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Most of the time I just use my fingers for makeup, from concealer to foundations, even blusher and highlight. But for those days where you want to make the extra effort, where you don’t want to get messy with your hands, there are certain brushes which do an amazing job at concealing. I found myself using all of these a few months ago when I was sporting the claw style nails. Getting concealer in my fake, long nails just made my skin crawl so I really did need a good set of tools. The three I found to be reaching for time and time again were the Real Techniques setting brush, Sephora concealer brush and the all mighty MAC 217 – you may have seen these floating around the interwebs, you may even own any one of these, but I’ll be breaking down the pro’s, con’s and basically how they’ve just up’d my concealing game.

 Real Technique’s setting brush has never really been used for setting – I find that it’s the perfect size to blend under the eye, its fluffy but buffs away seamlessly and everything just looks so even. Your eye area is the most sensitive compared to the rest of your face and I definitely find that the bristles of this are so soft. Everything sounds great right? The only con I would say, I haven’t been able to find it on it’s own – I think there are a couple of websites which may sell I as an individual brush but most Boots I’ve been to, it only seems to come in a set! I really just want another one of this without buying an entire set.

Sephora brushes are everything. In fact a lot of Sephora products are great quality, which slightly confuses me because if we think about Boots/Superdrug own product line are known as the cheap alternative with not so great quality (No 7 is an exception) but with Sephora products, they’re awesome value for money but also very good quality. I used the 55 foundation brush and It’s one of my all time favourites, super soft and blends with ease, so whilst I was in Paris a few month ago I picked up the concealing brush. Its very different to any concealing brush that I previously owned or tried, there are a lot more bristles packed together and slightly more stiff. But it works! It does take a while getting used to and it seems to work best with my Maybelline Eraser eye concealer (back in love with product after abandoning it for a couple of months) & Kevyn Aucoin SE which is quite a heavy formula. If only it was a little more easily available in the UK - seriously, when is Sephora coming overseas?

Ah, MAC 217 really doesn’t need much introduction – its probably the ultimate brush for blending not only eye shadows but also concealing! When I was getting skin matched at MAC they artist used the 217 brush and I loved the result. Am I the only one who had no idea it could be used for concealing too? I currently own three – slight obsession. I almost feel like this is one of the brushes you could never have too many of. Out of the three, the bristles on the 217 are the least softest and its the priciest of thee at £19 – I tend to pick mine up at the airport. I will say that this is probably one the brushes that every makeup lover just needs.

Whether or not I get the time to apply a full face, I always spend a couple minutes focusing on the eye-area, especially since my eyes are super, I feel like I need to enhance them, there’s a post here on all the products (including concealers) that I use on a daily basis! I just love collecting makeup brushes, not so much fun when it comes to washing them though. What are your most loved makeup brushes?