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Becca Backlight Priming Filter

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Becca backlight priming filter review becca aqua luminous perfecting foundation review


Fresh dewy skin which won’t melt off in the city heat, that is ultimate makeup goals for me. And one which I feel like I’m getting quite close to achieving with these two products. To be honest, primers were never on my radar, I think it’s a lot to do with having quite dry skin therefore lasting power of foundations was never an issue but after trialling a small sample of the Becca Backlight Priming Filter I was quickly fully converted. It wasn’t the longevity that got me hooked but more to do with how my foundation appeared as the day went on. Becca are very quickly becoming one of my favourite makeup brands, surprisingly not just for the Jaclyn Hill highlighters. The Becca backlight primer is my ultimate base when I want my makeup to stay all day and have that ‘lit within’ angelic glow. The formula is of a creamy consistency which blends in seamlessly and leaves the skin feeling ultra nourished, always adds bonus points when there’s a bit of added moisture. But there is truly something magical in this little wonder which which makes my skin beam as if it’s had a real life snapchat filter. There’s illuminating tiny little specs but nothing that resembles glitter/gold.

Dewy foundations are in abundance within my collection but a recent obsession is the Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation in Beige which I feel like is a little too light for me and I totally could have done with going up one shade. However its nothing a little bronzer can’t sort out! Not only is this a beautifully light foundation, it also gives a decent amount of coverage. Definitely not concealer coverage however a light/medium coverage and any little pesky areas that need some tlc will have to be tackled with a little bit on concealer. This just adds to the dewy/fresh glowing skin. It similar to the Burberry Fresh Glow foundation that I was hooked on last year but this one trumps out just a little more.

Together these are brilliant, individually they’re also nice but after trying them together I don’t think I’ll be using them as individuals any time soon.

Both these products were brought from - is there anything else I need to add to my collection to get a dewy glow?


cloud spa

Pampered before a flight

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cloud spa stansted cloud spa interior cloud spa nail treatment cloud spa treatment cloud spa opi nails


Don’t you love it when things just tend to fall in place?

Three weeks ago I flew out to Thailand from Stansted with a flight to catch at 6am! Working full-time and having an appreciation for how big the world is, I always feel a little limited with the number of travelling opportunities I actually have so I always try to fly out as soon as I possibly can. Which often means that there’s little to no time for me pampering myself before I go away. I was lucky enough to have Cloud Spa contact me a couple weeks before I flew out asking if I wanted to have one of their spa treatments in an airport. I literally thought ‘what perfect timing’ I scheduled in a 5.15am appointment to get some OPI gel nails done. It was such a relief to have one thing off my ‘to-do’ list.

The Cloud Spa is situated in the middle of Stansted airport and offer a range of nail, lashes, brows and massage treatments. I had the loveliest beautician do my nails and the process was really quick – I’d say about 20minutes and despite the hustle bustle of an airport it felt really relaxed. It’s definitely something that I’ll do again. Also, acrylic nails used to be my go-to for holiday. The longevity just seemed so much more practical but I am truly coveted after gel nails. They’re applied onto natural nails and last 14days. You also get a little removal kit (which became very handy for the 11hr flight back) 

I was sceptical on how well the nails would actually last so I opted for a nude colour just incase there was any chipping going on it wouldn’t be evident however I can safely say that they truly last 14 days without any chipping. If I could go back I totally would have opted for a bright red.

For some reason I had this idea in my head that getting a treatment at the airport in terms of beauty treatment was somewhat for the elite and prestige and far too expensive but how wrong was I? I mean getting pampered just before a flight – isn’t that just the dream?

loreal infallible matte lip

L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick – Review

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boots 3 for 2 loreal loreal infallible silencio loreal infallible matte lip loreal infallible 001 Loreal infallible lips


I’ve been a bit of a make-up snob.


I haven’t actually browsed the isles of Boots and Superdrugs in such a long time! But last week I met up with some of my friends for a meal and as always I was early so I found myself browsing through the make-up counters and signs of ’3 for 2′ were literally flashing towards me. And I just thought it would be rude not to. I actually wanted to post about the new Bourjois concealer but I’ve misplaced mine and for the life of me I can not seem to locate it. So, I’m talking about these L’Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipsticks. Now is it just me or have these been totally under the radar? I’ve not heard/seen any reviews on these bad boys and its quite surprising as these are hidden gems and probably my favourite product of the month! They’re a weird little formula, they twist out and the product is deposited within the lip so it gradually builds colour to a matte finish. The first thing I noticed when I applied these is that they feel so light and bouncy. It’s no secret that long lasting matte lipsticks can leave your lips feeling a little dry/cracked but these are revolutionary. They feel so comfortable and have the most gorgeous soft power like scent. Traditional matte lipsticks can also be quite heavy in formula in the sense that as soon as you apply it the colour is very much full on and sometimes I just want a matte lip with a little bit of tint/colour without it looking shiny so my usual go to was a satin-eque lipstick with some powder blotted on top to mute the shine down a tad. However the L’Oreal Infalliable matte max lipsticks pretty much give me everything I could want in a lip product for an everyday use.

The longevity is also pretty darn good. Around about 5 hours before it’s gone but the 008 shade leave a tint of colour even after 5 hours. They’re also quite good to build up during the day whereas with my beloved Hourglass Opaque Rouge liquid lipsticks I need to remove the entire formula and reapply. 

001 is the typical nude shade, and I initially thought this was my favourite but the colour payoff on my just wasn’t as great as what I anticipated nonetheless 002 is my favourite colour, very spring appropriate – a peachy pink without being too pink. 008 is a beautiful shade and appears a lot bolder on the sponge but when applied it’s a lot more softer and subtle but this colour had the longest staying power out of the three.

I’ve been meaning to do more blog posts but work life is pretty much hectic and even taking OOTD photos – I’m now leaving work at 5.30pm where the sun is either dipping or the lighting is bad. There will be an outfit post though. Soon.


mac pro lip liners whirl

MAC brown lip liners

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mac morning coffee lip liner Mac nude lipliners mac plum lip liner


What, wait? A makeup post…well it has been a while. I feel like I just totally lost my mojo. And truth be told I got really bored of writing the ‘same but different’ type of beauty posts again and again. Sometimes it also felt like I was buying things just for the sake of having something to blog about without actually getting round to the blogging bit so that was a fail. The minor sabbatical has definitely done me some good. Here we are, with a MAC brown lip liners post – these are pretty much my favourite lip-liners out there. I picked up three a week ago in Westfield Stratford and yes they all look pretty similar but I can justify this (as with all my purchases!) 

Okay, I really wanted the Kylie Jenner lip kit but the hassle of hunting it down and the fear of getting custom charges made me step back a bit and look for other alternatives, MAC is usually the answer for me when lip-liners/lipsticks/eyeshadows, it’s self-service without feeling too intimidating. Anyone feel the same or is it just me? £40 later I am the proud owner of three same but different lipliners…

Whirl – I own the lipstick which I adore so it only made sense to get the lipliner. Its a nude/brown, quite warm so it suits my olive complexion. I don’t actually find this lipliner extremely drying on my lips but if you tend to get chapped lips I would use a matte lip balm 10mins before you apply the liner. It’s a brown which is quite flattering and it’s the perfect top-up liner, in the sense that I don’t need to be super neat with the application. It’s slightly darker than the Whirl lipstick and it really does have the 90′s brown lip vibe. I really wish I could get away with over-lining my top lip as it really lacks fullness but it ends up looking like a huge fail. 

Morning Coffee – depending on my makeup in the morning this could be a huge hit or fail. If I haven’t contoured enough or applied enough makeup this ends up looking like poo on my lips – quite dark and makes me look a little darker and lifeless. I think because it appears to be slightly on the cool tone spectrum it can tend to drain me out. Saying that, I did wear this today with quite a bit of bronzer and I really liked how pulled the look together. It’s a pro long wear lipliner which basically means its slightly more expensive, creamier and not as matte.

Plum – is my probably my favourite shade out of the three, I generally love dark lipstick/liners. Give me all the berry-shades in the world. This is the darkest colour of the bunch and still consist of the brown tone whilst maintaining a hint of berry-ness. I don’t actually own anything of this colour so I was super glad when I added this to my collection. It’s a statement version of brown lip colour which is really on trend right now and reminds me of Dolce K from the KJ lip-kit.

These three are basically on a daily rotation. Are you getting on board with the 90′s lip trend…? I totally feel like I was late to the party!




stila soul eyeshadows

Stila Soul Eyeshadow Palette

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 stila eyeshadow soul packaging stila soul eyeshadow palette swatches stila soul swatches stila soul eyeshadow palette review stila eyeshadow soul palette

Stila Soul eyeshadow palette…The one eye-shadow palette that everyone needs – I tried so hard to not want this, I did that whole ‘if I’m still thinking about it weeks later then I need it’. I’ve only ever used a couple of Stila products namely the Foil eye-shadows but there’s nothing else in the range that was absolutely calling my name however this palette was something else. There’s a total of 12 colours which consist of 5 mattes, 3 of which are quite neutral and 8 shimmers. The idea is that each line of colours will create an eye look which can translate from day to night – my favourites being… ‘thought’ ‘peace’ and ‘essence’ – how cute are the names?

I found that the shimmers have a slight better colour-payoff than the mattes but all shades are very blend able and easy to work with. I own the Lorac pro palette which is insanely pigmented but I feel like you need to actually ‘know’ what you’re doing when you’re applying eye shadows, whereas Stila Soul eyeshadows are slightly forgiving where there’s a little more ease of playfulness. Due to the range of colours, I don’t see myself getting bored of the colours anytime soon. I love that there are a couple mauvey colours along with gold/browns. It’s an added bonus that all colours in the palette compliment brown eyes really well.

The packaging is gorgeous, I feel it’s very Charlotte Tilbury-esque  with the rose gold and the embossing. Quality of shadows is great, packaging is fantastic. Stila soul eyeshadow palette is definitely my staple eyeshadow for the next few months – have you tried anything from Stila yet?

spin the bottle essie nail

Essie – Spin the bottle

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essie nude nail polish essie nail nude polish spin the bottle essie beige nail polish


It’s official, 50% of my nail polish collection consist of pale pinkish, beige nail colours and I’m not even sorry about it. My new favourite colour is Essie Spin the bottle. I picked this up from the airport and I tried getting a back up a couple days ago from my local Boots and I didn’t see the colour in stock so I’m really hoping that it isn’t a limited edition colour. It’s a colour which combines hints of pink and beige and they work so well together – I can’t pin point it but it love. This is so beautiful, opaque and lasts a good 5 days before I see any chipping. The best thing about nude nail polish is that when it does start chipping its not that obvious. Seche Vite provides that extra layer of shine which I am obsessed with – a total gem of a top coat. This is probably the shortest post I’ve ever done but I really wanted to show off Essie Spin the bottle – I love it! What are your favourite nail colours?

too face highlight

Too Faced Highlight & Bronzer

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too face highlighter too face candlelight bronzer Too faced bronzertoo face chocolate bronzer

I am so glad that Debenhams has started stocking brands like The Balm and Too Faced. All the products that I really wanted from The Balm like the Mary-Lou Manizer and the Matte lipsticks were out of stock however Too Faced didn’t disappoint with their selection of products. I picked up the Candlelight glow which is a golden/silver highlight, it’s so pigmented and blends seamlessly. Initially just looking at it I thought it would be too glittery or pink however the pink translates into a really pretty gold which compliments olive skin tones. I feel like in the past month or so I have gone highlighter crazy and brought atleast 4/5 but the Too Faced Candlelight glow is very quickly becoming my favourite. I love using my Louise Young Fan Brush and swiping it across the top of my cheekbones just finished the entire look for me- I am totally digging this ‘strobing’ season. If there’s one product you need for the festive season to help bring out the ‘oomph’ then the Too Faced Candlelight highlighter is the one!

Even though contouring is slowly but surely phasing out, I still have a weak spot for bronzers, I love my skin when it looks tanned and the warmth comes out on my skin tone. After being tanned for 5 weeks I’m starting to see it fade away and I am not looking forward to it. The Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer smells like chocolate – actual chocolate. At first it kind of put me off using it, I’m really not into heavily scented products but now I’m used to and dare I say, I actually like it. There’s quite a bit of fall out so I have to take extra care if wearing white. The colour has a evident orange/reddish base which doesn’t do much for contouring but works really well as a bronzer. I’ve been using a tapered blush brush to ensure that I get the smallest amount on the brush as its heavily pigmented and if not careful there could be a whole ‘umpaa lumpaa’ situation going on. I am totally digging Too Faced products, what else do I need to get?

Loccitane Lavender

L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath Gel

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Loccitane foaming bath wash Lavender foaming bath

Getting back into the swing of work is a tiring job! The past week has been challenging to say the least for several reason. When a teacher comes back work after a 6 week break, it can feel absolutely surreal – going from this full on 24/7 job to then trying to switch off and just when you think you’ve got the hang of not wanting to tell a child in Asda to stop shouting – bang, you’re back at school and it all starts again. I’ve been doing this job for 5 years and each September it doesn’t seem to get any easier. There’s a whole new timetable to remember, new schemes of work, new students – it’s a lot to take in! But for some reason I love it, I’m totally in my element during a lesson but at 5pm thats when the tiredness really begins to hit. I found myself coming home feeling absolutely exhausted so I built a little routine of relaxation to help de-stress. One which consists of lighting up a couple of candles, putting on some chilled  music and running a warm bubbly bath. Now that’s a routine to help anxiety in the butt. 

Another product which has been helping release some stress is the L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath Gel – this stuff is incredible. I pretty much use this atleast twice a week. I pour a bottle cap size full and run it under the tap, I get the most bubbliest bath and for 20mins I allow myself to completely switch off. The scent is gentle enough for it not to be over bearing but enough to ease the mind. Normally Lavender isn’t my cup of tea however this I really like.

There’s something in Lavender that really helps me to calm down and for some reason it also helps me get a goodnights sleep. I’m sure there’s some scientific theory behind itL’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath comes at around £20.00 for 500ml which can seem quite pricey but I justify it with the fact that I’m using the tiniest amount to get a bath full of bubble. Also when you weigh comfort over price – comfort wins. every. single. time.

I made a huge LUSH shop the other day and ended up buying 5 butterballs – they’re my favourite bath bombs ever, however since the launch of new products I thought I’d give it some newbies a go, I’ll be back with my thoughts on some of those. 

little black liner

Little Black Liner

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Oh this one is definitely for you eyeliner lovers out there - Estee Lauder have introduced a new product called the Little Black Liner and the impact is anything but little. I am in love with this – just going to put that out there. I brought it a couple days before flying out to Santorini and it became one of the only makeup product that I wore the entire holiday. Okay let me actually explain what it is – a pen style eyeliner, with a thin nib on one side and an angled one on the other. Initially I thought I would use the thin nib and didn’t quite understand the thicker style – but I was pleasantly surprised when quite the opposite happened. I now absolutely love the thicker end to help develop a cat flick and I use the thinner nib to fill in the bits and sharpen out the wing. The product itself is jet black and applies extremely evenly. The only downfall I would say is that is has a ‘wet’ shiny look at the end whereas I’m so used to applying my MakeUp Forever Aqua Shadow as a liner which gives me a lovely matte finish. However that is probably the only downfall. I feel like combining my trusty L’oreal superliner and Maxfactor Masterpiece eyeliner in one handy product. Once applied it lasts the entire day, I tested it for about 10 hours and it remained in place. Whether you’re an eyeliner pro or a beginner this will cater for both. Little black liner is a staple for me now and I can see myself forever purchasing it.

Available at Boots for £22

Estee Lauder little black liner easy eyeliner estee lauder little black liner estee lauder Thin eyeliner estee lauder


nude makeup

Summer Basic | Nude MakeUp

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mac nude eyeshadows Nude face products nars audacious lipstick anita Hourglass nude stick 06 mac prep and prime

Winter is all about the berrys, Spring is all about the Corals, then we have Summer a season where I tend to tone down all the makeup, mainly because my skin has the best days and I tend to focus on great skin. Neutral beige and pink tones have recently become my best friends. So I’ve collated some of my favourite nude make-up products. Lets start with eyeshadows, now I’m a one wash wonder kinda girl, and thats exactly what these MAC eyeshadows are. Very easy to wear and blend and just provide you with some shimmer which work perfectly with that ‘no makeup, makeup look’. Expensive Pink and Mulch are my go-to simple colours, wear them as a simple colour or add a winged eye-liner.

With the eyeshadows being quite light and the coverage being quite light I tend to focus on the dark circles under the eyes. In the summer, particularly during the 6 week break my dark circles are at their lightest and the MAC prep and prime in Bright Forecast works perfectly as it covers and highlights at the same time. Very similar to the YSL touche eclat but with much better coverage.

Nars Audacious lipstick in Anita is probably in my top 5 favourite nude lipsticks, it has a beige tone which I feel like would suit most skin tones – but more than anything I blooming love the formula, its ultra creamy and hydrating without being slippy and lasts surprisingly a long time given how much of a creme finish it has. Hourglass Nude Lipstick in shade 06 is a little lighter in both pigmentation and texture compared to the Nars Anita. This is my ‘on the go’ lipstick where I don’t use a mirror. It has that ‘old school’ lipstick taste.

I am through and through a coloured nail type of girl – I love my bright pinks and reds. But sometimes you just need to tone it down and to me the ultimate nude nail polish is Nails Inc. Porchester Sq is the ONE. Its the perfect beige tone with hints of grey/lilac tones. The gel formula is long lasting, super opaque, and dries insanely quick. 

I have yet to find a blush which is peachy tone and quite natural but I do have my eye on Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed…