Charlotte Tilbury | Glastonberry

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A non-drying, lip amplifying, matte lipstick? That’s what Charlotte Tilbury promises with her new  Matte Revolution collection. Her entire range is well thought-through, she understands the needs on a make-up addict and exuberates glam and sophistication. Although her products aren’t the cheapest around, CT offer high quality ingredients and stunning rose gold packaging.  

I was eyeing up Glastonberry from the Matte Revolution range for a very long time before I actually  caved in, Selfridges had a 10% off beauty deal through-out the store so it was a clear sign. The actual bullet has a straight edge at the top, so it works well when applying it straight from the bullet or if you wanted to use a lip-brush. With dark lips I tend to build colour with a lip colour. Burgundy lips are on trend at the moment and even though I have a lot of similar shades I was curious to try out the formula.

ct1 ct3 ct4


The colour is gorgeous – very different in the bullet to what it is when applied. A dark vampy purple that applies really evenly. It feels lightweight on the lips and doesn’t go cakey when layered or dry out the lips. It’s so creamy that it just glides on. It’s an item that every lipstick junkie needs in their collection. I have so many Charlotte Tilbury products on the wish-list, starting with the film-star bronze and glow.


Bleach | Green to Blonde

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There’s something about sitting in front of parents during parents evening, where the adult who sits opposite you, frowns that their child’s teacher has green hair. Whilst most students think it’s quite cool, I can imagine most adults not approving that a role model in a school environment should have vibrant green streaks. There’s an unspoken rule of what is/isn’t appropriate for an adult working in such surrounding. Perhaps green (or any brightly coloured hair) falls slightly into the ‘isn’t’ category.

To be fair the choice to change my hair colour didn’t derive from workplace ‘appropriateness’. I was just getting bored of the brightness and needed to neutralise it. I wanted more a natural dip dye/sombre effect. I booked appointment at Bleach in Dalston with the colourist – Brad. Originally I wanted to book an appointment with a certain hair ‘stylist’, she actually deems herself to be more of a ‘youtube celebrity’ hair dresser, and as I am one to fall for the hype I was seriously going to go with this hairdresser in question. But then I was fortunate across to stumble across Farrahs blog, farahtells.com with the tag line of ‘tells it like it is’ which is exactly that. Everybody and I mean e v e r y b o d y needs to read this post. It’s honest and well explained. I fear that the blogging community only has a handful of cut-the-crap-say-it-out-how-it-is bloggers left. Another post on this sometime.

As with any hair appointment, I became super nervous. I’ve never really had much luck with any hair stylists/colourist previously- I’ve experienced the shock horror of getting an ultra-short cut when I only wanted an inch or two trimmed, all the way to having orange streaks which has left me incredibly scarred. Brad on the other hand was extremely attentive, listened to what I wanted, gave his honest advice and talked me through the whole process.

A few things I learnt from Brad:
1.Thick, dark, curly hair and bleach are not friends!!! They hate each other it takes a while to break down the hairs natural pigment. I initially wanted silver hair – but it is almost impossible to get that on dark hair because it ends up snapping. Why do we always yearn things we can’t have? Curly haired ladies want straight hair, dark haired ladies want silver hair, i.e. me.

2.If you want temporary bright hair colour and have dark hair, then go for a warm colour pink/peaches/reds because it will always wash out back to the original colour without leaving a stain.

3.If you want a good job – go to a professional. Ok this is advice I’m giving myself. After many failed years of experimenting with hair myself I am absolutely exhausted of making mistakes and then trying to fix them. I think when you’re younger you have time and a certain curiosity where you want play around and experiment with your hair. Then you grow up and would happily a good professional to just do it for you.


So these photo’s were taken on day 3 post-hair colour, and post-rain, so excuse the frizzyness.

hairbleach5 hairbleach hairbleach2 hairbleach3

I’ve spoken about my DIY box-ombre job here and my Bleach super cool colour here but the results I’ve gotten at the salon are way beyond anything I could achieve at home.
My hair was bleached, toned and had an orange colour applied to the ends in order to counteract the blue / green.

I absolutely love the final result, the green was quite stubborn and there is still hues of blue/green left. The light brown hair with streaks of washed out green is gorgeous.

Now I’m thinking to add a Cruella Devile inspired streak but infuse it with hot pink – what do we think?

If you want a pro who knows what they’re doing then Bleach is definitely one to check out. There’s 3 branches you can visit, the original one at Dalston, their concession at Topshop or their Covent Garden branch.


L’occitane | Almond Delicious Soap

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Exfoliating is something I do religiously, especially focusing on my legs & arms. During the winter season it becomes easy to ignore those parts of our body which are usually hidden in the colder months. My usual scrubbing techniques involve a salt/sugar scrubs or exfoliating gloves. However these days I’ve been using an all-in-one kinda product which cleanses and exfoliates and it’s been amazing. The L’occitane Almond Delicious soap is an almond soap (obv) and has tiny little almond particles weaved through the product. When using exfoliators, always make sure to avoid products which have polyethylene, particles. Polyethylene is a plastic, and as we all know that plastic does not dissolve – so it goes down the drain and into the sea, eventually into wildlife animals, would you like to swallow plastic when drinking water? Let’s help save all the sea living beings.

soap1 soap

This is where L’occitane Almond Delicious soap comes in. What makes this different to other soaps? It’s not drying for one, the soap doesn’t crack and it’s 100% natural – did I mention it smells divine? The almond particles really help to exfoliate your skin whilst feeling ultra-moisturised. This is my 2nd soap bar, I absolutely love it and it’s fast becoming a HG product. It’s incredibly reasonably priced at £4.00 for what I think is a high-end bathing product.


MAC | Rebel

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Season of berry-ful bold lips has truly kicked in. There are so many appealing colours that I almost find it overwhelming. I think that Hourglass opaque rouge in Empress is my go-to day to day bold lip. And as much as I love the colour offering there are two vices with this formula. It has a hassle to re-apply during the day and was insanely drying on my lips. At the moment I’m very much into shopping my stash – something to do with servicing my car, getting an MOT, getting re-insured all in one month has left me exploring make-up goods that I already own. My neglected MAC lipstick collection was first on my hit list, and oh my god! I have discovered so many new colours. Anyone else had a phase of buying an insane amount of MAC lipsticks? I swatched Mac Rebel was shocked that I’d never used it before. It’s a beautiful purple berry, looks quite dark in the bullet, but once swatched – due to the satin finish it can be sheered out to a wash of berry/plum tone.



There’s something about the scent of MAC lipsticks which I love! The colour was quite light for me (may be slightly dark for others) I wanted to amp it up a bit. I headed to MAC – I was actually after the liner Nightmoth to apply first and add on Rebel on top however the liner was out of stock so I opted for Current which I think even more beautiful than Nightmoth. The colour is a stunning dark purple colour. I am no expert on applying lip-liners nor do I really like them but the consistency of Mac liners are surprisingly soft and creamy yet matte. If you really wanted to, Current could be applied on its own for a bold matte lip however these days I quite like a satin finish, it gives me a stunning pout of a lip. Speaking of pouts – I have been toying with the idea of having lip fillers – current my lips are quite thin and since I was little I have always wanted slightly larger lips. I’m still playing around with the idea. The fact that it isn’t a permanent procedure makes me edge towards it a little bit more. What are your thoughts? Yay or nay to lip fillers?


Lips | Prep & Prime

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Bring out ye’ bold, berry lips. I love the autumn/winter for makeup – perfect time for me to bring out some of my old burgundy shades which have been feeling quite neglected for some time. However, piling on lipsticks means that you need to give those lips some TLC. We exfoliate our skin, body, hand – then my not lips? It’s an essential step which removes dead skin cells.

My husband was bugging me for the longest of times, to buy the LUSH lip sugar scrub, he heard good things about it, (from who, I don’t know) and when shopping for my bath products, I picked it up for him. Quite naturally I used it too. I picked up the mint flavoured one, it’s quite unisex, tastes pretty darn good too.  On damp lips I apply the smallest amount and scrub away for a couple of minutes.

Do not go overboard – it can leave your lips super sore if you do it too aggressively.

Wash away the sugar particles, or eat it? But then you’d be eating exfoliated skin too…err…

And your lips are now prepped, next step…prime:

I have tested and tried a lot of lip balms in the past and I’ve finally decided on my HG one. Nuxe Reve de miel. This is just £7.50 worth of pure goodness. A honey based lip balm, which is creamy yet matte and incredibly moisturising. I apply a generous layer at night time and a thinner layer during the day. Let’s bring in the lipstick, Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Empress. I’ve spoken about this here. The perfect A/W shade, a stunning dusky rose with hints of burgundy – I am yet to find a dupe. Together these three musketeers will serve me well during the winter months. What is your ultimate A/W lipstick shade? (Other than 107 Rimmel please)



Eyeliner | Make-Up Forever Aqua

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The art of applying a perfectly winged eyeliner seems to be something I and 1000 other women struggle with. Can I get an amen? However these seem to be the better days because of two star products. My love for the L’Oreal superliner pen seems to grow each time I use it, I’ve spoken about it here. A fine nib which doesn’t bend, has a good even flow of product and doesn’t flake when layered, it also doesn’t dry up as quickly as the soap and glory pen. There was only one problem with this, the longevity of the formula – it only seems to last for about a good 5-7 hours on my oil-prone eyelids, during the day it would begin to lose some colour. I was in need of something smudge-proof, water-proof, bullet-proof (ok, not the last one – but you get the gist) MakeUp Forever always delivers the goods when it comes to high-end quality products. It is a professional make-up artist range after all (does that even mean anything in today’s market though? A whole other subject matter here) I picked up the MakeUp Forever Aqua Black eye-shadow pot, the suggested use is to create the perfect, long lasting smoky eye by building up layers. I’ve decided to use this as an eyeliner pot, by dipping in my L’Oreal pen and creating an (almost even) winged eyeliner.


After a week’s wear 12+hours at a time, I can safely say that this is the darkest product I have ever come across, the pigment intensity is incredible. It’s also very creamy, glides on like a dream and once set, that’s it – the product will not budge and this is where the heavy duty-cleansers come into place. There’s a good couple minutes to play around with it to get that eyeliner just right. It’s not the cheapest offering out there (17.95), it’s cheaper than the likes of brand such as Chanel - MakeUp Forever gives you a higher quality end product. (Sometimes you are only paying for the brand – again a whole other topic) MAC Fluid-line in Blacktrack offers something similar but it can’t be layered – I found that the MACs offering gets flaky and picks off, as well as the product in the actual pot begins to dry out. Maybelline, gel eyeliner pot – a concept dupe but doesn’t have near enough longevity or intensity.  I haven’t found anything else which matches up to the quality of the MakeUp Forever Aqua, unfortunately it isn’t easily available in the UK (sort it out MUF) if you’re around in London then head down to Guru Makeup Emporium or PAM who stock Make up forever range. I may have coveted to MakeUp Forever products – let this be vol.1 of a MUF…


Oribe glory

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How this has happened I have no idea, but I have somewhat accumulated a reasonable collection of Oribe products - and I’m completely obsessing over them. I tried to put off buying anything from Oribe for so long, mainly because it was so expensive – I tested out an endless amount of high street products and honestly nothing compares. Lets start with my first dabble into the range… The dry texturizing spray is a volumising spray which gives your hair double volume and lift. It also has some what a dry shampoo effect, but not one which leaves your hair feeling powdery or product fuelled. This is my second bottle of the stuff. It aches me admit this, but it deserves a true HG status. Not really sure what is in the bottle, but it works. I am now rocking 70′s big boofy hair.


Surfcomber mousse was my second purchase, and one which I have a lot of respect for. I have ridiculously curly/frizzy hair, people often mistake me for having a perm. I can assure you that is not the case. My mane is full, thick and curly, I reckon it’s got a little summin’ to do with the fact that my mum kept shaving my  heard till I was 1. With all that being said I need a product which will tame my frizz whilst keeping my curls in place. This little beauty does the job…

You have to shake this bottle a lot a lot, otherwise you will be left with a watery residue. One pump gives you enough for your hair – my video here explain how to use it. When I think of mousse I think of wet, stiff curls. Not with the Surfcomber mousse, I’m left with soft, defined curls, tousled hair. Life saviour. It has made me love my curls so much more and made it a lot easier for me to maintain them. If you’re not into potions and lotions for curly hair and don’t want the faff, then this ones for you.

Now when it comes to day 3 of not washing your hair, the curls – quite naturally – begin to slack. In order to energise them and get them looking fresh and full of life, I use Après Beach spray a light spritz gives my hair day 1 curls. This is my newest purchase, so I am still trialling it, however so far I do really like it. More on this one to come…

I would like to say that these are Genies in a bottle, however I am intrigued - Is there anything else from Oribe that I really need?

The Oribe range is available at spacenk.com


Tomford Lipsticks

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The brand that’s gets us salivating, our purses drooling and puts all lipsticks to shame – all hail Tom Ford. In my opinion the overly priced, crème de le crème of all things beauty. I’ve visited counters and just starred at the all shiny packaging and swatched till my heart’s content. I’m a proud owner of 5, 4 of which I am almost too scared to use in -case the legendary TF symbol wares away. Oh the packaging – no one can deny that it’s absolutely divineHere’s a low down of my belongings;

tf3 tf1

Bruised Plum – My most recent purchase, a vivid aubergine shade with a hint of pink – a glossy and pigmented colour. One to be worn in the winter days, perhaps with a bronze/matte smokey eye.

Black Orchid – Unfortunately this is now discontinued. I had my eye on this shade for the longest of times, but when I heard it was being discontinued I rushed to my nearest TF counter and grabbed (quite literally) the last one. – I totally need to get some balls to wear this shade. It’s a slightly darker shade of Bruised plum so if you really wanted this shade I would opt for Bruised plum instead.

Violet Fatale is by far my most favourite shade in the range – I have yet to find a drugstore (or any other) dupe matching this colour. It’s a beaut of a pinky/purple shade. A good lipstick is one which brightens up the entire complexion and makes your eyes appear brighter – this is exactly what this lipstick does.

Wild Cherry is the perfect Christmas colour in my opinion, a fiery red/orange, a perfect shade for all skin tones. Looks especially beautiful on olive/tanned skin tones. Pigmentation is perfectly even and opaque – I have used this a total of two times and used it from the back of the bullet as I do not want to ruin the embossed. Vain much?

Indian rose – okay, so clearly by looking at the bullet you can see that it is my most used lipstick – it is by far the most perfect pinky nude which doesn’t wash me out or make my  teeth look  a zombie yellow (if zombies has teeth. It applies opaque and gives a nice glossy finish, it’s definitely the most wearable shade out of the bunch.


I always think, if you’re going Tom Ford – go bold. Hence why all the colours (minus one) are extravagantly bold. If there was one colour I would keep out of the 5 it would definitely be Violet Fatale.

Do I think they’re worth the whopping £36 price point? Yes if you aren’t paying. Otherwise pop it onto a Christmas/birthday wishlist.


Hourglass | Empress

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Yesterday I walked on some crunchy leaves, it was quite chilly and I realised that it’s officially autumn.  There’s two make-up things I love in the autumn, black winged eyeliner and a bold berry-full lip. L’Oreal super-liner is an all-time favourite of mine, it’s absolutely jet black, applies evenly, doesn’t dry out quickly like your usual pen type eye-liner. The tip is firm, so it gives you a nice hold a flows quite smoothly.

Berry lips is and as far as I can remember has always been a massive trend during these months. I have an endless list of possibly plumful colours, but my most loved one is Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Empress, I was obsessed with the formula and concept of these back in the day. Recently there have been a lot of cheaper and possibly better contenders in the market. But I’ve just re discovered Empress and fallen in love with it all over again.  It’s a light plum/berry colour,  perfect if you’re not massively confident to work out with deep purple lips. the shade is extremely matte, extremely beautiful. The trick is to apply a layer of matte balm to ensure it doesn’t dry out the lips. I personally recommend the Nuxe Reve de Meil. (It’s UH-mazing!) The liquid to matte formula is insanely long lasting. I’ve totally pulled this out again for the Autumnal season.

What is your favourite Autumnal lipstick shade?


Diorskin Star | Review

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It was only in my last favorites video that I vouched that By Terry Cover Expert was my HG foundation, and it definitely is. I absolutely love it for those effortless mornings where I want great skin with minimal effort. But when I watched Simones YT video on the Diorskin Star foundation – I fell in love with it before I even tried it – ok slight exaggeration. But I knew I had to get my mitts on it. I went into Westfield Boots, got colour matched to number 040, they were out of stock. This in itself created sheer panic mode where I go into a ‘must.get.now’ mindset. I trolled into 3 different beauty departments until I got my hands on it. Pretty long intro on how I got my hands on this.


Review? Yup, Diorskin Star is the bee’s knee’s. It applies so evenly, after 10mins it settles in and begins to look like 2nd skin. It’s dewy but now overly glowy. It feels light in texture and gives me a medium coverage – but I always apply a small amount with my foundation/tinted moisturises. Definitely one that can be built up to a heavier coverage. Normally I don’t like foundation scents – however this has a light floral scent which even for me is quite pleasurable. Wears for a good 7/8hours – literally cannot fault this!

A side note, last week I was off sick from work and ended up watching day-time TV whilst topping up on extreme doses of Vitamin C, I think it was This Morning where a beauty expert came in to talk about mascaras and expiry dates. I already knew all this information, but when you hear someone else talk about it, it kinda hits home right?


So I shopped my stash and came across an old fav by Lancome, apparently the brand currently has a new mascara on the market, have you tried it? Hypnose by Lancome is bloody brilliant. Lengthening, separating, great volume. I used it all through-out my broke uni-days (pricey mascara addiction being the reason why I was broke) I have been dipping in and out of love with it – currently it’s definitely a love situation going on right here. However I never say no to new mascara suggestions…after all, I’ve got to feed my addiction somehow.