focus of this post. My most lusted after ASOS picks.



Monki Fairsle jumper, a very Christmas appropriate, but I can see myself very easily wearing it into New Year and basically through-out however long English winter is going to be.

Mink-pink foil print jumper – I have been eyeing up a lot of metallic clothing – skirts, tops, jumpers. I love Mink-pink, the quality is awesome and everything I’ve brought from the range I have been able to wear it through-out the year.

Monki faded floral shirt – Spending majority of my time in a workshop, I’m constantly on the hunt for comfortable yet smart but slightly casual clothing. I feel like this shirt may be slightly sheer so a tank will be required.

ASOS Bien jumper I try and avoid buying slogan jumpers, they tend to go out of fashion very quick and I get bored of them. I’ve had this saved in my basket for a while and I keep coming back to it again – can’t really put my finger on why, it’s just so nice!

ASOS, would you kindly offer us a 30% so I can buy these things! Did you get anything this black Friday?



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My relationship with my nephew is more like mother & son as opposed to aunty/nephew. I won’t go into lots of detail, but my sisters delivery wasn’t a normal one. She prepared more then anyone I know, watched tons of birthing videos, practiced positions. everything possible – she did. But things didn’t turn out as she planned. After her complications, she became fragile and weak. Mum, youngest sister and I took care of him like a mother would. Post natal depression is severe, and i honestly think there needs to be  more support for women. Shaan (nephews name) has brought my family together in a way that nobody else ever could. I wanted to share some of the photos of his OOTD. My blog is my diary of thoughts and this may not be of anyone’s interest but I really wanted to document it. I love buying baby clothes, everything is so much cuter when it’s smaller. Top placed to shop, ZARA, H&M, Baby Gap, Next, Asda.

note: below is very picture heavy…

2 IMG_8273 IMG_8248 IMG_8256

IMG_8188 IMG_8218 Untitled-1 IMG_8338

3 IMG_8446 IMG_8424


OOTD | Messy Prints

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Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-1 IMG_8135 


I seem to have collated a huge collection of formal-ish skater style dresses and for some reason I keep them to the side for ‘special’ occasions…you know, like parents evening or an observation. However I seem to be layering a lot these days – currently I am obsessed with clashing prints. This Topshop dress layered with a baggy Minkpink jumper. The dress is slightly on the shorter side, for a 5’5 girl my legs are quite long. Blessing and curse, ultimately it means these dresses come up slightly shorter. I did have a Marylin  Monroe moment in the car-park today. The wind was CRAY. The jumper – let’s just address it…It’s so abstract and colourful -  I love it. Minkpink has some awesome pieces., I always seem to be stalking their collection on ASOS and Urban Outfitters. Honestly though, I wish I was more of a monochrome blogger – every-time I try and wear in the white/black  shades I end up throwing in lots of colour. If you have a dress laying around  which doesn’t get much use out of – try layering it. What’s  your AW fashion tip?


Easing into Autumn

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new4 new new2 new3



Honestly what is going on with the weather? I am for sure not complaining, but it’s really odd, in my whole 26years of being, I don’t remember it being this humid in October – is this to say we’re going to have our winter till April? I don’t handle cold extremely well.

Mornings were cold,  so I wore this jumper from Topshop, infact everything is from Topshop. I reckon they will bring out this style knitwear in this season. Burgandy/Maroon are my favourite winter colours – obsessed with it! The trousers are a little cray, cray but I just LOVE them. Even a size 10 (which I normally fit into okay-ish) are quite tight on me. Not entirely impressed  with sizing but the pattern and cigarette tailored type fit allows me to forgive them.

With that being said, my weight has kind of been getting me down. It probably sounds really lame but a few months ago I was so content and recently I have been shopping my wardrobe and literally nothing inspires me. Mainly because nothing really fits me anymore. I used to be a firm size 8 – now I think I’m verging onto size 12 maybe? The odd thing is – I quite like the way my body has churned out – bigger boobs, perkier bum. Yes please, thank you very much. But the fact that my clothes (some of which I have hardly ever worn) don’t fit me anymore  – depresses me. A lot.  I have been thinking of shopping and just getting essentials a size bigger – still, even the thought of shopping doesn’t make me feel better. Problem right?


OOTD | Topshop Head to toe

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Coincidently everything worn today are TOPSHOP items – it very rarely happens that everything is from one store. here it goes, an ode to the king of high street fashion…


164 161 165 168

 I wore a Topshop pencil skirt in the most vibrant safari print. Now I don’t feel entirely comfortable in pencil skirt, especially these days with gaining a lb by the minute. My metabolism has drastically slowed down. No longer are the days where I can chow down a pizza late nights and not worry about the effects the next morning. My white top is slowly turning a grey shade – how do we keep our whites really white? The top is long from the back and short at the front, and with the side hem coming up as the same length as a crop top – it hides all the right things in all the right places.

The black chunky gladiators have pretty much been on trend since I brought  then last A/W – comfortable and add a little bit height which is totally appropriate for work. Topshop was my go-to shopping place last A/W – I’m expecting good things this season – where are you heading to shop this A/W?


OOTD | Grey & Neutral

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 I hate waking up feeling exhausted from an eventful dream, nothing to do with this post but just really wanted to share it. My outfit today was so simple and super comfortable. Initially I wasn’t going to blog about it, but everyone kept saying they liked the whole ensemble so here it is…

IMG_7867 IMG_7856 Untitled-2

3 IMG_7856


An old chino baggy style Topshop Boutique Trousers, they were brought in the sale quite a few months ago. The top is a cute, sleeveless high neck bow print top. Another old number from New Look. A couple people said it reminded them of a print from Free People. My favourite part of this whole outfit was the Miss Selfridges leather arm blazer – I brought it a couple years ago from Miss Selfridge, I still love it as much as I used to back then. I’m rummaging through my wardrobe and have fallen in love with so many old items. I probably will be creating a Depop tonight and putting up things I can’t wear anymore due to me bumping up from size 6 to 10. I have a River Island blazer I wore once and brought for £60, that’s definitely going up. I’m obsessed with these mule style sandals so comfortable and work appropriate – even for someone running around a workshop!


Side note : I wanted to top-up on the blueness on my hair and I’m not overly excited about it. I used the BLEECH LONDON dye and I pretty much loved the green in my hair. The whole process is quite messy, I’m on my third wash now and every time I end up getting my white towels coloured all blue. Currently I’m feeling the urge to cut my hair shorter – shoulder length short. Somebody restrain me!

How was your Monday?