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Am I the only one who feels super awkward getting bra-size fitted/checked? I haven’t checked my size since I was a 32B (in context about 5years ago) and I’ve put on a lot of weight since then and generally gotten bigger everywhere inc the breastage area. Instead of wearing the right bra size I picked up any and hoped for the best. But I knew I was wearing the wrong size because the cup was in all the wrong places, the back strap was either too high/too low. I decided enough is enough I need to pluck up the courage and get the ta’ta’s measured so I can buy some pretty fitting bras. My sister told me to check our Boux, I’m normally a La Senza kinda gal. I went into to Westfield. I marched straight towards the back of the shop as if it was some mission and whispered ‘can I please get my breasts measured’ I am the most shy-est, awkward person you could meet, so this to me was huge step. The lady said I should pick out a few bras I liked in the size I thought I was and then she would measure me up and see if they fit my body.

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I picked up three, Joanie, Georgia, and Boux Boost – one standard t-shirt bra and two slightly more fancy ones. I walked to the lady, she then put me in this massive changing room – the ambiance was amazing. The room had different light settings, and a little concierge bell that you press when you need assistance – this eliminates the whole awkward calling out. There were two bra fitters working at one time. One bra fitter for two customers so you received total attention.

Delia, (my bra fitter and a total babe) measured me up, and before telling me what my size was, she asked me the size I’ve been wearing. I was surprised to know that I am a size smaller and a cup size bigger to what I’d been sporting. This made me very happy.

Now it came to the bra trying on, I tried the ones I picked up and Delia got them all in the right size and talked through the fitting of them and how the cleavage would look under clothes. I forgot I was standing in my bra I was that much at ease. She then told me what the recommended bra style would be for my breast size and shape – you even get this little card with all the information written down.

I went in feeling awkward and walked out with a bag full of beautiful bras and feeling 10ft tall. It is important to get your bra size regularly checked – do not waste money on buying bras that you think might fit. The ladies at Boux Avenue are patient and understanding, and if someone as awkward as me managed to feel comfortable then you’re going to feel right at home.

  • Jessica Edmunds

    This is a great post! I have only been measured once before, and that was literally about 9 years probably something I should consider to get nice fitting underwear xxx