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SOAR MACLINERS1 MACLINERS MACDERVISHRemember that time I said I really don’t like lip-liners? watch here. Well almost a year down the line and I own over 26 – twenty six. What the…? I thought I would pick out some of my favourites and no surprise they’re all nude shades, you know my lips but better. They’re also all MAC liners – two of which were insanely difficult to get my hands on. Can you guess which ones?

 Spice was worn in my April favourites and Beurre was featured in my March favourites. Spice is my new favourite shade at the moment, a neutral brown which compliments olive skin-tone really well. Beurre is slightly darker and the formula is ultra-creamy, it’s one of the pro-longwear cremesticks. I have a love/hate relationship with these twist up pencils as they tend to break however this one hasn’t snapped yet, so far so good.

Dervish is a new purchase and it seems to be within the same hue as Soar but a little lighter, excited to give this one a go. Subculture was the worst in pigmentation, it applied extremely unevenly and the colour just didn’t show on my lips. Lesson to you all people, never buy a lip-liner online without actually having tested the colour/pigmentation. Boldly Bare is slightly darker then Subculture. It’s definitely on the peach colour-spectrum and isn’t too pale so it doesn’t wash out olive skin-tones, I think this will be my go-to in the summer months. Soar is the colour most of us were obsessed with and tried getting our hands onto. During one afternoon I received an email from MAC letting me know it was in stock and I was so quick to make an order. Now that Ms Jenner has finally admitted to having lip fillers perhaps it’ll come back in stock.

Now the question most people ask me, are they drying on the lips? Apart from Beurre, they are quite drying but nothing that a small amount of matte lip-balm can’t fix. My favourite balm is Nuxe reve de miel, matte yet super hydrating and works well when layering a lip-pencil. After months of practice I think my lip-liner application is getting a bit better and I do find that a lip-liner lasts a lot longer and is so much easier to carry around. And when you have small lips like mine a lip-liner can really help shape a beautiful pout. Why MAC? I think this was a complete subconscious decision. When I first got into make-up properly, MAC was the go to place for lipsticks/foundation. They seemed to have the answer and colour range for all your needs, so when I’m discovering my love for lip-liners MAC seemed to be my go-to place. It has nothing to do with everyone raving about lip pencils and the Jenner phase *cough*

 In order to aid my ever-growing collection of liners I would love to know what your favourite picks are.



Essie | Peach & Glitter

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essiflatlay essiesummitofstyle summernails essiepeachdaquiri


No matter what season or time of year it is, I never get bored of glittery nails. Essie Summit of Style has been a constant favourite of mine these last few months. The glitter has almost a rose gold tint and the particles come in varied sizes which looks really pretty when layered on. The only downside to applying glitter straight onto the nails is that I find it to be quite strenuous on the nails and its so hard to remove. To tackle this, I’ve really been enjoying applying it on top of colours. Essie Peach Daiquiri in particular. This is the best summer-time nail colour. I don’t really see it to be in the peach spectrum at all, it’s more on the bright, raspberry/coral shade. Summer is on the horizon, or so I hope, so the pastels will be going back in the nail-polish cupboard and out come the bright pinks/peaches and reds. However I often find a classic red quite hard to wear on my nails, some shades almost looks ageing on my hands – it normally has to be a red with an orange undertone so the search for the perfect red continues, feel free to leave suggestions.

On the other hand pinks/corals work a lot better with my skin-tone and Essie Peach Daiquiri is the perfect shade. I wanted to wear Peach Daiquiri and Summit of Style together so my lame attempt of nail art where I just apply it 50/50. It’s really simple but the two colours work well together. 


Grey is the new Black

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grey eyes SWATCHgrey

grey1Surely I can’t be the only one who struggles to wear a smokey eye, especially when it’s heavily black eyeshadow/liner based. I assume its something to do with having super small eyes and being partially intimidated by a black eyeshadow resulted in me looking for alternatives. I’ve previously been addicted to MAC Teddy eyeliner which is a bronze/shimmer brown eyeliner which works so well when you just want to add a little something without having to be too neat. Bobbi Brown Forest Shimmer Ink usually made an appearance when I really wanted to jazz up a look. However in recent weeks I found myself wearing a grey eyeliner, it’s almost Black without being looking too harsh. I have three that I really love – Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal  (£18) has a little smudger at the end of the pencil which I tend to forget even exists half the time. This is the lightest out of the three in terms of pigmentation. It blends really well and pretty much is MAC Teddy but the grey version, it does tend to steer slightly on the sliver sheen none the less it looks really effortless when applied and it’s definitely my ‘no-fuss’ sort of product.  Chanel Stylo pen was a bit of a splurge a while back and if I’m honest there are so many cheaper alternatives but sometimes a girl just needs her Chanel fix. This is so creamy, probably one of the creamiest eyeshadow sticks I’ve tried, the formula is extremely easy to blend. It’s definitely the darkest shade of grey you could possibly get and it also has small glitter particles so this only tends to be used on the rare occasion when I actually leave my flat to have some sort of social life. In my opinion the picture does the product no justice. There is an angled tip which makes it really easy to apply on the contour of the eyes and I always use a MAC pencil brush to smudge it in. Still not over the whole Olsen-twin vibe. However I do think that Chanel really lacks in the longevity department, as beautiful as the colour, pigmentation, creaminess and blend ability is, I just don’t find that this stay put or lasts on my lids and I don’t even have particularly oily eyelids. After 5 hours it does start to fade and move around slightly so for the price, I don’t think I’m in a rush to buy another one any time soon. KIKO eyeshadow sticks though, a whole other story. These are hands down the best affordable formulas I have tried. They just last! The grey shade is slightly a darker hue of the Bobbi Brown Kajal pencil, verging more on the silver ends of things.

A swipe of grey and full thick lashes seems to be the look I’m wearing these days and I kinda like it…

Who knew grey would be the new black for me? I know a black eyeliner is a statement look but have you ever tried an alternative? You never know, you may actually like it.


Tarte amazonian clay blush

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spring makeup

I am really having a blusher moment.

Something about the spring blossoms and brighter weather gives me an urge to buy every pink blush that is out there. However I do struggle to find a pink-toned blush which is flattering enough on my skin. Tarte Amazonian 12hr Clay Blushers are amazing – they last a really long time (not sure about the whole 12hour thing) they’re extremely pigmented and really easy to buff into the skin. I also find that they work exceptionally well when I’m wearing a mineral powder and the longevity is increased. I only own two Tarte blushers at the moment, its quite hard ordering blushers online, the only place I’m able to get them from is Sephora and I can never really tell what the shade-pay off would be like off screen.
To the left we have Natural beauty which is a stunning pink shade which looks amazing on olive skin-tones and it’s one that’s been on my cheeks quite a lot these past few weeks. And to the right we have Blushing Bride – this was my wedding blush of choice of course. It’s a small detail but absolutely love the mirror that it comes with. The Bobbi Brown face blender brush, I think is more of a foundation brush but recently I’ve been using it to apply blusher and it just adds the right amount of colour onto the cheeks. I own way to many blushers for my own good. Not that I need any more enabling but I would love to know what your spring/summer blushers of choice are!



Spring polishes

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spring nails nails spring

Spring obviously means more nail polishes right? There are 5 shades that have been taking turns to grace my nails – surprise surprise most of them are pastel shades which one bright turquoise one. Barry M nail polishes are my favourite brand when it comes to nail colours, they seem to have every single colour available for under £3.99. The new range at the moment has the most gorgeous selection of muted hues and I only picked up two, Eat my dust which is a powder blue, its very sheer on first application so you definitely need 3 coats. But the formulation of these are the super fast drying ones, you don’t need to wait too long to apply a 2nd and 3rd coat. Stop the clock is from the same quick dry range but I found the colour to be a little more pigmented so I only required two coats. These last a good 7days before I see signs of chipping. Coconut is from the Barry M Jelly range which is supposed to have this hi-shine with a gel-like look. I love the range but the Coconut shade just stands out, its almost white with grey-ish, nude undertones. Normally these sorts of colours tend to wash out my skin-tone however there’s something about the pigmentation of this that works really well with my olive skin. The next two favourites are from Maybelline. These have pretty much been out of stock in every Boots or Superdrug that I have gone into until one day I finally got my hands on these two beauties. Uptown blue is a gorgeous bright sky-blue, I haven’t come across a colour quite like it before. Whilst Mint for life is very similar to Mint Candy Apple by Essie but a few pennies cheaper. It’s the classic pastel mint shade. I find that the Maybelline colours have better pigmentation in one swipe I get a better colour pay-off. They take slightly longer to dry than the Barry M polishes and they tend to start chipping on day 5. Overall these 5 shades have been in rotation and I can foresee them being with me for the next couple of months. What nail colours have you been loving?


Fuss free makeup

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I did a similar post a while back when I went away for a couple days on a Visit to the battlefields of Somme with school where I broke down my makeup menu. And one thing I realised, the simpler the better. There is no way that I would get more then a base and touch of concealer on, maybe a swipe of liner if I’m lucky. So this time round I’m away on a trip with Year 8 students for two nights – trips away from school are so important for students development. They get to see parts of the world that they possibly wouldn’t get a chance to see. Any who, my makeup menu is super simple and some of the items are fairly new. Firstly the Balm Shelter by the Balm – I have not read any reviews on this what so ever and I am always weary when I buy products without doing any research especially if they’re my base product but saying that The Balm products are one of my favourite, everything I have ever tried from their range is so lovely and I was expecting no less. I brought this in Spain in some random Boots/Superdrug equivalent store. The coverage is sheer to light but evens the skintone out and gives this lovely dewy fresh glow that I love. It is a tinted moisturiser so it’s very nourishing and super easy to blend, plus its SPF18 and weather forecast states that the sun is shining at 20degrees. I will be doing a full-on detailed review on this product in the near future. Concealing is so important to me, its probably the one thing I could not give up makeup wise, I’ve kept my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer which is my new love and as we all know – students are going to be so excited that they’ll barely sleep the first night which means I’ll barely sleep the first night and ultimately dark circles. To tackle that area I’ve got my beloved MAC Conceal palette, I very rarely bring this out but it literally has all the concealing shades I could need. Base essentially done, it’s time to get a little adventurous. Marc Jacob is seriously becoming one of my favourite high-end brand. I picked up this eyeliner in the shade brown(out) and it is insanely pigmented, creamy but it doesn’t budge at all. I’ve brought a MAC 219 brush to smudge it out abit, a quick way to make it look like I’ve made more of an effort then I really have. 

One thing drugstore is good for are mascaras, I normally find great mascaras and I absolutely love my Bourjois mascara but picked up this Barry M Showgirl mascara and it’s supposed to be lengthening. It’s definitely a love-hate relationship with this. Some days I love it, sometimes I really hate it and sometimes I really enjoy it. I wouldn’t say rush and get it, there are far better mascaras out there. This definitely gives me more natural looking lashes and for that I think it’s quite good. For blush this Guy Bourdin Nars palette is my fave, four blushers which I love, a bronze and highlight. For lips I’ve kept my favourite Snob lipliner from Rimmel. My favourite thing about this entire set up is that it is a completely fuss free makeup look, potentially I could even just use my fingers if I wanted to. 


Boots Haul

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I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever. Work sort of took over my life for a while and the last week of term is always pretty hectic. So here I am – the last few days have been somewhat crazy…Wednesday I realised my passport expired on Tuesday. I’m due to go away to Lisbon and Barcelona on the 5th, now with bank holidays and Easter Sunday round the corner I went into sheer panic mode. Luckily the husband is a calm bean and he sorted it out, I now have a passport and I’m ready to go! 

In terms of beauty, I’m pretty happy with the makeup I’m using at the moment, my base is the usual Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder and my obsession over Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer is still going pretty strong. However Boots being on a  3 for 2 across all beauty products I just couldn’t resist. When you start piling products into the basket, and get to the till you suddenly realise that it’s actually not that much cheaper…I ended spending a lot of money which probably should’ve been spent in duty-free.

Now I can’t actually remember the last time I posted a ‘haul’ – a traditional, ‘look what I’ve brought’, no review on what they’re actually like. Here are my picks for 3 for 2.





3for2bootsSpring is here, or atleast it should be. The grey clouds are suggesting otherwise, but with trying restore my nails after having acrylic nails for a consistent 6months, I am forever buying new nail polishes. Maybelline and the speedy quick Barry M nail polishes are formulas I have always wanted to try! Can you see the consistent spring-esque colour wheel? Bourjois Nail polish remover seems like an answer for a quick fix when travelling so I picked it up. The next few items that I wanted to try out, almost on a whim. Soap and Glory Archery is possibly a dupe to the Anastasia Brow Whiz pencil? The tester in store wasn’t that pigmented but I picked it up anyway. The Barry M ShowGirl mascara – haven’t heard much about it, but for £4.99 I’ll give it a go! With drugstore concealers I never have any luck. Only Maybelline Eraser Eye does remotely anything for me and I haven’t seen it in stock anywhere! So I brought the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer – hopefully it’ll do the job! The Maxfactor Excess Shimmer pots are my new favourite drugstore eyeshadows, however the black one has tiny shimmer particles which is a dupe for a Chanel one – they’re identical! Perfect for a smoked-out eyeliner. Have you picked up anything from Boots yet?

I’m going to get back to packing – the blog may seem quiet over the next week or so – not sure if I’ll have great internet. However I have a super cool YouTube video going up on my channel tomorrow so make sure you subscribe here.






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I can safely say that spring is officially here. I tend to bring out my rosey pink blushers out this time of year, its the perfect time to give your cheeks that ‘pop’ of colour which is subtle. Out of my crazy stash there are four that I have used on a daily basis for the past month and I thought I’d do a quick little post showcasing my spring picks for blushers. The most prettiest of the bunch is Maxfactor Seductive Pink – baked blusher are by far my favourite formulas, they just apply evenly and look so lovely on the skin. It’s super pigmented and the swirl of pink & coral merge together to create a beautiful rosey pinky peach colour which looks amazing on olive skin tones.

Sticking with the baked blush formula and recent re-discovery from my stash is the Hourglass Ambient blush in Mood Exposure, probably not the prettiest in the pan compared to all its siblings but the mauve rose colour looks really natural just giving my cheeks a gentle glow. Because of my tanned complexion, I would never naturally blush I a pinkie colour, it’s more on the subtle end of things so Mood exposure looks the most natural on my skin. I feel like I need to have the entire range of these blushers - have you tried any of the Hourglass Ambient blushers?

Marc Jacobs blush in Shameless was brought back in October when I went on my little trip to Paris, but I never really used it that much, but out of the bunch it is the silkiest formula. A matte rose shade which has incredible lasting powder. It’s very similar in colour to Bourjois in Amber Rose, which again is another favourite of mine. Quality drugstore blushers are hard to find but I think Bourjois do them really well. The little pots of beauty are really pigmented and have a lovely vanilla scent. 

3 out of the 4 are small round posts so in terms of blusher brushes – my beloved Sigma F40 brush doesn’t really work well so one day I just picked up the stippling brush from Real Techniques and WOW…the results are amazing. Who knew a stippling brush worked well for blushers? It allows me to gradually build up colour.

Even though I have a few blushers to get me through spring, it never hurts having more – so leave suggestions and recommendations down below.


BOURJOIS | 3 for 2

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bourjoisnails bourjois3for2


Boots and Superdrugs pretty much always have some sort of offer on with most beauty brands – one of my favourites is the 3 for 2! I mean – buying two things and getting the third three is pretty darn amazing! As well as grabbing a bargain – I love a good sneak peak into someone else’s haul – so here’s mine! One tired evening I went into Boots – the place that always makes me feel better (that would probably sound crazy to non beauty obsessive people – but totally makes sense to us right?) After hours of hovering and watching over the Bourjois stand – purchases in form of a blush, nail polish and mascara totes made the evening heaps load better. 

For a long time I was put off of drugstore makeup – I never really found much that was holy grail status, but recently I have rekindled my love with Bourjois – the fact that it comes under the same company as Chanel totally helps. The little pot blush looks so similar to the Chanel blushers and evening the consistency is pretty much the same. I remember absolutely loving them when I first discovered make-up. 74 Amber Rose, beautiful name, beautiful product. A matte rose colour which has immense pigmentation. Nars tapered Yachiyo brush works so well and buffs out the blush. I think I need more colours…

After absolutely loving the L’oreal Million Lashes, I thought I’d give Bourjois Volume 1 second ultra black lash a spin. The brush is a little thicker then what I am used to but it is definitely ultra black and separates the lashes. What impresses me the most is that it actually holds a curl the entire day! 

Is it spring yet? More importantly, is it okay to wear pastel nails now? I picked up this off-white-lilac colour. Which totally screams out spring and the formula seemed interesting so why not… Love the colour, hate the way it applies. It’s so sheer so I need atleast 3-4 coats until I get a decent opaque coverage – but the colour is just so beautiful. I don’t think I’ll be buying another Bourjois nail polish for a while, the amount of effort it takes to get a decent colour has put me off. 

Two wins, one not so much, you can’t win them all…! I also did a little skin care 3 for 2 shopping but more feedback on that once I’ve used the products…


Urban Decay Naked Concealer

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The hunt for a ‘do it all’ concealer never really ends. I mean I should just accept the fact that I have super dark circles, it’s heridetory and they should be embraced. None the less I am forever looking for a quick and easy concealer that trumps the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – which if you didn’t know is my ultimate favourite concealer…ever. I heard a lot about the Urban Decay Naked Concealer before it’s launch and I was scepitcal. I hate buying into hypes, especially when they dont live up to it (this has happened one too many times before) - so I waited a few months for bloggers (who I trust) to have thier say and after hearing great feedback, I went and brought the Medium-Neutral shade.

So there are 8 shades available, all which range from fair, light, light-med, medium, medium-dark, & dark. These are then split into two categories, warm & neutral. Warm is suitable for blending into the actual skintone with little brightening effect and Neutral focuses on highlighting. So to cover the Prada and Chanel bags under the eyes I went for Neutral. I tried light-medium, medium, and medium-dark in neutral and ended up going with medium. Which I think is slightly dark for under my eyes, in hindsight I should’ve brought light-medium – however medium still works quite well for those ‘i woke up like ‘dis’ days – and just evens out the skintone.

Consistency is very lightweight and it gives a full even coverage. It’s actually dare I say better coverage than the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger however isn’t as brightening but like I mentioned – I should’ve brought the light-medium neutral to give that Kimmy K look. Despite being a full-on heavy duty concealer, it definitely doesn’t feel heavy, the product blends in really quickly and effortlessly, the doe foot applicator is quite slim so its better at controlling the amount of product. I always apply my concealer in small dots and blend out, with the UD Naked Concealer you need the smallest amount and is buildable.

You know when you almost begin to feel guilty because you like another product better? As if you’re almost cheating on the original product that you’ve been using for years…abit much? You catch the jist of it, I feel bad for liking the Urban Decay concealer more. #beautybloggerproblems

If you’re using Nars Radiant concealer then this is an awesome and cheaper alternative – the colour range is quite versatile for a range of skintones, I always struggle to find the right colour and if I managed to find the right shade then anyone can.

I’ve even managed to convert my sister hooked onto the Urban Decay Naked Concealer & I’m almost tempted to try out thier foundations, have you heard anything on the Urban Decay Naked foundation range?