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I am a true lip balm fiend. I love a good, well moisturized lip, especially at this time of year when you need something extremely powerful to tackle those dry patches. The story behind my lip balm fetish began from when I was a baby (yes it goes that far…) I had severe eczema. My mother did everything she could to ensure my eczema banished. She used herbal treatments, lotions and potions from the doctor and what not. Many months later ‘twas a miracle and I was healed. Whilst growing up if I ever began to get dry skin, my mum would panic and the local pharmacy would be her first point of call. You’d usually find her scouting for any lip product which she thought might help.

During my early schooling years I used to suffer from dry, chapped lips a lot. My mum had a whole stash off Blistex, Carmex, Vaseline. And to be honest, at the time I thought they were the bee’s knees. I used to take it to school and whip my sexy Vaseline tube during lessons and apply it while holding the tiniest mirror. In this whole process I honestly believed that I was uber cool. How lame?

That was my daytime treatment. My night-time treatment was – wait for it – butter. Yes, you read correctly. Butter. A little bit of butter warmed up in between the fingers and then spread across your lips and job done. Come morning my lips were so soft and flake-free.




Many years on, as beauty obsession grew I discovered a range of lip products and as I parted with many lip balms in the process, three became my best friends. I have a few of each dotted around in all my handbags,(and trust me there are a lot of bags) the car, desk at work. You know, just incase. I even have back-ups of back-ups. If that’s not obsessive I don’t know what is. Anywho, what I’m tryna say is that I can solemnly vouch for their awesomeness.

Let’s meet the hero’s; 


No.1;  Nuxe Reve de Miel – a lovely matte texture, I usually use this before I put on a matte lipstick as it just helps the lipstick glide on. It doesn’t have a shiny texture. Smells AH-mazing, like fresh oranges but not too citrusy that it’s overpowering – quite subtle. *just took a sniff of it….ahhh.* Uses natural plant extracts and it just feels really comfortable to wear, if that make’s any sense.



No.2; EOS – there was huge hype about this product in the world of beauty and now I understand why. It comes in the most adorable packaging; I just have to ‘awwww’ everytime I look at it. Once opened out, it has this dome shaped balm. I kinda prefer this packaging as opposed to sticking my fingers in a tub, (bonus points there!) And I know this shouldn’t be a reason to buy a lip balm but this just tastes SO good. Its 100% natural so you know that you’re getting the good stuff.  You can get it in different flavours. Not widely available I found mine from here. But my sister told me that they’re available in Selfridges too.


 No.3; Dr Lipp Nipple balm – the name itself is intriguing. This is a well-known and much loved lip balm by make-up artists. It was originally used by nursing mothers to soothe their nipples but is now used for lips, rashes, eczema, burns, the list is endless. Basically a miracle treatment. Consistency is on the heavy side and is quite glossy. So I tend to use this at night time. I discovered this in a glossybox where I received a mini version and because I was exceptionally impressed, I brought the full size one. It is fragrance free so it will be good for those who don’t want any scent in their balms. Again, 100% natural…I’m starting to see a pattern here.

It’s hard to choose a favourite one. I love them all equally and they will be there for me in my dry-chapped lip days.

Have you got a lip-balm that you can’t live without? Let me know…x